Best Download Manager Applications for Android Phone

It’s not easy to download huge files on Android phone using phone browsers. Most times, poor internet connection bring about breakage in download file and the file may fail to continue. However, the only way to download huge files on Android phone is using download manager applications.

Android phone download manager makes downloading huge file and continue when there is network failure or poor network connection unlike mobile browser download feature that hardly continue when connection to downloading files online failed.

Another advantage of using Android download manager applications instead of using inbuilt download feature is that it download files faster compared to default browser download manager by splitting files into sections and download them simultaneously which does makes downloading files on Android phone at a faster rate.

Advantage of Using Android Download Manager Applications

There are many advantages associated with using download manager apps on Android phone instead of using mobile browser inbuilt download manager. And since I have been using the list of these Android download manager applications below are some of the unforgettable advantage of using Download manager on Android phone rather than using web browsers download feature on your smartphone.

Android download manager applications

1. makes downloading huge files very fast

Using mobile download manager you can download 10GB worth of file at at time without thinking whether the file is too large or how long the file will take to compete downloading which is preferable to download the same file seize using mobile browser download feature which can stop downloading when it gets to 99% due to poor network connection.

Instead of hoping whether your file will stop downloading when it gets to the last percentage with only a few files to complete downloading you can use one of these best Android download manager applications.

2. resumes download whenever there is network interruption

This benefits of using mobile download manager will let you resume downloading an uncompleted file that has not be completely downloaded when poor network pops up or when your battery goes off. And rather than start to download any file all over again when it stopped downloading you can just pause and resume the download again since most Android download manager resume download when pause or lost connection.

These download managers can download any file including video, music, audio, Doc, PDF, ePub and other file extension online and still resume downloading when you decided to pause it due to internet connection or willing to continue download later.

3. can download files from any website

Internet download manager applications can download any file from any website once it’s integrated to download from any website. Just like IDM for PC browsers which can be integrated to pick up a file to download when it integrated with most browser such as Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, and UCWeb browser so also you can do the same on smartphone.

What you need to do is visit the website you want to download file from and copy the link your want to download and paste it on your mobile downloader to initiate downloading instantly. Note that while you love to download files from all websites its also worth to note that most websites contain malware, virus, and Trojans so you need also use mobile anti-virus.

4. Can download multiple files simultaneously

With any of these Android download manager applications this post will share with you, you will definitely be able to download multiple files at the same time and there would be no need to wait until your complete download a file before you can start another one.

The moment you know you can resume downloading file when there is network frustration or hoping to start doing something else later you can just initiate to start downloading all files or apps you want to download at the same time and it’ll not slow down the download process since the downloading files will be splitted into section and download simultaneously for all download files.

This is one of the benefits of Android downloader you cannot do without as far as you install any of these Android download apps on your device.

5. doesn’t slow down your smartphone performance.

The seize of most download manager are lesser than the seize of most games on your device so that won’t slow down your device at all. Although, not all apps will run perfect on your device due to your device specifications but with a device with 1GB RAM you can be assured that Android download manager apps will work perfect on it and it won’t slow down your Android phone performance.

These features are few of what you can enjoy using Android download manager applications. Some Android downloader has inbuilt browser to make downloading files of any sort so easily and download at a very speedy rate.

Best Android Download Manager Applications in 2017

There are many Android download manager apps in Google play store for Android users to whine themselves around to download files very fast and multiple files simultaneously. However here in this post I will share with you some amazing Android download manager applications in 2017 that really worth using and work exactly like internet download manager for PC’s browser.

1. Advanced Download Manager

ADM for Android phone as popularly called is one of the best download manager for Android phones in 2017 which download files in three different parts with each part downloading at different speed. Advanced download manager let users choose preferable downloading speed during downloading process.

And also resume downloading automatically when connection is established after is lost in internet connection. ADM for Android has an inbuilt browser to make resume file download very easy in the sense that if the download link seems broken advance download manager will open up the inbuilt browser to get the download link fresh without initiation.

Advance download manager for Android phone support some popular mobile browsers such as Stock Browser, Chorme, Dolphin, and Boat Browser.

Files that are downloaded by Advance download manager are saved in a predefined folder by the app for easy access. Meanwhile, if you want all downloaded files to be saved in your device download folder including files that are downloaded with ADM you then need to change the advance internet download manager for Android phone to default folder.

2. Loader Droid Download Manager

In 2017, loader droid download manager is another popular Android download application for smartphones running Android OS. Loader droid downloads all sort of files such as apps, movies, YouTube videos, eBooks, etc.

One notable feature of loader droid download manager is the ability to resume download files when there is disruption in internet connection. It’s also split downloading folders into multiple section to make downloading very fast and at the same time, Loader droid download manager can download multiple files at the same time and it doesn’t slow down mobile performance.

Another beautiful feature of LD download manager is that it easily recognize links that lead to downloading page and thus pick it and start download. It’s also have a feature to schedule download for next time you enable internet connection and it will start downloading automatically once the scheduled time is up.

Loader droid manager downloaded files are saved in a predefined folder just like advance downloader manager but the folder can be changed to default download folder on your browser for easy access and for proper file arrangement.

Best Android Download Manager applications

3. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo download manager app is a fantastic download app just like turbo download on UCWeb browser. It download files 5x faster than most Android download manager we’ve used in 2017 using http internet connection to boost download speed.

Turbo download manager settings allow users to play around settings the app help to suit them better like to increase the number of maximum connection per download and also modify the app buffer settings.

Other than the fact that interrupted files can easily resume downloading, turbo download manager can also be minimize to download files in your device background. The number of files that can be downloaded using turbo downloader is unlimited with unlimited files seize support.

To download files such as videos, movies, apps, etc. using turbo download manager is different from other downloaders. However, the procedure is that requires you to click and hold down on the download link and select share and then select turbo download manager to start downloading the file.

4. Download Manager for Android

One of the best Android download manager apps in 2017 is download manager for Android and it has million downloads due to its numerous features. Download manager for Android has a simple and clean user interface, it’s extremely easy to use to download huge files up to 2GB at a time and resume downloading when there is poor internet connection or internet disruption.

Download manager for Android supports two ways download features which are;

  1. Initiating apps or files download directly from browsers
  2. And or copy and paste the download link into the app interface and download directly from the app.

There are some other features you will enjoy using this download manager on your Android phone to boost the rate at which you download files on your device.

Best Android Download Manager applications

5Download Accelerator Plus

Download accelerator plus is another fantastic Android download you will enjoy using. The free Android downloader downloads (RAR, ZIP), music files (MP3, OGG, WAV), video files (WMV, MP4, FLV, AVI), documents (DOC, PPT, XLS), applications (APK) at a speed faster than you can imagine.

Just like other apps download managers for Android phone, download accelerator plus resumes download when there is lost in internet connection and resume automatically when connected again. One fantastic feature of this Android downloader is that it picks downloading links from browser once the app discovered it and start downloading even before you initiate the download from the app inbuilt feature.

This download inbuilt browser makes downloading any file the simplest thing to do and it can download multiple of files at the same time without slowing down your device performance.

Best Android Download Manager applications

As far as 2017 is concern, these are the best Android download manager applications with highest number of users and minimum of 4.5/5 votes from users around the globe.

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