Best Websites to Download Textbooks Solution Manuals Online

When it comes to the best websites to download textbook solution manuals online and free solution manual websites, Google is always my first website to check. Whether the solution manual is free or paid. Most textbooks available on Google scholar are paid but part of them can be downloaded free of charge most times.

Solution manuals website available in .pdf, .doc, etc. depending on how well you are able to defined your expected SERP using the Google search engine and other similar search such as Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc.

However, if you need to know other search engines which are alternatives to Google to find free textbook solution manuals for different fields of study such as Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Gynecology, Pharmacy, etc. you can refer to similar search engines like Google.

Other websites that shared free textbooks solution manuals also share free solution manuals of engineering books as paid other wise you will love to search and download torrent search engines for solution manuals on your desired textbooks.

However, here in this post, we’d share with you how to free textbooks solution manual pdf download using Google as a website or search engine.

And also share some popular paid websites to download free solution manuals for textbooks which are mostly in pdf format.

Best Website to Download Solution Manuals

The first place to search for free textbook manuals solution is not a website but rather a search engine. Here in this section, I will share with you how to use Google search to search for a specific textbook solution manual pdf and download it for free.

1. Open your computer browser or smartphone browser and visit Google at:

Textbooks manual solution

2. Type the name of the textbook solution manual you want to download and add your expected file out. E.g “free solution manuals on engineering books.pdf” and without quotes.

Note that this extension will narrow your search result to only PDF format and for documents, add .doc instead of PDFand for other file extensions add the extension after “.” and click the enter button on your computer keyboard or hits the search box.

Textbooks solution manual

3. With this method you can easily download Textbooks solution manuals and test banks for free without paying a cent.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that you can only find limited free solution manuals online while the best place to get solution manuals required paid access.

Best Website to Download Solution Manuals

We have shared how to download free textbook solution manuals online using the Google search engine and here, we’d share with you the best website to download solution manuals in 2022.

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular eCommerce websites online to buy items including textbooks online. And in this case, Amazon should be your target website to search for solution manuals of any textbook without breaking the bank.

The list of textbook solution manuals available on Amazon includes solution manuals for engineering books, solution manuals for organic chemistry, solution manuals for algebra, solution manuals for Art of Problem Solving Intermediate Algebra Textbook and Solutions Manual 2.

So if you ever think of getting yourself a copyrighted textbooks solution manual for your study that you can easily share, Amazon is recommended.

2. TestBankPlanet

Testbank planet is another popular website for textbook solution manuals. What test bank planet does is sales of solution manuals for various kinds of textbooks at an affordable rate.

For as low as 50$ you can get a solution manual for your dream textbooks and have the right to distribute it to your friends in your field.

With over 10,000 solution manuals to textbooks online access on test bank planet, you can be assured that you will definitely get what you are looking for.

However, before making payment for any textbook at all you can simply chat with the test bank planet agent to see whether they have the solution manual to the textbook you are requesting before placing your order or better still contact test bank planet via their contact page.

Vist testbank planet here:

3. Scribd

Textbooks solution manuals

Scribd is a well-known online eBook read website with 30 days free subscription. Although at Scribd, you do not need to pay for textbook manuals or solution guides rather with membership access you will have access to both paid and free textbooks and solution manuals rather than solution manuals alone.

Scribd is highly recommended for researchers who are interested in getting popular books at affordable prices rather than paying handsomely for what you can get almost for free with premium membership access on Scribd.

On Scribd, you will not only have access to textbooks you will also have access to audiobooks online, documents and a lot more.

For direct access to Scribd visit:

4. Chegg

After Amazon’s eCommerce website, Chegg is another recognized website to buy textbook solution manuals.

If you need an online tutor, check out Chegg for an affordable price and get free shipping for your order of any test bank and textbook solution above 50$.

Also at Chegg, you can build your online career as a tutor in your field provided you are a certified expert and get paid as well.

And in case you can afford to buy new textbooks with solutions on Chegg, they offer an alternative which is buying used textbooks and solution manuals instead of buying new textbook solution manuals online and shipping them to your destination across the whole universe.

Textbooks that are available on Chegg are based on your capability, you can get cheap textbooks, college textbooks, hire a textbook and even sell your own old textbook are get paid for it.

Visit Chegg for your textbooks solution manuals:

As a student, getting textbook solution manuals helps us to always find solutions to any of our academic problems which facilitate our learning ability. We believe that you will find this article helpful in your academic pursuit.


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