Best iTunes Alternative to Backup iPhone to Mac [Free License + Win AirPods]

It’s important to backup iPhone to avoid data loss, create more space for upcoming files, reduce your iPhone workload, and a lot more reason to backup iPhone to iTunes.

However, iTunes isn’t the best tool to backup iPhone without losing data. In fact, iTunes has a lot of disadvantage compared to the iTunes alternative I will share with you in this guide.

Before I decided to share this tool with you guys, I have tested the device, used it, upgrade from a free user to a premium user account to enjoy the unlimited benefit of this iTunes alternative.

As an iPhone user, when it comes to backup files such as music, ringtone, movies, photos, Notes, eBooks, short video, MP4 and MP3, the first choice backup software is iTunes without considering the demerit of the iPhone backup software.

However, after a long search with this iTunes best alternative to using to backup all iPhone information without a connection failure and without losing a single file.

Here, we are taking a close look at MacX MediaTrans iTunes alternative review and why you should download MacX MediaTrans software to backup iPhone/iPad/iPod directly to your Mac, compress huge photo file size by 50% without losing quality, automatically convert video to MP4, convert iTunes non-compatible files to iPhone/iPad/iPod compatible file etc.

 iTunes alternative MacX MediaTrans

MacX MediaTrans Alternative to iTunes

We know it’s very easy to meet up the iTunes requirement. But, it’s a lot easier to up MacX MediaTrans requirement.

However, this has over time called for a better alternative to iTunes to create a daily backup, update iTunes to a new release without losing a single file, upgrade from iOS 10 to iOS 12 without the fear of losing stored data on your iPhone, and above all, to have a quick connection to all available device as soon as you connect your iPhone to your new or old computer.

We, however, recommend MacX MediaTrans software as iPhone/iPad/iPod backup for some many reasons to be considered under the features.

But, before that, MacX MediaTrans fixes the iTunes iPhone to a computer connection failure, complicated user understanding, data loss error when transferring files from iPhone or iPad or iPod to your computer without consuming your time like iTunes.

MacX MediaTrans Features

Within the short period of time, I have spent with the MacX MediaTrans to backup iPhone to my Mac. Here are a few features of the iPhone backup software.

Transfer Music

This feature makes the software unique and fixes the lacking features in iTunes if you have used iTunes for a very long time.

However, with MacX MediaTrans, you can sync music one after the other or transfer them in bulk by selecting more than one music at a time without deleting them. Apart from that, you can add, remove, and edit your playlist on the app without accessing your phone.

A more advanced feature of the MacX iPhone backup is the feature to transfer music you have on your iPhone that is purchased from another music store different from iTunes to your computer.

You can as well auto-convert AAC to MP3, set it as a unique ringtone or create another ringtone from your music playlist.

iTunes alternative

Transfer Photos and Videos

MacX provides an easier way to manage and transfer videos and movies from your iPhone to your Mac computer. With the iPhone backup software, you can easily delete photos from your phone gallery and camera roll to create more space on your iPhone.

To free up more space, you can simply backup your 4K, live photos to Mac to free up more space on your iPhone. A feature you wouldn’t want to miss is to auto-convert HEIC to JPG for future use and still keep the original live photo if you don’t want to delete it.

iTunes alternative

Encrypt iPhone Backup

This is another unique feature on MacX MediaTrans to encrypt photos and videos and transfer it to your Mac computer. This feature outshined iTunes because there is no need for Apple ID, iTunes login, and WiFi.

No iTunes Login

When you are in a hurry to embark on your iPhone daily backup or weekly backup, login iTunes or using Apple ID can be time-consuming. You need to connect to the internet via your phone data or WiFi, make sure you are fully connected to access your iTunes to start the backup.

This demerit has pushed MacX MediaTrans as iTunes alternative with a provision to back up iPhone to Mac without WiFi or the internet, without erasing data, without connection failure, and without file transfer failure that is common to iTunes.

For more information on how to use MacX MediaTrans read this guide to learn more about using the iTunes alternative for Mac.

License Giveaway & Win AirPods

The developer is now giving away the $59.95 valued license key for free. Participants also have the chance to win Apple’s AirPods before April. 10th, 2019. To enter the giveaway, just click visit this iTunes alternative for Mac page.

 iTunes alternative MacX MediaTrans

MacX MediaTrans Advantages over iTunes

These MacX MediaTrans advantages over iTunes will make you discard iTunes for MacX MediaTrans as a backup tool for your iPhone when next you intend to backup your iPhone.

  • Sync non-Apple music & video to iPhone, iPad, and iPod
  • Auto convert non-Apple video/audio formats to iDevice supported during sync
  • Properly reduce a big-size file to similar for iPhone space saving
  • Delete music songs, movies, TV shows, images
  • Remove DRM from iTunes purchase
  • Auto convert protected M4V to MP4
  • Auto convert protected MP4 to MP3
  • Selectively encrypt pictures and video to protect privacy
  • Auto-sync with iPhone, iPad, & iPod

In conclusion, iTunes offers limited features to backup iPhone/iPad/iPod compared to MacX MediaTrans.

For the best means to transfer iPhone backup without connection failure, time-consuming, without WiFi, and Apple ID, MacX MediaTrans is highly recommended.

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