GTbank Online Transfer : How to Use GTbank Transfer Code

When it comes to internet banking in Nigeria, GTBank has its stand and they do it better than other banks. GTBank make it easy for customers to be able to transfer money from GTbank to GTbank, and to other non-GTbank customers both on phone using ‘GTBank transfer code‘ and using GTBank appworld app for smartphone users. One the phenomenal used by GTBank to harness their customer better is by creating GTBank online transfer tp transfer money easily and can be carried out at the comfort of your home.

With GTBank online transfer you don’t necessarily need to work into the banking hall before you can transfer money. Also, with GTBank *737# transfer code you can do a transfer to any bank without internet connection. All you need is any phone with network.

If you are still using old GTBank app to transfer money from GTbank to either GTBank customers or to other non-GTBank customer you will not be able to do FX transfer even when you upgrade the app. Meanwhile, Guarantee Trust Bank has infuse a biometric feature into the new app called GTB App world and also brought back the old feature do FX transfer directly on your phone app.

The veteran Nigeria bank also make it easy to do internet banking registration online or by walking directly into the banking all. It cost cent to do that though. And if you are not interested in getting token to confirm transaction whenever initiated you may ditch the token but it really worth.

Also, to transfer money using GTBank app you can either use OTP sent to your phone or use token if you have one or use the biometric feature that enables you to confirm actions on your GTbank using your device fingerprint sensor scanner.

Meanwhile, without token or fingerprint sensor you can transfer fund using GTBank transfer code. This call for no stress though but you can only transfer fund in your local bank alone using GTbank transfer code. For effective use of GTbank online transfer, you need to download GTbank internet banking app world.

Here in this post will share with you how to use transfer money using GTbank app world and using GTbank transfer code.

GTbank Online Tranfer: Add Beneficiary Account number

As simple as it is to transfer money using GTbank app or GTbank transfer code there is a need to add a beneficiary’s number. There are two ways to add beneficiary’s number to your GTbank. You can either add it after you have completed transferring money using GTbank transferring code or add it directly using GTbank app world before transferring the fund.

Here is how to on GTbank Appworld: Download GTbank appworld for your device below!

Nokia – Click Here

Android – Click Here 

Iphone – Click Here 

Blackberry – Click Here 

Download and install GTbank appworld on your smartphone. Login to your GTbank account with your internet banking username and password.

GTbank Online Transfer: How to Transfer Money Using GTban Transfer Code

Click on transfer and hits the ‘new beneficiary’s’ tab

GTbank Online Transfer: How to Transfer Money Using GTban Transfer Code

Select the beneficiary’s details accordingly. Toggle store beneficiary icon from ‘NO’ to ‘YES’ and click on continue below to add new beneficiary to your account.

GTbank Online Transfer: How to Transfer Money Using GTban Transfer Code

Note: You don’t need to contact GTbank online customer care for this. You can do this with GTbank internet banking feature with or without token. Or better still press ‘1’ after transfer using GTbank transfer code *737# to add beneficiary or press ‘2’ to delete beneficiary.

GTbank Online Transfer: How to Transfer Money Using GTban Transfer Code

The easiest way to transfer money from GTbank account is using short code. It takes less than 5 minutes to have this done. The benefits of transferring fund to either GTbank account or non-GTbank account is that it doesn’t require internet banking. All you need is network connection on any phone along side registered phone number associated with your account.

Meanwhile, the new mechanism to transfer fund from GTbank account using short code requires creating a new transfer PIN different from your ATM PIN.

1. Dial the transfer shot code *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account No# from the mobile associated with your GTbank account.
Note: To transfer to GTbank change ‘2’ to ‘1’. That’s : *737*1*Amount*NUBAN Account No#

2. Select the receipient bank e.g. FBN, Access, Zenoth, UBA, etc

3. Enter your short code transfer PIN

4. Wait for the transaction to be competed

5. Do not re-transfer again so that you will not be debited twice. Unless the system reply error message

Next we’d take a look at how to create GTbank short code transfer PIN in a simple way.

How to Create GTbank Online Transfer PIN

For transfer to be completed using GTbank transfer code you need four digit PIN. Before it used to be last four digit on of your ATM card. For more security reason, you have to generate a new password to complete any transfer of money using GTbank transfer short code. It worth to note that this code do not work with other GTbank internet banking system except transferring fund using mobile phone.

Below is how to generate transfer PIN for your GTbank account.

Dial *737# on the mobile number you connected to your GTbank

From the list select option 7 that says ‘create/change PIN and click on send

GTbank Online Transfer: How to Transfer Money Using GTban Transfer Code

Select option 1 that says ‘active debit card’ if your debit card is still active otherwise click on ‘2’ for inactive debit card and click on send to proceed.

Enter the last 6 digits of your ATM card and click on send to proceed.

GTbank Online Transfer: How to Transfer Money Using GTban Transfer Code

A new window will populate then create your one time GTbank online transfer short code.

GTbank Online Transfer: How to Transfer Money Using GTban Transfer Code

Once this is done successfully you can then always use it to finalize GTbank fund transfer using USSD code. The easiest GTbank online transfer is using GTbank transfer code. It does not require internet banking login and you do not need to contact GTbank online customer care to achieve this.


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