Caleb Coffee Net Worth, Age, Height, Shirtless, and Bio

Caleb Coffee is an American Youtuber, actor, social media personality, and public figure, he was born on 28 March 2005 in Hawaii, western United States. He is also an American actor and he appeared in movies such as Euphoria (2019) and Dessert (2106).

However Caleb became popular for appearing on YouTube videos with his family. Caleb’s father, Jason Coffee first started making videos on YouTube with his family, comprising of his wife Chassy Coffee, daughter Peyton Coffee and son Caleb Coffee.

Jason owns a YouTube channel where he regularly posts challenge skits and pranks. Caleb’s sister Peyton is also a Youtuber and social media personality just like her brother.

The Coffee family are skit makers and they have been making videos online since 2013 when the vine app first came out. Since then their online family has grown to around 40 Million followers on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Caleb Coffee Young

Caleb Coffee was born on the 28 of March 2005, he started to appear on the screen with his father Jason coffee at a very tender age.  However apart from being a vlogger on youtube, Instagram and TikTok, Coffee is also an actor and he has appeared in movies such as Euphoria (2019) and Dessert (2016).

Caleb Coffee TikTok

 He is verified on his Tiktok social media account and he boasts a total of 10.5 million followers and 372.4 million likes. He has gone on to establish himself as a Fan’s favorite and brand on social media.

Caleb Coffee doesn’t have an official YouTube page but you can find videos of his father, elder sister, and himself on YouTube through his father’s YouTube channel Jason Coffee.  Jason Coffee’s YouTube channel has a subscriber of 416K subscribers.

Caleb’s older sister runs a YouTube channel Peyton Coffee with 59.8K subscribers and a TikTok account with 792.2M followers.Caleb Coffee Net Worth

Caleb Coffee Net Worth

Caleb Coffee’s net worth is currently estimated to worth between $100,000 to $1,000,000. Although Caleb had a brief cameo in two movies and he is still making money through his social media accounts such as TikTok and YouTube where he has millions of followers and views.

At the moment, we can no longer classify him as a minor even if he is still dependent on his parents Jason Coffee and Chassy Coffee.

Caleb Coffee Date of Birth

TikTok and YouTube date of birth was on the 28th of March 2005, in Hawaii, western United State. As we write, he is 17 years old.

Caleb Coffee Age

So, how hold is Caleb? Internet and social media personality Jason Coffee’s son is 17 years old and his date of birth was 28 of March 2005.

Current Home

TikTok and YouTube star Caleb Coffee now resides in Texas, United States. He live all his live in Hawaii and until he recently moved to live in Texas with his aunty.

As of Lately he has been hitting the gym and working out, he shares videos of his training sessions on social media. He pictures his Abs and chests maybe just to seduce the ladies.

However his fans have been quick to share their opinions, they said he looks way better before he started to gym and others have said that they love his new look.


Caleb Coffee’s father is Jason Coffee and his mother is Chassy Coffee, the two couples are both social media and other internet personalities. The Coffee family has been making waves on the internet since 2013. Jason Coffee’s videos are all about challenges and pranks.

Jason and Chassy Coffee have two children, a daughter Peyton Coffee and a son Caleb Coffee.

Who is Older Peyton Coffee or Caleb Coffee?

Peyton Coffee is a year older than Caleb Coffee, Peyton Coffee was born on Jan 28, 2004, and Caleb Coffee was born on 28 March 2005.  Although the two of them are often regarded as Twins they are not, Peyton is 18 years old and Caleb is 17 years old.

How many Sisters did Caleb has?

Caleb Coffee has an elder sister named Peyton Coffee, however, Peyton is also an Internet and social media personality. Payton Coffee was born on January 28, 2004, in Hawaii, United States of America.

Peyton Coffee popularly posts her videos on her YouTube channel, TikTok account, and Instagram account.

Caleb Coffee Girlfriend

Caleb Coffee is currently single, but he is good-looking and charming, Caleb has a lot of ladies who are crushing on him.

Caleb Coffee’s fans want to know the lady in his life because he is known for posting a picture with different ladies and internet personalities. He is catching fun and enjoying the time of his life at the moment with nothing serious attached to it.

Caleb Coffee Children

Caleb Coffee doesn’t have kids yet with any lady as he is still focusing on his vlogging career and education.

Caleb Coffee Height

Caleb Coffee is about 5 feet 10 inches tall (178 cm or 1.78 m), he is still growing, as he is young and he still has the tendency to grow much taller.

Caleb Coffee Shirtless abs

Caleb is young and handsome, he has been hitting the gym lately to exercise and workout. He regularly posts shirtless pictures on Instagram and this makes his fans wonder! How fast Caleb has grown up.

The Last picture he shared on April 21st, 2022 on Instagram got his fans talking and the ladies crushing on him with his new physique.

Caleb Coffee Mullet

Caleb Coffee keeps a brown blonde mullet type of hairstyle, which it’s short at the front, and on both sides and he keeps it long at the back.

Caleb Coffee is known for his mullet type of hairstyle and he has been rocking this hairstyle since he started appearing in vlogs.

Some of his fans on Instagram want him to cut his hair and have often expressed how he looks with that hairstyle. Well, I guess they just want to see how he will look, on another hairstyle because he has been rocking it from way back.

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