Top Apps in India for Android Smartphone

India has an average population of 1.37 billion making the country second largest after China. With time, less than a decade, India and China population would almost be at the same level if India didn’t overtake China as the country with the highest number of the population while the United state seat comfortably as the 3rd most populous country.

Check out the world population in 2019 and see how far India population have grown over the year. However, some apps are popular than others in terms of average daily users, average download from the play store etc. So, if you are wondering which apps are most popular India this is a post for you.

Here in this guide, you will get to know the few apps that were made popular by Indians before other nations started using it. So, in this post, I’ll share with you a few popular apps in Indian you cannot do without.

Top apps in India

Popular Apps in India

Talking about top apps in India you can download for your new phone, check out the list below.


Popular Apps in India

WhatsApp is a mobile app to send and receive messages from friend and family over the internet without using the default phone SMS.

If you are an Indian and you are have not heard about WhatsApp as one of the few apps that trend the most in India nation, this is an avenue for you to know. Do you wonder why Facebook always test WhatsApp new features in India? It’s because they make almost the lion sharing of WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp was bought by Facebook a few years ago and it has since become one of the most downloaded apps in the world.

WhatsApp keeps rolling out new features always to keep the app relevant and to make sure that the app users always find pleasure using it.

Download Latest WhatsApp with Fingerprint Lock/Unlock

Casino Apps

Casino apps are popular in almost all countries except in a county where it is forbidden by law. Leovegas India is one of the best casinos in India and its app is one of the few apps that is very popular in India and it has a reasonable number of downloads from the app store.

The app is very user-friendly and gives the user the option to play various games and get a lot of information regarding how a casino works. Of course, you need to be over 18 years old to use the app.

Some other top apps are popular in India. However, these apps cannot be found wanting from Indian smartphone user

Tik Tok

This app came to limelight early 2019 and it has since had over 500,000,000 downloads from the Google play store. The Tik Tok App is similar to Snapchat but in a unique way.

The Tik Tok App was formally Musically. However, the app wasn’t known until it was changed and renamed as Tik Tok. The app has since become one of the most used apps in India and has turned a lot of Indian users to celebrity.

So, if you are opting for an app that is in vogue as of this time on your smartphone you should consider the Tik Tok App.

Download Tik Tok App for Android & iOS

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

A lot of people other than the Indian users complain about this app. The weight and heaviness of the app make a lot of people to despise the app. However, since Facebook has introduced the Facebook lite app to Android and iOS, the Facebook messenger app has risen to the top list of the most popular apps in India.

So, instead of using Facebook or mobile browser or enable Facebook desktop on mobile to chat with your friends and family on Facebook you can simply download the Facebook messenger app for your phone to connect with your friends and family.


Instagram for Android/iOS

Instagram is also popular among Indian celebrities to have fun-filled day by sharing a short video on their timeline for their followers to see.

The 60 second short videos platform is similar to Tik Tok in some area. Although, they are not the same. With Instagram app installed on your smartphone, you can boost of having at least one of the few apps most Indian use.

Instagram is owned by Facebook as well as WhatsApp. So, if you are looking for the best apps in India for Android phones you should consider the Facebook-owned apps.


Top Apps in India

Before Showbox was banned on Android and iOS, Showbox was one of the most downloaded apps in India to watch and download movies for free on Android phone.

With the Showbox app, there is no need to subscribe to cables or YouTube premium. The Showbox app provides access to all the movies you want to stream on Netflix and watch on your cable.

However, the Showbox app has since dropped from the most used app in India to one of the best apps for Indians to stream movies online without subscription or registration.

Showapp TV App

Update: Showbox app is no longer working.



You see, Appvalley is for both Android and iOS users to download apps that are kicked out of the play store and Apple store for violating terms and conditions and apps to download premium apps for free on a smartphone.

 With the app on your Android and iOS, there is no need to jailbreak or root your smartphone to download and install 3rd party apps on your smartphone.

 So, if you are looking for apps to download both paid and other apps that have been kicked out of the apps store, download and install Appvalley on your phone and search for the app you want to download using the Appvalley app.

For Android phone to install Appvalley you need to download Appvalley APK and install it on your smartphone while enabling install from unknown sources.

How to Install Appvalley on Android and iOS [iPhone/iPad]


Best India Apps

Aptoide is a popular apps store for Android. The Aptoide has a mobile client app you can download and install on your phone as well as a stand-alone website where you can search and download apps from online.

The Aptoide is an app store and it’s alternative to the google play store. The app store is so popular to the extent that Huawei considered buying it when they had an issue with the united state over licensing companies that can work with the China-based company.

So, if you are searching for a top-notch app you can install on your Android phone that is popular in India you should consider Aptoide APK app.

How to Download and Install Aptoide

True Caller

This is another app you would see a techy savvy Indian have installed on his phone. Needless say that the app helps reveal callers identity it also makes you smarter to know who is calling without guessing.

The true caller app has a free feature as well as a premium use. But with the premium, you can be guaranteed that incoming calls, saved or not can be traced and tracked easily.

While you have the downloading power to download your best apps for your phone, but, as far as 2019 is a concern, these apps are a few of the apps you will see all Indian using on their smartphone.

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