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What is CBS All Access? Well, CBS All Access is a live, on-demand TV streaming service that lets you find all of your favorite CBS shows and movies, including Star Trek: Picard, NCIS, The Good Fight, and The American President.

And you only have to budget $ 6 to $ 10 a month for this entertainment. Not bad.

Here’s how CBS All Access is compared to both CBS fans and those just looking for a full live streaming service.

CBS All Access

Limited commercials$5.99/mo.Live: yes | On-demand: yes
Commercial free$9.99/mo.Live: yes | On-demand: no


  • Large inventory of CBS shows
  • Live TV broadcast (NFL news and games)
  • Low monthly price

The inconveniences

  • Access to CBS programming only
  • Some shows do not have all episodes.

What does CBS All Access cost?

You have two options: no commercials at all or limited commercials or 

CBS simply has a choice of two plans for its streaming service. The only difference, apart from the price, is that you have do have commercial and another one that does not. 

With both plans, you get the same drama shows, classic films, and live TV channels.

And here’s a bonus: if you prepay an annual subscription, you’ll save 15%. If you are a student, you will receive a 25% student discount. Enjoyable.

CBS All Access Limited business or Commercial plan

The basic plan of CBS All Access is the Limited Business Plan. For the first episode of Star Trek: Discovery, the commercials certainly didn’t seem to be “limited” – there were five commercial breaks.

We would say that television with a limited business plan is no different from traditional cable television, so there is no shortage of business interruptions. (Maybe more snack options?)

CBS All Access Commercial or Business Free plan

The other CBS All Access plan, Free Business or commercial-free, is only $4 more than the Limited Business plan. You will not notice any difference in the content; you will only pay for no advertising.

If you ask us, it is worth spending a few more dollars to avoid these annoying interruptions.

Please note that if you receive the Free Business Plan, you cannot ignore the ads on live television on CBS All Access. There is simply no way to escape the commercials on live television. It’s just the beast nature of live television, and it’s the same with any other live streaming competitor.

Which television shows on CBS All Access?

With CBS All Access, you can stream CBS originals, popular shows, and even NFL games.

What is CBS All Access?

What is CBS All Access?

CBS All Access is the answer to every CBS fan’s prayers. For the price of a cup of coffee, you get access to live TV channels, popular TV shows, classic TV shows, original content, and on-demand movies.

You can watch the NFL soccer game on CBS with your family on your smart TV, on your smartphone while waiting for your Lyft, or on your tablet while walking on the treadmill.

The five different types of CBS All Access programming include:

  • Live TV (your local CBS station, if available in your region, CBSN, ET Live 24/7 and CBS Sports HQ)
  • Episodes of recent CBS shows (Survivor, Young Sheldon, Twilight Zone and more)
  • Classic CBS episodes (The Brady Bunch, Cheers, Frasier and more)
  • Original program (Star Trek: Discovery, The Good Fight, Interrogation, Strange Angel and One Dollar)
  • On-Demand Movies (Area 51, The American President and The Big Chill)

List of CBS All Access’s 20 best TV shows

  • Star Trek: Picard
  • Tell me a story
  • Star Trek: Discovery
  • Evil
  • Star Trek: short treks
  • The late show with James Corden
  • NCIS
  • All Rise
  • Bob Hearts Abiola
  • The bold and the beautiful
  • Carol’s second act
  • God friended me
  • Survivors
  • Young Sheldon
  • Hawaii Five-O
  • The Seal team
  • Love Island
  • The late show with Stephen Colbert

Can I stream live TV with CBS All Access?

Live TV streaming possible, but not available in all markets

With CBS, you have access to live TV! You don’t even have to pay additional fees or connect to your existing TV provider.

You can watch CBS, CBSN, CBS Sports HQ and ET Live 24/7. . . But there is a catch.

Unfortunately, CBS All Access Live TV is only available in 206 markets. So be sure to check if you are in one of these markets for CBS Evening News and some sports chats.

What devices can I use to stream CBS All Access?

Of course, you have to stream Star Trek while waiting at DMV.

If you want to see the latest episode of The Good Fight on the train, you can easily watch it in the CBS All Access app. Hooray!

And you can share your account with someone else as you can have two streams at the same time. This way, you and your child can watch CBS Sports at the same time.

You can watch your favorite CBS show on any of these streaming devices:

  • iPhone, iPad
  • Apple TV 
  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Android TVs
  • Chromecast
  • LG Smart TV
  • Playstation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Fire TVs
  • Roku TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Vizio Smart TV

What are the functions of CBS All Access?

With CBS, you can stream to two different devices, but only in 720p.

With an affordable streaming service, you can’t wait too long, but CBS All Access offers some nice standard features.

You get two simultaneous streams, a maximum resolution of 720p and playback options for on-demand content.

The biggest problem is the 720p resolution limit. If you plan to watch on a TV that is larger than 50 inches, you may find that the picture is not as sharp as with 1080p programs. If you’re streaming on a smaller device, that’s fine.

What are the functions of CBS All Access?

PlanSimultaneous streamsOn-demand playbackCommercials
Limited commercials2YesLive: yes | On-demand: yes
Commercial free2YesLive: yes | On-demand: no

Should I choose CBS All Access, or is another streaming service better? Excellent question. Frankly, it depends on what you want to get.

If you want access to your favorite CBS shows, originals, CBS news, and sports that CBS broadcasts, $ 6 to $ 10 a month are nothing.

If you want to have access to numerous live TV channels, various TV shows, films, premium channels, and original content, check out the competition.

How does CBS All Access compare to other live TV streaming services?

How CBS All Access compares to other live TV streaming services

Streaming serviceAvailable channelsMonthly price †
CBS All Access4*$5.99–$9.99/mo.
YouTube TV85+$64.99/mo.
Hulu + Live TV65+$54.99–$60.99/mo.
AT&T TV NOW125+$55–$135/mo.

Syndicated and archived programming

The latest episodes of network shows are usually available on and CBS All Access the day after they are originally broadcast.

Can I stream live TV with CBS All Access?

CBS All Access offers complete catalogs of most of its current series, including “batch rights” throughout the season (except for some series such as The Big Bang Theory, of which CBS only had rights to the “last five episodes in its original broadcast,” Warner said Bros. retains all other powers as the distributor of the show) and a wide selection of episodes of the classic series from CBS Television Distribution’s show library, including programs that previously belonged to Paramount Television and were made for CBS and other networks before CBS released its program library the CBS Viacom division acquired (including the full episode catalog of shows such as Star Trek, Cheers, MacGyver, Twin Peaks, and CSI: Miami) for service subscribers. It also offers behind-the-scenes features of CBS special shows and events and (from the 17th season in June 2015) live broadcasts and special content from the Big Brother Reality Series.

In mid-April 2017, a limited film library with content from Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Sony Pictures Television, the Samuel Goldwyn Company, and CBS Films was made available. This includes several titles from the Star Trek film series.

In August 2019, All Access expanded to streaming children and acquired broadcasting rights for Danger Mouse (1981) (as well as restarting the series), Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and several others in the United States.


Outside of the United States, CBS All Access is currently available in Australia and Canada. Due to existing program rights and content offers, various programs are not available in local versions. For example, Star Trek: Bell Media licenses discovery in Canada for its CTV Sci-Fi (English) and Z (French) channels and the Crave streaming service.

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