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How to Change YouTube Username

Over the past years, so many things have changed on the internet. Even to change YouTube username now require a more technical way compared to how its used to be done before.

Before, you can create a custom YouTube username for your account channel, but now it has to meet up certain criteria to be able to choose a custom channel name. Not only that, you can no longer monetize YouTube channel like before. To monetize YouTube channel, you need a minimum of 10 thousand views on your videos.

While you wait for your videos viewer to cross ten thousand, you need to start thinking of a perfect username for your YouTube channel. However, if at any time you now think on how to change YouTube username without deleting your channel then this post is for you.

Meanwhile, you will also notice that you cannot create a custom channel name for your YouTube account unless you have a minimum of 100 subscribers. So, you need to work hard and publish only a helpful and creative contents.

A hundred subscribers are required to create a custom YouTube channel while you can change your YouTube username at any time and at will provided you have the administrative rights.

Here in this post, I will share with you the basic procedure to change your YouTube username without deleting your YouTube account.

How to Change YouTube Username Requirement

There is no special requirement to change your username form your YouTube account. All you need to is the Gmail account to login. Also, it’s worth to note that in an attempt to change your YouTube username you will only be able to change an account at any time. If you have more than one YouTube channel you can repeat the same procedure to change their username.

Note: Always create a unique username for your YouTube account. For simplicity, you can create more than one YouTube channel with single Gmail account and select your preferred channel when you want to upload your video.

Change YouTube Username

Like in my case, you will notice that I have 4 Channels under this account. So, there is no need for me to create different Gmail account for different YouTube channel since it can use the existing ones for another channel.

How to Change YouTube Username

If you will like to change your old YouTube username name to a new one, maybe a brand username here is exactly what to do. Note that there is no limitation to number times you can change your Facebook username as at the time of writing this post.

Login to your YouTube account using your the associated Gmail account. Click on your account gravatar and click on studio creator from the drop menu. You can also click on this URL https://www.youtube.com/account  after you have logged into your YouTube account.

Change YouTube Username

Note: This will take you straight to your YouTube channel page.

Under account information click on Edit in Google just in front of your old YouTube name.

Change YouTube Username

A new window will popup. At this time, the window is your YouTube about page. Scroll down the page and click on where your YouTube old name is, delete it and type your new YouTube name and click OK.

Change YouTube username

Once you clicked OK, your YouTube username will be changed. Although, this may take a while if you already have a few hundred subscribers it will definitely change the name. However, while it is good to change YouTube username, always try to convince and seek opinions of your subscribers if you already have a few hundred before you take the decision.

Were you able to change your YouTube username following this tutorial? Please use the comment box to know how far you have gone and don’t forget to share this post on social networks.

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