How to Clear Firefox Caches

Always clear your Firefox browser caches once in a while to supercharge the browser performance speed. The absent of caches and cookies on browsers increase the speed on a browser and make it run faster. There is no need keeping browsers caches and cookies when they don’t contain important information like password and credit cards details. Meanwhile, whether you want to clear firefox caches or not, never store credit card information on your browser.

Firefox is a popular browser like Chrome and a lot of people love to use. However, when there is too much of caches and cookies to be cleared it can reduce the response of the browser and make the performance extremely poor. For that reason, here is a quick step to clearing Firefox browsing caches.

How to Clear Chrome Caches

How to Clear Firefox Caches

To clear Firefox browser caches, click to open Firefox browser on your desktop and click on the three horizontal line to the top right of the browser and click on “options“.

 Clear Firefox Caches

Click on “Privacy & Security” in the left side and tick “Browsing History, bookmarks, and open tab” and click “Clear Now”. Before the clear now tab you will see the total volume of caches and cookies you need to clear on your Mozilla Firefox browser.

 Clear Firefox Caches

This is the manual way to clear caches on your Firefox browser yourself. To make sure that your Mozilla is in the best of it, always clear cookies and caches that can affect its performance and always update to the latest version.

Mozilla Firefox also has an option to clear caches and cookies automatically following predefined settings. Therefore, if you want the browser to take care of itself clearing caches and cookies, set up automatic feature to clear caches automatically.

How to Clear Firefox Caches Automatically

To clear firefox caches automatically launch your Firefox browser from your browser and click on the options button from the drop-down when you clicked on the three horizontal line to the top right of your browser.

Click on “Privacy & Security” and scroll to History” and select “use custom settings for the history”

 Clear Firefox Caches

Enable “Clear history when Firefox closes” and click on the “settings” in front of it. Under when I close firefox tick “caches” and click “OK”.

 Clear Firefox Caches

Close the Mozilla Firefox preference page to save the settings. Henceforth, your Mozilla Firefox will automatically its clear caches immediately you close your browser’s tab. When you clear caches consistently on your browser it helps to create for caches disk space on your browser and increase the browser’s performance.

Whether you choose to clear your Firefox browser caches automatically or manually, what is important is always clear Firefox caches to improve its performance.

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