[Updated Fix] – Cloud Cannot talk to Roomba

When you open up the Roomba app and you come across the “Cloud cannot talk to Roomba” message, then there is a problem.

You might have even tried restarting your Roomba and done all sorts of things but none have given you positive results, but that doesn’t make your Roomba’s vacuum spoil, as you haven’t tried all possible troubleshooting steps to resolve it.

Additionally, you are not sure where the problem is coming from, as it might not necessarily be from the wifi router alone; it could be from anywhere.

But since you are here, I will be delving into the possible reason why you are getting the message “Cloud cannot talk to Roomba” on the Roomba app.

Why isn’t my Roomba Connecting to the Internet?

Cloud Cannot talk to Roomba

This is not a very pleasant issue to deal with, as you will be restricted in the number of things you can do with your Roomba when you get this message.

For example, you won’t be able to perform actions such as setting up schedules, creating “keep out” zones, using voice commands, etc. And the things that are there are quite important.

So why are you getting the “Cloud cannot talk to Roomba” message?

Your Roomba vacuum is not connected to the Internet

If your Roomba is not connected to a wifi network or abruptly disconnects from the network, it will stop working, and the Roomba app will display the “Cloud cannot talk to Roomba” message.

The internet Signal isn’t Stable

The internet is what allows the Roomba to perform actions such as updating its software, etc. when it is in an unstable, down, or frozen state this error message is unavoidable.

Power-related issues

Power issues might not be as common as network issues. However, if the room goes dark every few seconds due to an unstable power surge, It could prevent the robot from connecting to the cloud.

The Router is far from the Roomba

This isn’t generally a problem. But it could become a problem when the internet becomes slow or weak.

The router frequency is Wrong

This might not be common, as most routers come with both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz. However, if your router is connected to a WiFi router operating at 5.0 GHz, it will not work and may result in this error message.

How to Fix the Cloud cannot talk to Roomba

Cloud Cannot talk to Roomba

If your robot is not connecting to the Internet and you are stuck with a “try again later message” or your robot’s app still displays the “Cloud cannot talk to Roomba” message, here is what you should do about it:

Try Reconnecting your Roomba to the WiFi

When you are faced with this message, you should check the wifi first to see if it is connected to your Roomba.

Whether it is connected or not, you must reconnect it again to make that connection.

Here is how to go about it:

  • Navigate to the Roomba Home app.
  • Connect your phone to the WiFi network that you want your Roomba to use.
  • In the app, tap “Add Robot.”
  • Make a name for your robot.
  • Tap Connect to connect your Roomba to your device’s Wi-Fi.
  • Wait for the setup to be finished.

Reminder: Make sure your device is already connected to WiFi and has the Roomba app installed.

Your Roomba Vacuum should be Reset 

Sometimes these error messages might come as a result of a software glitch. That does not make the robot vacuum less efficient, as this is common with all electronic devices.

If you have checked that the wifi is connected to your Roomba and it is still showing the “Cloud cannot talk to Roomba” message, you might need to carry out a hard reset.

If you do not know how to do that, follow the steps I will list below.

  • Turn your Roomba on its side.
  • Get a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the bolts that keep your Roomba’s bottom cover in place.
  • Next, remove the bottom panel to reveal your Roomba’s battery.
  • Take out the battery from the container and leave it out of the container for 5 minutes.
  • Once this time has passed, reconnect the battery inside your robot.

Check for Internet-related issues

Aside from your router’s wifi issues, the internet can sometimes be the source of the problem.

You might not notice this right away unless you are out of date or your service provider’s network is unstable.

Anyway, you can readjust and fix things related to your internet by either power cycling the router or reconnecting the internet cable.

If you don’t know how to power cycle your router, here is how to do that.

Power cycle your router by unplugging it from the power supply for approximately 5 minutes. Reattach the adapter once the cool-down period is over and test it.

Also, after disconnecting the internet cable from your router, wait 60 seconds before reconnecting it.

Change the Position of the Router

One of the subtle effects that can be a real issue with your router is that it is too far away from the device to which it is connected.

Structures in some homes may act as obstructions to wifi signals, which you may be unaware of.

If you encounter this problem, try bringing your robot vacuum closer to your robot vacuum to see if anything changes.

If this is the case, but you need to keep your Roomba in a formal location, you can purchase a wifi extender.

Recommendation: Best WiFi Extender for Your Home

iRobot Roomba Factory Reset

If you’ve tried all of the steps listed above and still aren’t getting any positive responses, you may need to perform a factory reset.

Some users said doing a factory reset worked for them. However, it might not be a good first step as a factory reset clears out all your settings and changes them to the default settings.

That being said, here is how to go about it.

  • Press the Home, Spot, and Clean buttons on your Roomba at the same time.
  • Wait for the LED surrounding the “Clean” button to begin blinking.
  • Now, let go of the three buttons when you see the LED flash.

Note: If you let off the buttons before the LED begins to flash, your Roomba might not factory reset.

Roomba Connected to Wifi not App.

Cloud Cannot talk to Roomba

If your Roomba is connected to WiFi but not the app, it might be a software glitch or a network error. If you are faced with this, the first thing you should do is reconnect your Roomba to the wifi and try the steps outlined above on how to fix your Roomba when you are faced with this issue.

Roomba i6 is not Connected.

If your Roomba i6 is not connected to WiFi or the Internet, you might have to check the router to see if it is connected, as well as the Internet signal. If everything checks out, power cycle the router and reset the Roomba.

How to Connect a Roomba to a WiFi Network (5 GHz)

A router with a frequency of 5.0 GHz will not connect to you or your Roomba. You have to change it to 2.4 GHz if you want your router to work with it.


By now, you should have been able to troubleshoot the message “Cloud cannot talk to Roomba” when it shows up on your phone. If you haven’t been able to resolve yours yet, contact iRobot Roomba customer service.

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