Top and Recommended Cloud Storage Apps For iPhone

If you are looking for Cloud Storage Apps For iPhone, you may have realized that the 5GB iCloud storage on your device is just not doing it. One thing every iPhone user may relate to is the frustration that may come with cloud storage on their devices.

For iPhone users, when it comes to cloud storage with the iCloud, the providers have only allocated 5GB for free, and if you have a smaller on-device capacity or you just have that many files, you may soon find yourself in need of extra storage.

Cloud storage is just an amazing way to store very important files, backup your devices, and ensures you have a safe copy of all your documents. It also helps you access all your digital goods from multiple devices and when you’re on the go.

iCloud Storage For IOS

So if you want to forego the iCloud services for storing your files, these apps may just come in handy.

Top Recommended Cloud Storage Apps For iPhone

Here are highly recommended cloud storage apps for iPhones

Google Drive

Where your iCloud storage without any upgrade comes with 5GB storage, Google cloud service with Google Drive gets you 15GB upfront and with no charge. Google Drive comes with Google Photos, which also gives you access to unlimited storage for photos.

Google Drive supports cloud storage of your files, and it is available on just about every platform. It also has a web plugin for direct access to your files if you’re working with your laptop. Google Photos lets you store photos; Docs lets you create and store documents, all within the Drive.

With Google Drive also comes creation tools (you will, however, need to download required apps) that lets your create your files and auto-store at the same time.

But if you need more than the average 15GB of storage for average users, here is the breakdown of Google Drive’s pricing to choose from:

  • 100GB for $1.99 per month
  • 200GB for $2.99 per month
  • 2TB for $9.99 per month
  • 10TB for $99.99 per month
  • 20TB for $199.99 per month
  • 30TB for $299.99 per month.


Dropbox is undoubtedly one of the best cloud storage services you can get for your iPhone.

The one thing about Dropbox cloud service that makes it amazing is the feature that helps you recover deleted items. With Dropbox, you can sync your files across all your devices as well.

Although a basic Dropbox plan comes at 2GB, you can earn more cloud storage by referring to friends and family and completing Dropbox’s “Get Started Guide”.

Not enough storage? You can pay for an annual subscription of $11.99 a month for 1TB (Plus), or $19.99 for 2TB (Professional).


With Box, you get to store and share files across all your devices, and it even allows collaboration, which is great if you don’t want to let people into your personal Drive or even your iCloud Drive folders with its integrated feature.

Starting storage with Box comes at 10GB for free, and your file size is limited to 250MB per file, or you can subscribe to the Personal Pro plan for $10 a month and get 100GB of storage and a file upload size limit of 5GB.

Box integrates with many other apps, from Google Drive to your iCloud Drive, which makes accessing your files easy. Another feature to take note of is the real-time search function, which lets you find files easier, and you can rest easy know they’re all protected with file-level encryption.


If you use an iPhone/iPad but prefer using a PC over Mac, then these cloud storage is just ideal for you. OneDrive comes pre-installed on Windows 10 devices, so if you’re looking to keep your iPhone data in sync with your PC, there isn’t much you have to do besides making sure you’re signed in to the same account on both devices after downloading One Drive on your iPhone.

If you’re big into storing photos, you’ll love that OneDrive automatically tags photos based on visuals, so they’ll be easier to search for later on.

Starting at 5GB free, or you can also pay $1.99 a month for 50GB, $69.99 a year (or $6.99 a month) for 1TB and Office 365 Personal, or $99.99 a year (or $9.99 a month) for 6TB and Office 365 Home.


If you want the files you share to be linked to personal email addresses, then SugarSync is a go-to. Like Google Drive or OneDrive might be, It is also the perfect service for you if you want to constantly sync all of your files across every device you own.

You can privately share files, stream videos in your cloud without having to download them; you can also back up your iPhone Camera Roll automatically, etc.

SugarSync is free for 90 days, but then you have to subscribe, at $7.49 a month for 100GB of storage, $9.99 a month for 250GB, $18.95 a month for 500GB, and then $55 a month for a business account, which gives you 1TB.

If you’re big into sharing all of your files or you have a ton of devices and can’t be waiting for stuff to download all the time, then check out SugarSync.

These are highly recommended cloud storage apps for iPhone you should check out for your iPhone if you are struggling with the available 5GB storage of the iCloud.

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