How to Contact Amazon Prime Customer Service

How do you contact Amazon Prime customer service? As an Amazon Prime membership, there may be reasons to contact Amazon customer service to help you solve issues related to your account payments or when you want to cancel Amazon Prime free trial before the end of the active membership. The quickest approach to take is to find the amazon phone number for customer service and put a call through.

Putting calls to Amazon customer service is not the only way to contact Amazon Prime sales representative or customer service, you can also consider the Amazon contact email. Therefore, here in this guide, we’ll share with you the best approach to reach out to the Amazon service team.Amazon Prime Customer Service

Why Contacting Amazon Prime Video Customer Service?

There are a few reasons why you may want to contact Amazon customer service either with Amazon’s phone number or Amazon contact email address.

Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime has different plans for different categories. As we all know, Amazon offers students a six months free trial, personal, family, and business plan to enjoy 30 days free trial. However, if you no longer want to commit your future to Amazon Prime, you can contact Amazon Prime on the phone on how to cancel your membership plan.

Upgrade Amazon Membership Plan

Amazon offers monthly and annual plans at a different rate. However, if you want to upgrade your Amazon Prime plan from monthly to yearly or downgrade from a yearly plan to a monthly plan, there is a chance to contact Amazon customer service.

Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial

Amazon lets users enjoy the first few months for free, depending on the plan. However, if you do not want to commit your future or wanted to be charged after the end of your free trial, there is a possibility that you will need the Amazon customer service phone number.

However, if you want to terminate your Amazon free trial, kindly refer to this article on our website. It details how to cancel free trial on Amazon Prime.

Remove Payment Method

It’s advisable to remove your payment method [IF] you added your credit card details. However, closing down your account will remove your account payment card. So, if you had canceled either your free trial or paid membership, it’s advisable to remove your card from your Amazon Prime account before you close your Amazon account.

However, if you have a hard time to remove your card from your Amazon Prime video account, you can contact Amazon Prime via email or on phone number to cancel and delete your card.

Amazon Customer Service Phone Number

009 1 206-922-0880 is the official customer service phone number for Amazon Prime. If you are calling from outside the United States, you should consider putting “+” before the phone number country code as “+099 followed by the customer service phone number.

Connect with Amazon Prime Customer Care on Social Media

I think you know you can reach out to Amazon Customer service on social media and get your feedback within a particular time. The company social media is a 24/7 service, including other means to contact the customer care service.

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