How to Delete All Google Chrome History [Android & Computer]

Google Chrome stores your browser search history and call it cache. This cache of a thing keeps all your Chrome browser history. All the URLs, password and usernames, personal browser configuration and all sort of input you have on the browser.

This is not only for Google Chrome, other browsers store search and browse histories and call it cache. You can delete this search histories or cache on your Android phone so that the browser will not have a record of single search input on its database.

However, if you are so much concern about your browser cache and search history here in this article I will share with you how to delete all Google Chrome history on Android and on PC.

Of a truth, you can delete your Chrome cache on a single browser if you are logged into your Chrome account on all the devices you have access to.

Meanwhile, clearing your browser’s search history will delete all associated information to your browser and you will no longer have to them again. If you store passwords on your browser password manager it will be erased.

The idea of clearing your browser cache is to restore the app default function. Also, clearing caches on your phone browser help in boosting your device storage capacity.

So, if you are using Chrome in this case and you want to learn how to delete Google Chrome history on Android and on your computer here is a post written for you.

How to Delete All Google Chrome History on Android and Computer

There are various ways to clean your browser cache. You can do it manually and you can also do it automatically using app function on your Android phone. Hypothetically, this will end with the same result which is deleting your browser’s history.

Method 1

Here we’ll discuss how to delete Chrome browser caches on your personal computer without using PC cleaner software or computer commands.

1. Jump your fingers on your computer keyboard and fire up Google Chrome browser and click on the more [3-dots] button to the upper right of the browser.

2. From the drop-menu click on History and hover your mouse to the left to click on history again. Or using the short ctr + H when your browser is launched.

Delete All Google Chrome History

3. There are two options available in your Chrome search history; option to delete all Google Chrome history once and an option to remove them individually. Now to remove browser’s history one after the other click on the more button in front of the history and click on remove from history Or tick all your history and click on delete to the upper right of the page.

Delete All Google Chrome History

This will delete all your Chrome browser’s history and you will not have access to them again.

Method 1

Some of your Chrome search histories might be stored on Google database other than the ones deleted above. Here, Google section all your searches into days [according to how you search for them] and the website name. Below is how to delete all Google Chrome browser’s history online.

1. Open your Google Chrome browser and visit Google activity page and login to your Gmail account using your username and password.

2. Click on the arrow button on the welcome box on your Google activity page to access your Google account activity page.

Google account activity page

3. Click on the more option and click on select option from the drop menu

Google Chrome browser caches

Select all the search history you want to delete and click on the bin icon to the upper right top. Once you click on the delete icon your selected search history will be removed from your account.

Delete All Google Chrome History

Note: Google Chrome browser only store your browsing history for only 90 days. After 90 days the histories will be cached away if you don’t visit the website again but will keep your password and username in a save position if you use Google password manager.

Method 3

This method is an in-depth way to clear your browser’s history. You have a lot of options to use from using this method. You have to be very calm and smart when you choose to use this method so that you will not delete your password and username alongside.

1. Fire up your Google Chrome browser and click on the more button [3-dots] to the upper right and click on more tools  and then on clear browsing data  or access it directly from here [chrome://settings/clearBrowserData]

Delete All Google Chrome History

All you need to do is select your browser’s histories that you want to delete and hit the clear browsing data. You can also delete cached images and files alongside. But I will advise you don’t delete your password for future use.

With the list of methods shared above you can do all sort of things you have in mind without browsing history, this deletes all  Google Chrome history on your PC.

How to Delete All Google Chrome History Using Chrome Extension

Here is another way to delete all Google Chrome history from your browser. Google Chrome has a lot of extensions or plugins to make Chrome browser functions very well. And one of those plugins is History Eraser.

Google Chrome history eraser is a popular plugin used to delete all Google Chrome history with just a click. This plugin also deletes caches on your browsers.

The good aspect of this Chrome extension is that you can easily set it to delete Google Chrome all history automatically by setting a date to do so in the plugin settings

Following the procedure below you will be able to delete Google Chrome all history from your computer browser with just a single click.

1. Download and install History Eraser extension for Google Chrome. The installation is simple. Just click on add to Chrome and you are done.

2. Launch the History Eraser plugin by click on the red icon with a flag on your Chrome browser’s toolbar before the more option.

Delete Google Chrome History

3. A new window will pop up outside your Chrome browser. Check through the page option and select histories to delete from your browser. And set when you start erasing your browser’s history and cache from the drop menu to the half-upper right and click on RUN ERASER.

Google Chrome History eraser

Below are what you can erase using history eraser plugin

Clear saved passwords
Clear saved form data
Delete local storage
Delete webSQL databases
Delete indexed databases
Delete file systems
Empty application cache
Delete plug-in data
Clear browsing history
Clear download history
Empty the cache
Delete cookies

With this Google Chrome extension, you delete all Google Chrome history with just a single click.

How to Delete Google Chrome History and Caches on Android

Before we round up this post let quickly take a look at how to delete Google Chrome all history on your Android phone. Here we’ll provide step by step procedure you need to delete your Google Chrome cache and browsing history in this tutorial.

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