How to Download And Install Grammarly on Android & iOS

I have also taken a bold step to download and install Grammarly on my Android phone earlier today after I have spent months using Grammarly on almost all my Windows browser.

The best spell checker I have used up to this moment is Grammarly. For quite some time now, I have been using Grammarly free browser extension for Words, and for browsers like Chrome to help check spellings, correct punctuation, and suggest appropriate statement when committed grammatical blunder.

Grammarly is designed in such a way that it can easily check whether a spelling is correct or not. If not correct the tool suggests a likely and appropriate grammar that fit into the supposed position. Grammarly for Android works just like Android keyboard and override default Android keyboard with auto-suggest words which are sometimes full of mistakes.

If you are good at speaking good grammar and your writing skill is below average, Grammarly could be the best tool to download and install on your devices. For the computer user, all you need to do is download and install Grammarly on PC or desktop computer.

However, this free tool also has a keyboard app for Android phone to download to check and correct spellings, add and remove punctuation from an appropriate position when you type your words.

At the same, I also noticed that the software [Android & iOS app and browser extension] make appropriate use of “a, an, and the” when needed, most especially the article “the” after every “and” to structure an easy to read article.

However, if you are so sure that the words you used are correct and appropriate you can choose to ignore the Grammarly suggestion and continue with your write-up. You can even add it to your Grammarly dictionary so as not to popup error when next the word is used.

How to Download And Install Grammarly on Android

Grammarly has a free and paid version for computer and mobile [iOS & Android]. With the paid version you can do basic things like spelling correction, punctuation checker, word suggestion etc.

However, with the paid Grammarly version for either Android or computer, you can do more than just that. However, there are two popular ways to install most Android apps.

Firstly, you can install Android apps by downloading it from the play store and the second approach is to download and install the app from Google store.

It’s very easy to download and install apps found in the Google play store without tampering with any settings on your Android phone. But in case of APK app, you need to enable install an app from an unknown source and tell Google that you actually know what you are doing when you want to install an app from a source different from Google authorized source [Play Store].

How to Download and Install Grammarly on Android From APK Site.

First, you need to find the best APK website when you can download a virus-free APK file. However, based on our research we have found that APKmirror, APKbrain, and AndroidFreeware are the best APK sites to search and download APK apps for Android phones.

Once you have decided which APK website to use follow the steps below to install the Grammarly APK app on your Android phone.

1. Go to your Android phone settings and click on security when you scroll down the page. See the image below for a guide.

How to Download And Install Grammarly on Android & iOS

2. When a new page opens scroll than the page and toggle to enable “unknown source”  as this will allow you to install apps that are not from Google play store.

How to Download And Install Grammarly on Android & iOS

3. Go to any of the APK websites above and search for “Grammarly for Android APK” and download it to your phone.

4. Ignore any warning telling you that you are about to download a harmful app. Just go ahead and download it. You will now have Grammarly on your Android phone for spelling and punctuations corrections.

Download Grammarly and install the app following the guide above.

Grammarly app is not currently available in the Google play store. So the only way to have Grammarly now is to download and install the APK file.

Meanwhile, as soon as Grammarly app is made available in Google play sore we’ll update this post and give a direct link to download and install Grammarly on Android and iOS devices.

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