Why Download Camera 360 or Camera360 are the Best Things

I’m not fan of selfie stick when it was introduced because it was so much talked about and not because I don’t take selfie. Of course I did. When I got to know selfie stick I was using HTC smartphone so I had to download camera 360 to fine tune every of my selfies.  Camera360 app is free to download so don’t worry I would show you where to get the latest update of the selfie app for smartphones.

For windows phone users you can download camera360 apk app for your device and also, if you are using Blackberry prive you can also download camera 360 for Blackberry since the device also support Android app.

As on of the best selfie app in play store more is expected right? Yes-but believe me you to who much is given much more is expected. You can only do less taken professional selfie with camera360 online on your smartphone without taking a professional photographic class.

In the lineage of best selfie apps for smartphone generally we can vouch for apps like B612 selfiegenic camera, and Retrica selfie app for professional selfie.

Meanwhile, if you know of other apps for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry for effect and professional selfie do not hesitate to share it with us after reading through this post on camera3 360 download and how to use the app like a professional photographer.

Download Camera 360 or Camera360 selfie stick

Why Do I need to Download Camera 360 or Camera360 As you may call it?

Before secondary camera was generally launched back in 2003, there wasn’t so much talk selfie and no one was talking about it then. Of course, using back camera for selfie disrupt the image and it snap may have a poor clarity. Though you take it but the beauty and perfection cannot not be trusted because you didn’t see it before taking it.

Taking selfie became more popular with the invention of selfie stick and many smartphone users enjoy using selfie stick with their camera to take group selfie pictures. The beauty of the picture is still a dependent of Photoshop but when selfie app was launched taking a more fascinating selfie became the easiest thing to do with or without selfie stick.

The more reason why you need to download camera 360 or camera360 selfie app is to add more flavor and selfie stickers to your selfies right on your phone.

That’s beautiful right?

 Camera 360 app has a unique feature that changes selfie taken with the app to a Photoshop like pictures which makes it an outstanding selfie app for smartphones. The setup doesn’t require a rocket scientist knowledge. All you need to do to enjoy this amazing selfie app is to download and install the app on your phone. However, since I’m sharing my experience with you on Camera360 app I will also go as far showing you how to set up the app to take a selfie like a professional without selfie stick.

Where to get Camera 360 Download Link

Camera360 app is a popular app and it’s available all over download site on the internet. Camera-360 selfie app is also available in apk version which are currently updated to the latest version of the app. There are literally thousands of apk website to download camera 360 apk. However, to get a copy of 360 selfie app from apk website we’d recommend you download it from apkmirror. Also, if you are aspiring to use camera 360 for PC you can also download it from notable download websites like softonic, etc.

But for the purpose of this article we’d also provide direct links to download latest update of camera360 selfie app for your device.

  1. Download camera 360 or camera360 selfie app for Android
  2. Download camera 360 or camera360 selfie app for iPhone
  3. Download camera 360 or camera360 selfie app for windows phone
  4. Download camera 360 or camera360 selfie app for PC.

The links provided above are the direct link to download latest of this selfie app for your device. So, there is no single reason now why you shouldn’t have this app installed on your device. However, next I’ll show you how to setup the app for professional selfie output.

How to Configure Camera 360 App or Camera360 App

There are some basic settings you need to carryout to make this selfie app works exceptionally. Based on my experience below are what to do to get the best selfie ever. Also, note that camera 360 app rocks the best when you use it with selfie stick to capture more people on a single snap.

Launch the selfie app after you have successfully installed . Don’t worry if you are not taken directly to camera option where you can play around with the app settings. However, the camera360 ‘the search for miss sunshine global contest’ challenge is what you too can be part off to blow your self of your room and become a camera 360 app celebrity. We are not talking about how to win the contest here though but it’s good to know about it since you’ve choose to download the app and make effectively use of it all for free.

Download camera 360 or camera360 selfie app

Now, click on the camera icon right in the middle of the app challenge screen to launch 360 app camera. There are more than 50 selfie effects to choose from with a lot of sticker to blossom your selfie. Some are free while some are paid but trust me with free effect you are good to go.

Camera360 or Camera 360 app photo effects are sectioned into categories. To enter into different categories click on more before effects for list of effects. You can then choose your choice of selfie photo effect from hot to cool to selfie to still-life to art to food and lot more. To choose selfie effects from different category just swipe you phone screen accordingly and we are good.

Download camera 360 or camera360 selfie app

To enjoy these photo effects effortless you need to re-configure the app default settings to what you desires. Now, just click on the ellipsis (…) on the enter of the screen to the top and swipe the pops up below to your right and hits the settings gear.  A list of options will display such as photo resolution, front lens auto-mirror, real time preview, silent capture, date watermark and exceptional settings.

Download camera 360 or camera360 selfie app

For professional output you may want to choose the photo resolution to be high instead of medium or low and also enable front lens auto mirror.

Another feature I really love about camera 360 is the sleep option. When the app is inactive for 90 seconds it’ll auto hibernate and prompt you to make it active when you are ready to help safe your device battery consumption while using camera360 app to take pictures.

Download camera 360 or camera360 selfie app

For grid pictures like pixmix you can choose grid option and play around with it to enjoy more of it. When you download camera 360 app there are lot to learn using the app to take a professional selfie. However, I personally do advise selfie stick for effect selfies with either camera360 app or rectrica or B612 selfie camera.

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