Best Alternatives to Download eBooks for Free

You need bookzz alternatives? Here are the best Bookzz alternatives to download premium eBooks and ePub without spending a dime.

First, you may want to ask whether books on this site is legal or not. It’s illegal to download from a site that is not the prime owner of the material, and so bookzz illegal download isn’t encouraged in this post.

In the early hours of today (29th/05/2017), bookzz announced that is formally shut down but you can reach or to search and download free eBook again. However, we deem it fit to share alternative sites with you in this post to stay ahead of any further victim of various eBooks sites been shut down.

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Meanwhile, before diving well into today’s article let take a look at the content of the email sent by bookzz that and all its categories are official shutdowns. Bookzz Alternatives

From the above attachment, it is obvious that have been moved to a new domain name. Meanwhile, if you try to reach you will discover that the domain name is down complaining of DNS error. Which it has not for once went off for minutes since we got to know the free electronic eBook site.

Bookzz Alternatives &

So, for the purpose of this post, we’d take a look at some reasonable number of bookzz alternatives sites to search and download eBooks for free.

Note: It’s illegal to download from bookzz and that is why bookzz faced a shutdown term and moved to

Bookzz Alternatives

There are a lot of eBook sites to download eBook for an academic purpose from. Most times, a token will be required to gain a full access while sometimes, you can also get what you want for free. It’s in this note that we’d share with you our best Bookzz alternatives to download eBooks for free.

Google Book (Google Scholar)

For every information, Google is that starting point and a good way to start searching for what you need online before you even choose to dabble into a website that specializes in that. Google scholar has been a favorite store to search and download ebooks most especially, research papers by great authors. You can also search and download textbooks from Google scholar. The only limitation is that some pages may skip requesting for payment. is also a good source to search and download paid eBook for free. All is required of you is to know which string to use when you are searching for eBook whether it is a PDF or words documents or in an excel sheet. It all depends on your understanding of how Google and its strings work.

How to download eBooks from

Before you start searching for Bookzz alternatives first, use Google to search for the eBook first whether you will get a copy uploaded to by a scholar’s site.

    • Go to on your mobile or computer’s browser
  • Type the name of the eBook to download and add the file extension to it. E.g, The First Book of Urizen, William Blake.pdf (Take note of the .PDF added at the back of the book title and author. If you don’t want to download the PDF format, add the book format and hit the search box, say The First Book of Urizen, William Blake.doc or The First Book of Urizen, William Blake.docx)
  • Only a PDF or Doc. articles result will display
  • Search through the result and click on the download
  • The article will be downloaded in the extensions’ format.

Before I think of any alternative to Bookzz, my first choice is Google search and it works perfectly for me almost all the time.


B-ok emerges when Bookzz, the largest eBook site was shut down. The Bookzz admin moves straight to and it’s the new Bookzz site to search and download paid and free eBooks.

The site isn’t a torrent site, rather, an eBook database to search and download all kind of paid eBooks from different authors. If you already have Bookzz login you do not need to create another account on You can just login into your Bookzz account and have access to all your old Bookzz contents and all download history.


Bookfi is an old eBook site to search and download paid and free eBooks for free. The giant eBook site is an alternative to Bookzz and a similar site to search and download paid eBooks for academic purpose.

Bookfi is one of the best Bookzz alternatives. Back in 2015, BookFi faced a shut down for uploading contents they do not have a copyright over. So, you can want to think Bookfi as Bookzz alternative.


There is no doubt in that, Manybooks is one of the best Bookzz alternatives you will want to consider for downloading paid eBooks you cannot afford to pay for. Back then, a book I paid $15 to download a chapter was later downloaded for free from Google using the above steps and a full copy was also downloaded from ManyBooks.

With over 150,000 eBooks available on ManyBooks for reading and download you can get yourself what you can get from Bookzz. ManyBooks is a well-arranged eBook site with different categories of books based on field and area of interest.

The best way to search and download eBooks from many books is to search for the eBook you want to download coupled with the authors and year of production.

Amazon Books Store

If you are ready to spend a token on eBook you should consider checking out the Amazon books store. You wouldn’t have to empty your wallet to purchase an eBook from Amazon books store. It’s an alternative to Bookzz when it comes to getting paid content at a very cheap rate. Its really worth it.


Have you heard about Sci-hub eBook site? It’s one of the best Scientific eBook sites alternative to Bookzz. Although the website popular domain, sci-hub. Sci-hub and science direct are similar websites for science students or a scientist to get the latest science paper for free.

There is no single journal you will not get to download using Sci-hub website for free. The mode of the website’s operation is similar to Bookzz.

Science Direct

You can always get the latest journal for download using science direct. It’s regarded as one of the best journal websites in the world to search and download research papers on the internet. Although a one-time membership fee may be required it really worth your money.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has over 100,000 free eBook to download for free and without the fear of downloading a pirated content. Bookzz was shut down because of piracy. However, Gutenberg is a good replacement for the giant eBook site to download textbooks, articles, research paper for free.

Library Genesis

Library Genesis is an eBook database to download different kinds of eBooks from all fields for free including the field of Engineering, Field on mathematics, astronomical science, nursing, medicals, agriculture, music etc.

Update: Bookzz eBook download site is gone without reasons. All the categories are down. A new domain resurfaced claiming to be new domain name. However, we’d give you an overview of bookzz alternatives in this post and where to download your favorite eBooks online

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