Emuparadise Alternatives to Download Emulators, ROMs, and BIOS

Emuparadise has taken down all ROMs that are available for download on their websites for the fear of been sued or banished by developers such as Nintendo. Emuparadise does not want to lose its trust and market value for offering pirate contents on the platform and they have decided to take down all the available ROMs that you can download from the platform before now but there is an alternative.

However, there is a claim that EmuParadise is shut down, but, Emuparadise.me is still working fine. With the dicey moment, the Emuparadise PPSSPP games emulator website found itself, it’s healthy to search for the alternatives for GBA ROMs download, Emulators, and the rest of them.

There are a lot of Emuparadise alternatives websites where you can download PPSSPP games, ROMs, such as SNES ROMs which is one of the Nintendo major ROMs.

However, after Emuparadise shut down ROMs section, here is the list of other popular websites to download emulators, ROMs, GBA emulator, PPSSPP games which are Emuparadise alternatives.


Emuparadise Alternatives  to Download Emulators

Here are some alternative sites to Emuparadise to download emulators, PSP games, PSX, games, ISO, PS2 ISOs & games.

1. Free ROMs

Free ROMs offers free access to download Emulators, ROMs, ISO, ISOs & games, PS2 ROMs similar to Emuparadise. So, if you are looking for a website to download free emulators and ROM for your PSP games you should consider free ROMs since Emuparadise is shut down.

Here are some popular download sections on Free ROMs website.

  • PlayStation Portable (PSP)
  • PlayStation One (PSX)
  • NDS which is a Nintendo ROM section
  • Gameboy Advance (GBA) emulator and ROMs
  • Nintendo 64 (N64) games
  • Flash Games
  • Game Gear
  • Genesis
  • Sega CD

 2. CoolROM

CoolROM is a website to download ROMs and classic videos emulators for mobile and computer. CoolROM provides the best access to download an emulator to play computer games on mobile and mobile games on a computer using an emulator.

You do not only download GBA emulator or PPSSPP games from CoolROM, but you also get to know more about the game you are about to download.

3. My Abandonware

My Abandonware is another platform to download emulators, ROMs, and old video games for mobiles and computers. The platform is similar to Emuparadise to download PSP ISO, PS2 ISOs, and other Nintendo ROMs that are taken down from the popular Emuparadise.me.

There is a stop and search button in “My Abandonware” where you can search for old games and emulators. There is no registration required to search and download emulators from this platform.

Everything is made available for free without requesting registration to access the wholistic old games and emulators database.

4. Steam

Steam is a gaming platform online for PC and mobile. Joining steam is totally free without a special requirement. Once joined, you will have unrestricted to get free games for your computer with an automatic update just like when you are using Ninite.

Unlike other Emuparadise mentioned above, Steam has premium and freemium access to download video games and its components for mobile such as emulators, ROMs, PSP games, and other popular video games that are compatible with Nintendo.

The Steam is a platform for both Android and iOS to download both the old and new games and its components. You may want to check out more information about “STEAM”.

5. WowROMs

WooROMs is another platform to download ROMs for free and unlimited access to video games. On this platform, you also have access to download Nintendo ROMs for free and video games that can be played through emulators.

This only means that you need an emulator to play the video game on your PC. An emulator is a tool that allows mobile apps or games to work on Windows and Mac computer. There are a lot of game emulators, once you download and install your favorite emulator you will be able to play WoWROMs video games on your PC.

Here are some of the popular ROMs and video games you can download from WowROMs.

  • Nintendo Gameboy Advance (GBA ROM)
  • Super Nintendo (SNES)
  • PlayStation (PSX/PS1)
  • Emulators
  • ISOs
  • PSP Games

 6. ROMs Mania

ROMs Mania is one of the biggest video games ROM collection and emulators with free download access. Some of the popular emulators available for download on ROMs Mania include Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, and Sega Genesis.

You also have access to quite a huge number of games to download for free and popular BIOS. Just like Emuparadise, it’s easy to search for a new game, old and new emulators and ROMs for Android and iOS using the ROMs Manaia platform.

Should you want to visit another website different from Emuparadise, ROMs Manaia is a good start.

7. The Old Computer

The old computer is a platform with more than 170,000 registered members download and enjoy emulators and ROMs such as GBA ROM from the platform.

The old computer source has over 500,000 NES ROMs, SNES ROMs, DS ROMs, N64 ROMs, Gameboy ROMs, GBA ROMs, MAME ROMs, Sega ROMs, Commodore, and PC ROMs all together from the world largest gaming site.

The old computer ROMs and emulators download source also offers NAME for Android, iPhone, iPad, and all iOS devices such as Xbox. Additionally, the platform also has emulators for computer, pad, and mobile.

8. ROMs Emulator

This is another site similar to Emuparadise to download all video games emulators and consoles. The site has in a collection various types of ROM for mobile and computer as well as emulators to run mobile game on PC.

A good example of the emulator you can download from ROMs emulator includes the GBA emulator, Pokemon ROM, and some other free ROMs.

These are the list of our best Emuparadise alternatives to search and download ROMs and Emulators without contacting a virus or exposing your device to a virus attack.

Should we missed out your favorite substitute for Emuparadise to download ROMs for free and grab an emulator of your choice, kindly drop your choice in the comment section.

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