Ninite Download for Windows and Mac PC

Ninite is an online tool to download apps that are outdated on Windows automatically to the latest version. Download Ninite software to installs new software version on Windows based on selection from the Ninite website.

When you download Ninite you will be able to upgrade your Windows software to the newer version when an update is available without manually upgrading yourself.

Ninite alternatives to download Windows app include numerous software download sites, mobile app download which you can install on your PC to download PC software and install on your Windows computer.

Is Ninite Safe?

Ninite is a verified site to download and install Windows computer software update. The Ninite download site is different from GetIntoPC where you will be taken to download from 3rd party sites. All Ninite software were scanned to make sure they are virus free.

Ninite Mac OS X

Mac OS X users cannot download Ninite download store. All software that are available on Ninite are in .exe not in .img for Mac OS X. However, to download Ninite Mac OS X, you consider the Ninite alternatives.

Therefore, to use Ninite on Mac computer, you either install Ninite for mobile using mobile emulator or go for Ninite alterantives.

Winodws Computer Pre-installed Apps

Windows is a popular OS for PC users. However, the OS preinistalled some software which include Microsoft, Excell, etc. Meanwhile, when your purchase Windows computer you must have installed a different kind of software ranging from voice and video call apps, such as WhatsApp, Skype,  anti-virus to protect your PC from contracting virus either from a USB or via the internet such as AVG, Avast, Security, and browsers to access the internet.

Some popular browser you can simply install on your device includes Chrome browser, UC browser, Opera-mini etceteras. What Ninite for Windows  does is that it goes to the software developers website when authorized an update to the latest version taking permission from the PC admin.

Ninite is an easy way to manage your Windows computer software to get the latest version of any software on your Windows computer. However, if you have turned off your computer from update automatically this might affect Ninite from updating your software successful.

Ninite offers an app installer that provides a bulk installation of software from the official website as well as updating the outdated ones. However, Ninite might not be able to update Windows OS if you have disabled automatic update on your Windows update settings.

To let Ninite handles your Windows OS update to make sure you are among the first few people to update to the latest version, grant Ninite installer app the permission to do so and you wouldn’t need to do so yourself again.

You don’t have to consider this Ninite Review. And if you do, you are right as this writeup is based on using Ninite pro and the free version.

Before we consider how to use Ninite to update and install software on Windows simultaneously, here are a few information you need to know.

Ninite tool

Is Ninite Free?

Yes! Ninite is free and it’s free to use. Ninite is the only source to get free Windows software for download and update the existing ones for free and without doing the update and installation manually yourself.

There is no point to argue it whether Ninite is safe or not. The Ninite doesn’t host files on its database. This implies that all software permitted to update and install by Ninite are not from Ninite. They are all from the software official website.

For instance, the Ninite for Windows update doesn’t pull the Windows OS from its database. It goes to Microsoft download source to see if there is an update available. And if there is any, the Ninite update the Windows OS to the latest permission.

Does Ninite Works on Mac?

No! Ninite doesn’t work on Mac. However, the Ninite alternatives provide similar quality to install turns of apps on Mac computer automatically.

Both the Ninite pro and Ninite free, none work on Mac computer. Instead of using the Ninite on Windows alone and not finding a means to use it on Mac, you should consider the “Get Mac Apps” as the viable alternatives for Mac users.

Meanwhile, to use “Get Mac Apps” to install apps automatically on Mac OS X you must be able to handle your Mac terminal as there is going to be a need to copy and paste the code generated by “Get Mac Apps” into the terminal to be able to download and install the selected apps on Mac.

Get Mac Apps works just like Ninite. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for Ninite alternatives for Mac OS X, you should consider “Get Mac Apps“.

Is Ninite Safe to Use?

Yes! Ninite is safe to use. Ninite is the only safe place to download the latest freeware linking to the official download link source. Ninite doesn’t host a file on its database. So, there is no point to say the site is a website to download freeware as users see it like Softpedia, Filehorse, Uptodown.

So, whether you use the Ninite pro to update or download new software fresh on your computer it’s more like downloading from the developers’ website.

The major difference is that, when you visit the developers’ website, you download and install the software manually. While for Ninite, you select the apps to download and update and let Ninite to handle the download and install automatically.

What is Ninite Pro?

Ninite Pro is the license version of Ninite that can be used for a commercial purpose. You can only use Ninite for personal use and you are not allowed to use it commercially except you want to face the wrath of the developer.

The free version is developed for personal use. However, the moment you are going commercial, you need to acquire the Ninite pro for a token and save yourself from facing the wrath of the court.

It won’t cost you a fortune to get the licensed-commercially for public use, however, you can also enjoy 14 days free trial before paying with your credit card. Note that you can cancel your pro subscription any time as there is no commitment attached.

How to Use Ninite

With Ninite pro or Ninite free, these procedure will guide you on how to download Ninite software.

1. Open a browser and visit

Download Ninite

2. Navigate through the software and apps category and select the apps you want to install automatically or update to the latest version. You can also select games like Pubg, Dream League Soccer etc.

3. Click on “Get Your Ninite”. It works on  Windows 10, 8.x, 7, Vista, XP Service Pack 3.

Get Your Ninite

4. Click on Save File to download Ninite Installer offlineNinite Installer

5. Navigate to the download folder and double- click on Chrome Winamp Dropbox Thunderbird VLC to launch the installer.Chrome Winamp Thunderbird

6. Ninite software will start installing on your Windows computer.Ninite Download Install

You have successfully installed Ninite software on your Windows computer.

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