How to Change and Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Did you observe your Facebook password was changed by an unknown person or hacked due to negligence? Or were you logged out of your Facebook account without accessing your Facebook from a different location and you are unable to carry out how to change Facebook password because your email or phone number has been changed to another phone number and email you can’t access?

Or could it be someone else change your Facebook password because they have access to your email and phone number to receive Facebook account recovery confirmation codes?

Well, whatever happened, here in this post I will teach you how to recover your Facebook password by logging out all devices and use the Facebook password change feature to regain access to your Facebook account without your old Facebook password.

Facebook offers an easy procedure to change Facebook password at any time. For a precautional measure, Facebook expects all subscribers to change password at least once in every 6 months if you are used to using a public computer or IP address or any available devices to access your Facebook account.

However, using public IP or computer to log into your Facebook account without frequently changing your Facebook password pose a threat to your Facebook account for hackers using phish tool to hack into your Facebook account and authorized another user or change your primary email so that they can easily change your Facebook account password.

Therefore, if you think your Facebook account has been compromised or have multiple account users access that are not authorized by you here is the process to change your Facebook password and log out all devices that are currently logged into your Facebook account using the old Facebook password.

How to Change Facebook Password

If you think your Facebook account password has not been compromised but was changed by you and couldn’t remember it again, read this post on how to recover your Facebook password without your old password.

With the Facebook password recovery, you will be able to create a new password to replace the old password, meanwhile, you must be able to reach out to your Facebook phone number or your Facebook login email for Facebook password change confirmation codes.

If however, your password was not compromised but you want to change your password for security purposes. kindly follow my lead below.

1. Open any browser, preferable Google Chrome browser and visit the Facebook homepage.

2. Under the option login option [i.e Enter email and password] click on “Forgot Password”

3. Enter your Facebook account phone number or Email address and click “Search”

3. The step above will search the Facebook database to retrieve your Facebook password and give an option to change your Facebook password. Choose a means [email or phone number] to receive your Facebook password change confirmation code and click continue.

4. Enter the confirmation codes Facebook sent to your email or phone number and click continue

Note: If you didn’t get the Facebook password recovery code click on “didn’t get a code” for Facebook to resend the code again but make sure there is a network on your phone. You can also follow the link in the message sent to your phone number by Facebook using 631 to reset your Facebook password.

5. Create a new password and choose to log me out of other devices

Facebook password change

This will make sure that all logged-in users will be logged out and required of them to log into your Facebook account using the new password.

How to Change Facebook Password Using Facebook App

If you are using the Facebook messenger app you can simply change your Facebook password without the old password. Meanwhile, you must have logged onto your Facebook account before you can use this method.

1. Log into your Facebook account using the Facebook Android app

2. Click on the “more option” at the upper right of the app

Facebook password change

3. Scroll down and click on “Account Settings”

Facebook password change

4. Click on “General” and select “Password”

5. Type your “old password” and type your “New Password” in the password column

Facebook password change

6. Click on “Save Password”

This will change your Facebook password from the old password and replace it with the new password. However, Facebook will notify you that you have requested for a change of password via email or your Facebook primary email address.

For Android users, the Facebook password change has been changed successfully and you can start using the new password to log into your Facebook account instead of the new password.

How to Change Facebook Password on iPhone

If you own an iOS device like iPhone and iPad, you can also change your account password following the procedure below.

1. Launch the Facebook app for iOS and log into your Facebook account

2. Click on the “Menu option at the upper right

3. Scroll down and click “Account Settings”

4. Click on “Password”

5. Type your Facebook old password, then create a new password and type it twice in the column

6. Click on “Save Password” to save your new password.

The Facebook password change for iOS devices is as simple as that when you use the Facebook app.

Technically, you have successfully changed your Facebook password and recovered it from the hacker.

However, if you were unable to reach out to your phone and email for Facebook confirmation code password recovery you must first log into your Facebook account using the old password you can remember and change your phone number and email address before you can then use the Facebook password change tutorial here

How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account

If you have been hacked on Facebook there is a quick step to take to recover your account provided the hacker has not changed your primary email and phone number.

  • Go to this link to report to Facebook that your account has been hacked.
  • Click on “My Account has been compromised.”Change Facebook Password
  • Enter the primary phone number associated with your Facebook account and hit the search button. And if you think this was a mistake click on “cancel this process” to terminate the process to recover your hacked Facebook account.Find Facebook Account
  • Enter the email and the last password you can remember and click on the “Continue” button.Facebook Login
  • Follow the instruction on the screen to recovery the hijacked Facebook account.

Note: It’s recommended that you follow through the steps above on the IP address that you normally access your Facebook such as your phone or your computer.

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