How to Facetime on Android like iPhone

FaceTime is one of the iPhone features that set users apart from Android users (No cap). You can’t install the FaceTime app on your Android phone because it’s a preinstalled app on iOS devices and you can’t make a FaceTime call on Android just like on iPhone. However, you can still FaceTime on Android. So, in this guide, I’ll explain how to FaceTime on Android.

The downside is that you cannot FaceTime Android to iPhone. But, you can FaceTime on your iPhone and join the conversation on your Android phone. So, to use FaceTime on your Android phone you need an iPhone user to initiate the FaceTime call or conversation otherwise it won’t work.

Can You FaceTime on Android

Android can FaceTime with iPhone if the Android is joined via a link created by Apple or iPhone user. The link to join the FaceTime conversation will open automatically on your Android default browser, so be sure to run the latest browser on your device.

To FaceTime on your Android phone you need to click on the FaceTime link and a new tab will open on your default browser. You will be asked to enter your name for identification. A notification will be sent to the iPhone user that creates the FaceTime link for approval.

Once your request to join is approved you will be able to FaceTime on your Android phone.

Can You Download Facetime on Android

No! It’s unfortunate that you cannot download FaceTime on Android. The FaceTime app is an iPhone app that is only available in the Apple Apps Store. You cannot download it from the Google Play Store, Microsoft Store and Samsung Apps Store.

However, since you cannot download and install FaceTime on Android. You cannot also start a FaceTime conversation on Android. But, you can join a FaceTime conversation from your Android phone while the iPhone user will accept your request to join the conversation manually.

How to FaceTime on iPhone to Android

As an iPhone user, you can start or initiate a FaceTime on iPhone to Android. It’s simple to do and you can follow the steps below to accomplish this.

  • Open the “FaceTime” app on your “iPhone.”
  • Tap on “Create Link” at the top left beneath the “Edit” icon.
  • Click on the “Copy” icon to copy the “FaceTime Link.
  • The FaceTime call will be placed under “Upcoming.” You can click on it on your iPhone to be ready for the FaceTime conversation.
  • Send the “FaceTime” link you copied from the step above and send it to the “Android” user or users. You can send it via email or messenger such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

The link to create a FaceTime communication will be created on your iPhone. The Android user or users need to join via the link. We highlighted the steps needed below.

How to FaceTime on Android

Once the link is created and sent to the Android user, kindly follow the steps below to complete the whole process to start FaceTiming on your Android.

  • Go to your “Android” phone and open the “FaceTime Link.”
  • A new tab will open on your “Browser.”
  • Enter your “FaceTime Name” and hit the “Continue” button.
  • Click “Allow” from the “Pop-up” to allow FaceTime to use your phone microphone.”
  • Tap the “Join” button at the top right.
  • You will see “Waiting to be let in…” on your phone screen.
  • Click on the “info” icon on your “iPhone” at the top right corner.
  • Tap “Join” where you see the number of people or persons waiting to join
  • Click on the “Check” blue button to allow the Android user to join the FaceTime conversation.

You will see on your Android phone that you have successfully joined the conversation once the link has been approved from the iPhone FaceTime screen.

How to Use FaceTime on Android

There are a few apps that can be used to FaceTime on Android from Android to Android, Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android and iPhone to iPhone without sharing links are stated above. Therefore, the below apps can serve as your Android FaceTime app to make video calls for free.

WhatsApp Video Calling

how to facetime on android

WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded apps in the world. The mobile messenger, video, and voice calling app is one of the most used apps globally supporting iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Blackberry, and Samsung.

If you are searching for a Facetime app quick replacement on Android to make video and voice calls and still replace the local phone messenger with app messenger you should consider WhatsApp.

If you are using GB WhatsApp kindly upgrade to the official WhatsApp on your phone as WhatsApp is planning to block all GB WhatsApp users.

Google Duo

Google Duo Facetime

Google Duo is one of the most successful Google apps. Google Duo has seen most Google products be retired but the free video calling app is still a similar app to Facetime you can use on Android.

The Google Duo app is available for both Android and iOS users to download and make a video call for free. With the Google Duo app, you can easily Facetime on the iPhone with an Android user.

But, the Google Duo app must be installed on both the Android phone and the iPhone to Facetime.

IMO Video and Voice Calling App

IMO vs Facetime

IMO is a free app to make both video and voice calls online. It’s one of the oldest video-calling apps. The app uses your phone number to register an account and sync your phone contacts to see if any of your contact lists are using the video calling app so you can start face timing on the go.

IMO is similar to Facetime on iPhone, but, the IMO app is built to work with Android and iOS phones, unlike the Facetime app that doesn’t work on Android.

You can download the IMO app from the Google Play Store for Android and search the Apple Apps Store store for “IMO” and download it to start Facetime on iPhone to Android phone users.


Skype client to Facetime

Skype is old, but, it’s what most companies use to communicate with their customers viz-a-viz. Skype Facetime app for Android and iOS also has a Windows and Mac client to use the voice and video calling app on your device.

However, unlike other apps like Facetime, Skype offers both paid and free service. Skype voice calls and video calls are limited by a paid subscription. This implies that to continue to use Skype when you exhaust your free credit you need to subscribe.

Technically, Skype is better than Facetime iPhone users are loving every day to make video calls, voice calls, and chat. You can save your chat on Skype export it and print it.

Also, Skype is best for a group meeting where both parties need to see each other when making a deal.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger app

Another chatting, video, and voice calling app I have used that is similar to the Facetime app is the Facebook Messenger app. The Facebook standalone app has the feature to make video calling possible online.

This is a universal app for both Android and iOS users to Facetime on Facebook and has a viz-a-viz conversation online. The Facebook messenger app is very easy to use to make a video call.

Both parties must download and install the Facebook messenger app and create a valid Facebook account. However, to make your video call fast on Facebook download the Facebook lite messenger app

Google Hangouts

Facetime for Android

The Google Hangout is owned and developed by Google to make communication skills very easy and enhance smooth video and voice calling with a smooth mobile chat without sending default SMS.

Since Google Messenger and GoogleTalk are part of the Google video calling app and are now retired, Google Hangout is now doing it better than you think.

Forget about the Facetime app for iPhone on Android. Download any of these Facetime app alternatives for Android and start to make Facetime on Android for free.

Other similar apps to Facetime for Android include Line which is a paid app to make video and voice calls internationally, and you can also think of Tango which is a free app to make voice and video calls internationally.

However, we do not include it because we haven’t started using it so we won’t recommend it as at this time.

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