How to Fix Can’t Access Chrome Plugins

I will take you through how to fix can’t access Chrome plugins store to download and install plugins on your Chrome browser. When you are trying to download a Chrome extension and it says the Chrome plugin not working or unable to download or Chrome plugins can’t be reached, here is a quick fix you should follow.

What is a Chrome Plugin?

Chrome plugin is a small software program to customize the Google Chrome browser. These small software programs enable users to personalize their Chrome browser and provide easy access to quite complex situations.

Chrome extensions are always in the .zip format that users can download and install on their browsers. It’s quite impressive that with the Chrome extension everything becomes so handy.

Going through the plugins Chrome store you will find a thousand extensions you will want to download. However, we have decided to share with you must have Chrome extensions as you may have to check it out.

Chrome Plugins can’t be Reached

The chrome plugins can’t be reached isn’t a browser problem or a user problem. Even with your inability to access your Chrome plugins, you can still use your browser.

The chrome plugins can’t be reached occurs due to a variety of reasons which include the following:

  • The plugin has been removed from the Chrome store.
  • The chrome server is having an issue communicating with your server.
  • The extension can only be used via developer mode.

If any of the few reasons above are valid you may run into the chrome plugins can’t be reached error message. On various occasions, I have run into an error using a few Chrome extensions because they were removed from the Chrome list.

Chrome Plugins not Working

The fastest means to fix chrome plugins not working is to disable and re-enable the plugin. So, here, I will walk you through a quick move to fix your chrome plugins not working.

  • Click on the 3-dots at the top right of your Chrome.
  • Click on “More tools.”
  • Select “Extensions.”
  • Turn off all the extensions using the toggle-off button.
  • Click on the “X” button to close the Chrome browser.
  • Open the Chrome browser once again.
  • Go to 3 dots >> more tools >> extension.
  • Enable all the extensions.

This method proved points as the fastest method to fix the Chrome plugin not working.

How to Access Chrome Plugins

Do you want to access and manage all your chrome plugins? You can learn how to access chrome plugins by following the steps below.

  • Launch your Chrome browser.
  • Click on the browser’s menu option [3 dots at the top right].
  • Select “More Tools >> Extension.”

You will see all your extensions or plugins on your Chrome browser on this page. These include extensions that you installed via developer mode and the ones that are installed via the Google Chrome store.

Chrome Plugins Page not Found

What happens when you encountered the chrome plugins page not found? This implies that the Chrome plugin has been removed from the Chome plugins store. In most cases, residual cache could cost your chrome browser to return chrome plugin page not found.

Therefore, we recommend that you clear your browser cache and see if the plugins return to normal.

Access Chrome Plugins

Chrome plugins can be accessed using the shortcut chrome://plugins command on your Chrome browser. You can also access all installed extensions via the browser settings.

On this chrome://plugins page, you can enable and disable plugins you don’t want to use again. You can also change how these plugins work. However, you can also face difficulties that won’t allow you to access the plugin list on your Chrome.

Common among the list of errors include “This site can’t be reached” and an error message “ERR_INVALID_URL”.

You have to fix this error in time as it won’t allow you to visit the Google Chrome plugins on your computer.

Can’t Access Chrome Plugins

Can't Access Chrome Plugins

Here is how to fix the webpage at chrome://plugins/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Chrome Plugins Page Removed

If Google removed the plugins store it won’t be accessible. This isn’t as a result of a virus or malware or there is a problem with your browser. This is strictly by Google and it causes the plugins’ store not to be accessible.

However, you will observe that Google Chrome://plugin have been moved to another section under settings. Therefore if you are trying to access Chrome://plugins typing it on your browser as a URL you won’t be able to access it.

Access Plugins Page

Now that the Chrome plugins page has been removed how do you access the page? Do not panic a bit. The plugins are still accessible under the browser’s settings.

1. Launch the Chrome browser and click on the more options to the top right. You can also type chrome://settings/ to access the Chrome settings interface.

Chrome Plugins

2. Scroll down to the advanced option or click on the more option to the left and click on the advanced option.

3. When the advanced option expands click on privacy and security

4. Click on the content settings option to expand it. Or type chrome://settings/content on your browser.

Access Chrome Extensions

5. Click on plugins

Once you click on plugins all your Chrome plugins will be displayed. Now, you can disable and enable and alter the default settings according to your wish.

Fix Can’t Access Chrome Extensions

The above approach still hides plugins in the settings and accessing it is not glaring. However, I found this approach to be better.

Here is a quick approach to accessing Chrome extensions that have been removed from Chrome://plugins.

1. Open Chrome browser

2. Right-click on any plugin you already installed on your browser and select manage extensions.

Can't Access Chrome Plugins

3. Click on extensions to the left upper right and select extensions

Chrome extensions

Here, all plugins installed on your Chrome browser will be accessible and you will be able to manage them. The managing includes uninstalling Chrome browser, plugin details, etc.

Note: From my observation, the new Chrome plugins page is located at chrome://extensions/ as opposed to the old chrome://plugins/.

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