How to Fix Google Maps not Working

As easy as it’s to use Google to navigate your location on Android and iOS smartphones such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod, the Google Maps not working on iPhone and Android is indeed a threat to take a look at.

If you are trying to use the Google maps app on iPhone and it’s returning Google maps not working, doing this little task can help you to restore the maps app back to normal on your iPhone and Android and it’ll start working instantly.

Once the Google maps isn’t working, to trace to your destination using the maps app on your smartphone will become an headache. However, this will just render your phone GPS useless and even the WiFi you are using will leave you with no option at all.

Well, if the problem with the Google maps app on your Android and iPhone is not more than not working, this guide will help you to fix it. But, if it’s Google maps not found, then, this might have to do with location GPS or your location isn’t on the map.

However, before addressing the Google map not found issue let’s quickly try to fix the maps app not working on your iPhone and Android smartphones.

Google Maps not Working

How Google Maps App Tacks Locations

If you don’t know how the Google maps app works it’ll be difficult to find out the causes of the problem that is stopping the maps app from working or not able to identify your location.

For the Google maps app to work effectively, the app AI uses the following features on your Android and iPhone devices.


The Google maps app uses your phone GPS (if it has) to track your location if not more than 20 meters above sea level. Anything above this may result to Google maps location not found even when the maps app is working fine.


Your phone WiFi also helps to track your location with the Google maps app on your device. Once your device is within this range, your location tracking app, Google maps app, will work effectively but when you are outside the WiFi coverage, the Google maps app might return the not working error.

Mobile Networks

Another way the Google maps app works is to make use of your mobile networks and this gives accurate result. As long as your mobile networks are working fine and the signal strength is not weak, then, the Google maps error will not be a big deal.

Google Maps not Working on iPhone/Android

For the Google maps app to give you accurate location you must grant the app full permission to use your phone location. However, we highlighted the follow ways to fix the Google maps app location error.

Grant the Google Maps App Permission

If the Google maps app permission is denied this will lead to the app not working fine on your phone. As a matter of fcat, the Google app will not be able to access and track your location.

Therefore, to fix this error, you must allow Google Maps app permission on your phone by enabling your phone location.

  • Go to the Settings app
  • Scroll down to privacy
  • Go to ‘Location Services’
  • Toggle on ‘Location Services’

Clear Google Maps App Caches

You may want to clear the Google maps app caches to make sure this app works according the the app settings.

  1. Go to your phone settings
  2. Scroll down and click on “apps” or “applications manager
  3. Find the Google maps app and click on it
  4. Click on the storage icon
  5. Tap on clear caches

Then, restart your device to clear other remains of the app that is stopping it from working fine. If this still didn’t clear the error message, go back to the to where you cleared caches and click on clear data.

However, you need to note that when you clear the Google maps app data all your personal settings include saved locations will be deleted and the app will be as new again.

Reset your Phone Network

It’s very important that your mobile networks are working fine to give accurate location using the app tracker. However, if there is a deficiency in the network strength, make sure you are in a location where the network signal is not weak. However, you may also need to reset your mobile networks

  • Go to the Settings app
  • Tap on General
  • Scroll down to the Reset button at the bottom
  • Tap on Reset Network Settings
  • Enter your password to confirm your decision

This network settings differs from phone to phone. However, to reset your network settings you need to follow your phone configuration. If you are using a mobile phone such as Huawei, the network settings differs from the above guide.

Update Google Maps App

If you are running the outdated version of the Google maps app, you may end up with the Google maps not working on your phone because of the new features that are absent from the new app when you are try to track your location with the app.

  • Launch the Google play store [App store for iPhone]
  • Click on apps & games
  • Find the “Google maps app”
  • Tap on the update icon

Once the app is updated to the latest version the not working error will disappear “IF” the error is caused by the new release.

If you don’t want to manually update your alls [all] in the Google play store you can set the app to automatic update so that your phone can update to the latest version as soon as there is an update.

Calibrate the GPS on your Phone

You can do this manually to make sure that your phone GPS is working perfectly and it’s not the main reason why the Google maps app isn’t working.

  1. Open the Google maps app
  2. Start by making a figure 8 until the GPS compass is calibrated

Once the GPS compass is calibrated, you should be fine with the GPS if your Google maps app is using your phone GPS to track your location.

Enable High-Accuracy on your Phone

If you are not using the high-accuracy mode on your phone for your location tracker app you may find it difficult working with the app.

As a result of this, we’d advise you enable the high-accuracy mode in your phone.

  1. Go to your phone settings
  2. Find the location option
  3. Tap on the toggle icon to enable location service
  4. Click on Mode
  5. Select high-accuracy

With the location accuracy set to high, we can be rest assured that when the Google maps app is working, the exact location will be what you’d see and not a wrong or a weak location description.

With this guide, the Google maps not working error will be fixed and you will be able to track your location using the location tracker app.

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