How to Fix JavaScript Void 0

JavaScript Void 0 error can be really challenging for programmers and developers or even the internet users to tackle. As a developer who loves to write his code in JavaScript language of all programming languages, chances are for you to at one time of the other encounter the JavaScript Void 0 error.

So not be wary, it’s one of the challenges you will meet on the way up to become a guru in writing JavaScript. If you have gone through popular coding and programming websites like W3Schools you will discover the fix is something not far fetch.

However, whenever your JavaScript code returns void 0 as the error message, there is a way to tackle and fix this error to proceed with your coding.

Many at times, some internet addict have complained encountering the JavaScript Void 0 error and how to fix it becomes a problem. Although, research doesn’t regard this JavaScript Void(0) are a critical error that cannot be fixed.

It’s just annoying seeing different popup apart from the unusual Windows error or Mac error disrupting users from smoothing browsing or exploring their device.

This JavaScript Void error blocked some websites from users end and their inability to access the websites result from either the browser’s JavaScript blocking users access or the device caches error.

JavaScript Void 0 Fix

There are various approaches to fix the JavaScript Void(0) error from browsers. It is most common to experience the Void JavaScript error when connecting to a proxy server or using the internet from a paired computer.

However, this might beyond the normal approach or one of the various approaches to fix this. The best option at this juncture is to contact the network provider that you are facing JavaScript void (0) error to see if there is what they can do about.

However, if the network isn’t shared and you are not using a proxy, the approaches below fix the JavaScript: void(0) error.

1. Enable Java on Internet Explorer

You first need to check whether JavaScript is enabled in your Internet Explorer’ browser. Else you should consider enabling it.

1. Launch the “Internet Explorer”

2. Click on “Gear settings icon >> Internet Options 

JavaScript Void 0

3. Tap the Security >> Custom Level Button

JavaScript Void 0

4. Go to Scripting >> Scripting of Java applets >> Enable >>OK

JavaScript Void(0)

That should fix the JavaScript error with your Internet Explorer

2. Enable JavaScript on Chrome Browse

You have to repeat the same process for Chrome browser else you will encounter the Void JavaScript on Chrome browser.

1. Launch the Chrome browser and click on the menu option to top right and click on settings

JavaScript Void 0

2. Scroll down and expand Advanced >> Privacy >> Content Settings  >> JavaScript >> Allowed.

Void JavaScript

Now, try to visit the website blocked by JavaScript Void error on your Chrome browser to see the effect of enabling JavaScript.

3. Enable JavaScript on Firefox

If you are a Mozilla Firefox fan consider the following procedure to fix the JavaScript Void 0 error by enabling JavaScript on your browser.

1. Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser and click on the options tab and click on add “Add-on” or press CTRL + Shift + A to launch the “Add-ons”.

JavaScript Void 0

2. Tap Plugins >> Java ™ Platform plugin >> always activate”

This will enable JavaScript on the browser as this will fix the JavaScript error popping up each time you want to use the Firefox browser to access a website that required JavaScript enabled.

4. Enable JavaScript in Opera Mini

The whole approaches above differ from how to solve the Void JavaScript error message on Opera-mini browser. However, following the procedures below you will be able to solve the problem of JavaScript Void 0 error.

1. Launch the Opera browser and click on the Opera icon to top right and click settings.

JavaScript Void error

2. Scroll down and click  on Advanced >> Contents Settings

JavaScript Void 0

3. Scroll down and click on JavaScript and toggle to enable the JavaScript option.

JavaScript Void 0

These are the basic approaches to fix JavaScript error in browsers. However, if the error still persists the follow may be of help to flush it.

Clear Browser Caches

Clearing your browsers’ caches will help to fix internal error in browsers. However, the approach to clear caches in browsers are not the same. But basically, the following procedures should lead you to the root.

Go to Browser’s Options >> Advanced >> Network >> Cached web Content >> (Click) Clear Now.

Flush DNS

Flushing DNS also generally clear most internal error affecting both browsers’ and system caches. For this, flushing DNS could as well be of a solution to fix the JavaScript void error in browsers.

1. Press and hold “Win + R” to launch the “Run” dialog box 

JavaScript error

2. Type “cmd” without quotes to launch the command prompt box and click OK.

JavaScript Void error

3. Type “ipconfig /flushdns” and hit the enter button

JavaScript Void 0

Done. The procedures work on all Windows OS. It works on Windows 7, 8, 10, and Windows 10.1.

The entire procedures above are tested before posted on this site to fix JavsScript Void 0 on our browsers. However, do help our reader by citing the exact one that works for you. 

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