How to Fix “This Accessory May Not Be Supported” on iPhone

iPhone can behave at times. You will use your charger to charge your iPhone a few moments ago and when next you try to connect it’ll respond “this accessory may not be supported“. Do not panic, I have a solution to fix this iPhone saying this accessory may not be supported.

A few things could cause this problem with your iPhone. However, when this happens, your iPhone will stop charging. If your iPhone is iOS 12 or earlier version, the warning message will stick on the screen. It’ll not go until you remove your iPhone charger.

The iPhone this accessory may not be supported won’t dismiss because you are expected to fix the error. Please do not use your iPhone 7 headphone when you are charging your iPhone as this may cause an explosion. We have seen cases like that.

Here in this guide today, I’ll share with you why and how to fix this accessory may not be supported.

This accessory may not be supported not dismiss

iPhone: Why This Accessory may not be Supported?

Should you know why your iPhone iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10, and the earlier version isn’t working or why you are stuck on the screen with or without the headphone you will know where to focus your effort on to fix.

Here are some of the reasons why this is happening on your iPhone.

  • The iPhone charger is faulty or port is dirty or broken
  • You are running an outdated iPhone OS or your iPhone software has a problem to fix
  • Your iPhone lightning port could also have a problem or completely need to be changed or fixed
  • You need to make sure that your iPhone is MiFi-certified
  • If your iPhone accessory such as headphone tip is dirty and the port not in good condition, you’ll see this error on your iPhone screen and you might not be able to dismiss it.

The first precautional measure to take is following the listed possible reasons why you are seeing the error message on your iPhone screen. Once you have been able to identify why your iPhone isn’t working and why you are seeing “this accessory may not be supported on your iPhone“, then, you’d know where to face to fix the issue following the proceedings below.

Restart your iPhone

Whether you know about what’s happening or not, the first step to take to fix most iPhone issues is to restart your iDevice. This helps to reset temporary issues and the “this accessory may not be supported” issue on iPhone that is stuck to the screen is not an exception.

A minor app or software conflict on your iPhone could result in your iPhone not supporting some of your iPhone accessories.

This accessory may not be supported

Recommendation: First restart your iPhone by pressing the iPhone power button and swipe to the right to restart your iPhone. The iPhone restart is similar to all iPhone including the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XL, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and the earlier version.

Is your iPhone MiFi-Certified?

You’ll mostly notice this issue on your iOS when you plug your iPhone charger to the port and connect the end-charge to a power source. However, if the charger you connected to your iPhone isn’t MiFi-certified you will see this accessory may not be supported on your screen and it won’t dismiss.

If the charger you are using isn’t designed in such a way that it is meant for iPhone you’ll see this error. In other not to damage your iPhone port or the MiFi-certified feature get used to using an original iPhone charger with MiFi-certified.

Recommended: The best thing to do when you see this accessory may not be supported when you connect your iPhone charger is to refer back to the original iPhone charger and use it to charge your iPhone. However, if you couldn’t access your original charger, kindly walk into any iPhone store and request for an original iPhone charger (popularly called a follow come charger).

Check your iPhone Lightning port

If you are double sure that the iPhone charger is working fine and there is nothing wrong with the charger, then, you should check your iPhone lightning port. Single dirt or debris could stop your iPhone charger from connecting to your iPhone connector to fully establish a connection between your iPhone and the charger.

Recommended: If you can unscrew the lightning port, kindly do so to remove all dirt or debris from it. However, before you proceed to unscrew your iPhone lightning port, first use a flashlight to see through if there is dirt in the lightning port.

Update your iOS Software

If you are running an outdated version of your iPhone OS you’d possibly face some glitches with your device. This glitch isn’t only limited to this accessory may not be supported on screen.

If you come to find out that your iPhone is running an outdated OS, make sure your charge your iPhone to at least 50% and you are connected to a power source before you begin to upgrade your iPhone operating system to the latest release.

Recommendation:  Go to Settings >> General >> Software Update and tap Download and Install.

Upgrade iPhone OS

The new OS will begin to download and install the OS to replace the old one when done. Meanwhile, make you all unsaved files are saved to avoid file corruption or loss of valuables. Once the software is downloaded, your iPhone will restart immediately to finish the installation.

After this, try to connect your iPhone charge to the lightning port and see if the “this accessory may not be supported” repeats itself.

Execute a DFU Restore on your iPhone

Another technical approach you can as well embarked on to fix this glitch on your iPhone whenever you connect your charger or your connect your iPhone headphone is to perform a DFU restore on your iPhone.

The DFU is called “Device Firmware Update” and it’s the best approach to fix iPhone issues if the above procedures didn’t work for you. However, each iPhone version has a different approach to carry out the DFU restore on your phone.

Recommendation: Why we’ll not cover the exact approach to do a DFU restore on your iPhone in this guide, you can refer to this article.

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