5 Best Free Video Conferencing Apps for Android and iOS

Even if you have to work from home, yourself and your team members can hold effective meetings in the comfort of your homes. Awesome right? Let us explore some of the best video conferencing apps available for IOS and Android for free.

The coronavirus pandemic has made it such that numerous people around the world are forced to work remotely. Hence, many of us have to rely on video conferencing applications to get our work done. One special thing about them is that they are convenient and effective at the same time.

Although many people around the world are already familiar with some of the most popular applications like Skype and Zoom, there are a ton of other video conferencing apps available on both ios and android. Take a look at some of these applications below.

5 Best Free Video Conferencing Apps for Android and ios

Check out the list of popular apps to make video conference call for free for Android and iOS

Cisco Webex

This is one of the best video conferencing apps. It is free and is developed by the popular networking giant Cisco. It is not only a top-ranked software; it is renowned as one of the first conference solutions, not to mention that it comes with awesome features too. Once upgraded, Webex accommodates up to a hundred participants in each meeting.

It also allows you to host an unlimited number of meetings. In addition to this, you get 1GB of cloud storage. Some of its properties include HD video, floating and grid views, and screen sharing. It allows you to upgrade to a starter, plus, or business plan to enjoy even more benefits.

With Webex, you also enjoy voice command integration, unlimited messaging and file sharing, interactive whiteboards as well as fully encrypted meetings.


This is still one of the most widely used video conferencing applications. Skype is free, and you can easily sign up with your Microsoft account. It allows you to connect up to 50 people, which makes it easy to communicate with your team members.

Skype has kept its reputation for several years, connecting people together quickly and hassle-free. It also offers screen sharing as well as call recording features, and you get to generate a unique link for video conference, which you can share with participants.

You enjoy clear HD videos, background blurring features, access to shared media during and after meetings, web version, and many more. Another unique property of this application is that you can join meetings as a visitor.

Google Meet

This is also one of the best video conferencing apps out there. It can be easily accessed with your Gmail account. It works for instant messaging, calls as well as video conferencing. Like many other similar applications, it allows you to share your screen.

However, it can only accommodate a maximum of 10 participants making it only ideal for small businesses. Also, the participant would need to add to each other. Like Skype, Google Meet also has a  web version and can be downloaded on your android and ios as well.


In addition to being one of the best, Zoom is also one of the most popular videos conferencing app available. The free conferencing application allows up to a hundred participants per meeting. In addition, you can have unlimited one-on-one meetings for free.

However, the free plan only allows up to forty minutes for each meeting. If you would like to have longer meetings, it can be upgraded to a premium plan paid edition, which will even give you more benefits such as analytics and cloud support.

It is important to note that Zoom allows you to own your own permanent meeting room, which is available on the free version. It is compatible with windows, Mac, Linux, ios, and android, and offers HD voice and video features. It also enables simultaneous screen sharing, join by a telephone call in, and many other features making it one of the best video-conferencing applications.

Uber Conference

This is one of the easiest video conferencing apps to use. Uber Conference allows a total of fifty participants in the free plan while the paid version accommodates up to a hundred participants and international access. Both the free and paid versions enable you to hold an unlimited number of meetings, not exceeding five hours.

It has a web version but is also compatible with both android and ios. In addition, the host gets total control of the meeting room. Uber conference has features like screen sharing, free call recording, HD video and audio, and many more.


Video conferencing has gotten more popular nowadays, and if you ever need its services, you now have a wide range of free applications to select from. All the applications listed also come additional features tailored to your needs. They also offer premium services, which allows you access to even more amazing benefits. You can begin to enjoy seamless online meetings once you download any of the applications.

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