Fix Google Adsense Page Level Policy Violation

Please feel free to leave a comment if this helps to fix Google AdSense page level policy violation on your blog. Meanwhile, before you can testify whether this actually works or not you have to wait for Google AdSense bot to revisit the blog post to confirm that you have done the necessary solution to fix the problem.

Google AdSense is no way the best means of blog monetization for an average blogger. Top bloggers use other means to monetize their blog which includes affiliates, SEO service, selling their products, and many more. However, most people quit blogging when Google ban their AdSense account and for this, Google introduce AdSense page level ban whether Google AdSense algorithm enforced a ban on a violation page instead of domain ban.

This is not to tell you Google AdSense no longer ban a domain name that violates their policy. Recently, my best performing post was caught in violating Google AdSense page level policy. Naturally, I am supposed to remove the post and submit a reconsideration form for Google to clear the violation policy note popping up on my AdSense dashboard.

I know this is what most people do when they got an email that their AdSense ban is at the page level. However, instead of me to delete the violated post I disabled Google AdSense code on the post so that I will not lose access to traffic that is coming to the post as well as the revenue.

Therefore, if you are a victim of Google AdSense page level policy violation here is a guide to remove Google AdSense code from the page on WordPress without deleting the violated post from your blog.

I have used this method to fix Google page level navigation warning and other Google page level enforcement warning without any issue.

Download Google AdSense Page Level Policy Violation Posts

Google recently rolled out a new update to access and download the list of AdSense policy violation pages or posts so that you can treat them and submit a reconsideration form.

1. Open any browser and login to your Google AdSense account

2. Click on the three “horizontal line‘ and click on “settings

3. Click on “ Policy Center”

Fix Google Adsense Page Level Policy Violation

4. Here you will see the numbers of sites with enforcement whether it’s page level of domain level. Here you will see the number of pages with AdSense policy violation and the violation policy. Click on the download icon above last enforcement date.

Fix Google Adsense Page Level Policy Violation

5. Click on “Download” to download all violated pages as “CSV” document

Fix Google Adsense Page Level Policy Violation

In some cases, you will not be able to access the policy center on Desktop duan e to internal error but don’t worry you can access it on a mobile browser.

Fix Google Adsense Page Level Policy Violation

To fix this error I’d advise you to use Quick AdSense plugin to insert your AdSense codes into your WordPress site. Just copy and paste your AdSense code to the appropriate column and click on save.

1. Open the violate page or post and switch to “TEXT” instead of “VISUAL”

Google Adsense Page Level Policy Violation

2. Copy and paste “<!–NoAds–>” without the quotes into the post and click update

Google Adsense Page Level Policy Violation

3. Repeat this process on all violated posts or pages

4. Go back to Google AdSense policy, select all the pages you have added the NoAds code and click on the request review button. Tick I have done everything requested by the guideline and click on ” Request Review”

Google Adsense Page Level Policy Violation

Wait for two to three days for Google to review your request. If these steps are followed properly all the Google Adsense Page Level Policy Violation will be cleared and you are good. Note that this post works effectively for page level ban and not domain level ban.

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