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Google Chrome Won’t Download Files [Solution Here]

All of a sudden my Google Chrome Android app just stopped from downloading files. It’s not only big files, it cannot also download a file whose size is kilobytes. Then I got frustrated and moved to Opera mini which works fine and as fast as Google Chrome browser itself. And after a long trial and error methods, I was able to fix the problem of “Google Chrome won’t download files on Android”.

So if you are facing the same problem with Google Chrome on your phone here is how to fix it. For PC users, a similar problem can also emerge and you will find out that your Google Chrome will just stop from downloading even when you are running latest update and latest OS.

I have spent weeks searching for this solution and here I finally got it. Just stay calm reading this post to the last period and you will be able to fix Google Chrome issue on your Android phone, Mac and Windows OS if not downloading files from the internet.

How Did Google Chrome Won’t Download File Started?

Well, as long as I can remember it started a few months ago [when Google announced Android Oreo]. Thinking it was due to the new OS that made some of my apps, including Google Chrome started malfunctioning. Then I tried to upgrade my OS to Android 8.0 thinking that was why but my phone wasn’t qualified for the update. Which means the issues came up from another source.

It also came to my notice that when I want to download using Google Chrome on my it popup “Chrome needs a storage to download files“. Meanwhile, I was having 16GB internal storage as well as 16GB external storage for storing files. This is not because my storages are filled up with files or any sort but Google Chrome app on my Android phone could not identify a storage facility.

Fixing this will help you fix Chrome won’t download files [pdf, docs, docs, .txt] on Android phone. To fix this same problem on a computer will follow a different direction. However, following the procedure below you will be able to fix the problem of Google Chrome not being able to download files online.

Google Chrome Won’t Download Files on Android Fix Here

To know whether your Google Chrome app cannot download files on your phone try to download a file from a search engine. And if you faced the same problem I analyzed above follow this procedure to fix it.

1. Visit www.google.com and try to download a file. For easy access type any document name in Google search box and add pdf extension to it on your Android using Chrome browser. [Example; chess book.pdf]

2. From the popup notification click on continue button as shown below

Google Chrome Won't Download

3. A new page will pop up containing Google Chrome app details, such as storage, data usage, permission, notifications and the rest of them. The click on storage from the list of options.

Google Chrome Won't Download

4. Next, Chrome storage information will display. Don’t forget Chrome is built in Android phone app. So click on manage space option.

Google Chrome Won't Download

5. Under Google Chrome storage option scroll down the page and click on clear all data. This will erase files that filled up your Google storage and stopped it from downloading files.

Google Chrome Won't Download

Google Chrome Won’t Download Files on Computer

In some occasions, you are likely to face this same problem while using Google Chrome browser for PC to download files online. However, there is one lasting solution I have found very useful to help solve this problem. Below is exactly what I did to solve the problem of Google Chrome not downloading on my PC.

1. Uninstall Google Chrome browser from your PC [search for CPanel–>programs–>Google Chrome–>Click on it–>Remove]  and restart your computer to make sure the same problem does not persist when you install the new Chrome browser in this tutorial.

2. Download new Google Chrome browser for PC to your computer. The go to your Google installer file and see if there is anything at the back of .exe file [E.g Chrome.exe*&], this may differ in some cases.

3. Press and hold your Windows key + R to run your Windows cmd option. Now type regedit” without the quotes and click OK.

Google won't download on pc

4. Accept the administrator popup by clicking YES. Now, locate this directory -Open “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” and click on it.

Google Won't Download files

5. On the new interface that will open click on Software and navigate the page to Google, just inside Google’s folder locate Chrome and delete update folder if found.

Google Chrome Won't Download

Once you have done this close the registry and install the installer from above. This will stop Google Chrome won’t download problem on your computer and you are good.

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