How to Fix a Samsung TV Turns on by Itself

You’d not want to experience the Samsung TV turns on by itself glitch because your TV can just turn on itself in the middle of the night. Well, this article covers all you need to turn regarding TV turns on by itself.

Were you awakened by the noise coming from your living room area in the middle of the night, only for you to discover that your Samsung TV has turned on by itself? Yes, I know it can be scary but there’s a reason why your TV is behaving this way. Read on as I walk you through how to fix a Samsung TV turns on by itself. 

Remain calm. Your Samsung TV can be turned on at random for a perfectly good reason that doesn’t require someone who secretly entered your house. Why does your Samsung TV turn on by itself?

What steps can you take to fix it? Find out by reading on to learn why and how to fix Samsung tv turns on by itself. This post will also cover the Samsung TV turns on and off repeatedly black screen.

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Samsung TV turns on by itself

Why my Samsung TV Turns on by itself?

It’s not always a sign when a TV turns on by itself in the middle of the night. Usually, the cause is a simple issue that can be resolved. The following are some of the reasons why your TV is turning on by itself:

  • The remote control’s power button can be jammed, or its batteries might be running low.
  • Unintentionally, the TV could be turned on by an internal timer.
  • A TV is connected to an outlet that is controlled by a light switch.
  • The issue could be caused by a connected device, such as a router, network device, or USB wireless LAN adaptor.
  • Overheating.
  • A TV could also be turned on via an internal HDMI or CEC setting.

Regardless of the type or brand, a TV  turns on by itself in the middle of the night or during the day is typically the consequence of one of several universal remedies.

fix a TV that turns on by itself

How to Fix Samsung TV Turns on by itself

If your Vizio or Samsung TV turns on by itself and turns off on its own, or you have the same issue with a different brand of television, so try the following steps to your Samsung TV turns on by itself can also be applicable to Vizio TV turns by itself.

Note: The fixes to your Samsung TV turns on by itself can be applied to fix all TV turns on by itself.

Check your Power Supply

Before anything else, disconnect your TV and carefully inspect the power cord for nicks or fraying. Replace the cord safely if you see any damage. Make sure the cord is firmly attached to the television and plug it back in if everything appears to be in order.

There can be a problem with your outlet as well. A separate socket, especially one not connected to a light switch, could work better for the television’s plug. Alternatively, if you’ve been using a surge protector, disconnect the TV connection and attach it straight to a power socket to rule out that possibility.

Check the Remote Control

Examine your clicker, paying close attention to the power button. Is it frozen? If you or a member of your family spills something sticky on it, this can happen. Until all the buttons on your remote are functional, try cleaning it.

Shake off any debris between the buttons before removing the batteries to ensure safety. After that, clean the remote by rubbing alcohol with a gentle cloth or cotton swab before allowing it to air dry. You can try replacing the batteries as well. Low battery life can cause your remote to transmit erroneous signals to your TV.

Disable HDMI-CEC

Once it performs as intended, the feature can be highly useful. However, when it misbehaves, it means that signals will be misread and your TV will turn on and off. TVs may restart after the service provider updates to use the most recent software. To test whether this fixes a TV that turns on by itself follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your TV and turn off CEC.
  • If it does and you still want to use CEC, you will need to start turning off CEC on other devices to find out which one is generating the erroneous signal.

Depending on the maker of your TV, it can go by a different name. Samsung refers to it as Anynet+, LG as SimpLink, and Sony as Bravia Sync. To find out what the setting on your TV is named, you might need to search around.fix a TV that turns on by itself

Check for an Internal Timer

It’s simple to locate one in the Settings part of the remote for most TVs. Use the remote to find the timer on your Smart TV. Due to the On Timer, Sony Android TVs are also notorious for turning on by themselves.

For all other Sony TV models, select Settings >> Preferences >> Clock/Timers >> Timer >> Off by pressing the Home button on the remote. A Sleep Timer that automatically turns off the TV rather than turning it on is a regular feature on Vizio TVs. This should fix the TV that turns on by itself, if not proceed to the next fix.

Disconnect your TV from the WiFi

Ironically, many TVs’ “Smart” functions can frequently make them appear a little dull. A routine or automation may be inadvertently turning on or off your TV if it’s connected to other smart home appliances like SmartThings, Alexa, Google Home, or Logitech Harmony.

Your phone might even be turning on your TV automatically if it has built-in casting capabilities every time you try to watch a YouTube video. Open your TV’s settings and turn off WiFi for a few days before searching through each of these apps.

If the smart services can’t connect, they can’t send those unintentional signals. If disabling WiFi doesn’t fix a TV turns on by itself problem, then you might need to look through your other smart devices and apps to see if one is frequently interfering with your TV.

Check for any Connected Devices or cords for issues

Check one device at a time, unplug it from the TV, and then go to bed. Continue doing so until your Samsung TV no longer turns on by itself. Depending on your requirements, you might need to buy a new cord or device once you’ve been able to identify the problem.fix a TV that turns on by itself

Disable Eco Mode

When you click on that power button, a lot of contemporary TVs don’t completely shut themselves off. As an alternative, they enter a low-powered sleep state that enables many of the functionalities mentioned above (such as turning on when someone casts a YouTube video from their phone).

This feature, which aims to use less energy, is available on some TVs. Your television enters a power-saving sleep mode rather than turning off. On the other hand, your TV might come on by itself if certain devices are linked to it via CEC or Wi-Fi. Disable Eco mode in your settings to stop this.

Update the Firmware

Your TV may receive these updates, which are often referred to as software updates, to add new features or fix known bugs. They resemble updates to your phone’s operating system. Check your settings to check if there are any accessible firmware updates.

As with other technological issues, these issues can occasionally be resolved by a simple software update. However, TV firmware updates may result in their issues, this is why it’s recommended not to update until it is required.

Do a Factory Reset

Reset the TV to its default settings if nothing else seems to be working. All TV brands have a separate reset procedure, but Vizio and Samsung both have clear instructions. All other Sony TV types require a specific button combination on the remote, while Sony Android TVs can be reset via the Settings menu.

Just ensure that if you intend to alter your settings back, you do so gradually over a few days. In this manner, if the issue reappears, you already know the exact setting that is causing the issue. To update your TV after the reset, you can make notes of certain settings.

Contact Customer Support

Contact customer service if a hard reset does not fix and stop your TV from turning on by itself. The support phone numbers for your particular TV brand are available online. Call 1-800-726-7864 or use online chat to contact assistance for Samsung. Call 1-855-833-3221 or use the online chat option for Vizio. Call 1-800-538-7550 to speak with a Sony representative.

If all these troubleshooting tips are implemented on your Samsung TV, the Samsung TV turns on by itself you are experiencing should be gone in seconds.

Is this post useful to you and you have been able to fix a TV that turns on by itself? You can drop your comments below to let us know which of the troubleshooting tips worked for you. 

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  1. Our Samsung 65in (4yrs old) switched off then start again sometimes within minutes or early hours.
    While I searched online for a solution noticed (when it decided to work) that whatever button I pressed had a delayed response.
    I pried open the remote and found sticky moisture on circuit board where as the tv would only malfunction when the remote was present.
    I removed the batteries and used another remote, it’s been a week since with no problems. Wow! was about to get a tech to replace the power supply so get a new remote first, they’re very cheap before committing to service repair.


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