Maximizing Your Video Marketing Strategy with Hosting

If you are clamouring for the review here is a guide. This review will not only boast of reviewing the video hosting platform; it will also reveal some hidden features you need to know.

Did you know that video hosting is one of the many services offers? Primarily a video editing software, Wave also has a video hosting platform wherein you can conveniently embed your edited videos on landing pages and external websites.

The free video hosting service is a benison to many digital marketers and content creators. Wave lets you host video minus the ads and with completely customizable viewing options. Continue reading this article to learn about how you can maximize your video marketing strategy with hosting.

What is Hosting?

A video hosting website like allows video editors and content creators to create videos and host their creations on the website server. Apart from editing and creating stunning video projects, users can also automatically embed their masterpieces into other websites, such as their landing page or blog post.

This makes it easier for users to share their creations without the hassle and waiting time of downloading and uploading files. review video marketing strategy

How Do You Host Videos on Wave?

Hosting videos for your marketing strategy is made easy with Wave’s user-friendly interface. It starts with logging into your account to ensure that your content is immediately saved into your account. You can sign in using Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple.

1. Upload Video

You have two options for video hosting. The first one is to upload a video that is ready for sharing. This means no editing is needed, and you simply need Wave for embedding your video.

The second option is to create an awesome video with Wave video editor. You can upload and combine video clips or start with a blank video or image. If you’re starting from scratch, you can also use the available clips from Wave’s abundant stock library or import them from Youtube or Instagram.

2. Edit video

You can skip this step if you have a ready-made video that is all set for embedding. But if your video still needs revision, you should learn about Wave’s video editing tools. has the following video editing features:

  • Trim, crop, rotate, and flip video
  • Resize and rescale the video
  • Change the layout and template
  • Insert text, stickers, and overlays
  • Add logo and GIFs
  • Add automatic captions
  • Adjust volume with fade-in and fade-out effects
  • Adjust video speed
  • Trim audio
  • Record voice-over video

Producing high-quality content is imperative to create an awesome and valuable video. This is especially true if you are a reputable content creator, marketing agent, or business owner. Read this article for some tips on video marketing that will help you attract customers.

3. Publish your work

Go through your video and make sure that you’re happy and satisfied with the output. Next, click the Publish button. Render your video to continue publishing.

4. Customize how your video will appear

After uploading and rendering, you will see your video on My Videos. Select the “Customize” button to edit the way your video appears on your website. You can set your video thumbnail, change the color of the video player, edit video controls, and even customize how your video starts and ends.

5. Embed video code

After everything is set, it’s time to embed your video on your website. Make sure that you turn on “Embed video” to make it shareable. You will get an embed code for your video, which you will copy and add to your landing page, blog post, or external websites. Your viewers will now be able to watch your content just the way you want it.

Benefits of Hosting on

Thanks to the favorable features of, hosting videos on the website can help advance your video marketing strategy. Here are the benefits you can enjoy when you host videos online.

1. Embed videos without ads

One of the best things about Wave video hosting is its ability to host videos without annoying advertisements. The online video hosting platform is completely ad-free, so your viewers no longer have to spend a second of their time watching advertisements and irrelevant content.

2. Change the appearance of the video player

Say goodbye to the usual, boring video player. With Wave video host, you can customize how the player looks to your audience. You can change the thumbnail and color of the player to match your website’s theme and branding. You can also edit the layout of the video player as well as add a logo and call-to-action button

3. Customize video player controls

Wave also offers the option of customizing the video controls that your audience can use. This gives them the freedom to watch your video the way they want. Big play buttons, quality, speed, download, volume, and full screen are some of the controls you can add to the video player. As another option, you can also remove these controls to maximize the space for the video preview.

4. Get a shareable link for your videos

With Wave’s online video hosting service, you can immediately share your marketing videos on your website and social media. You will get a shareable link for your hosted videos, which you can easily share to external pages.

5. Secure your videos with a password

Is your video confidential or perhaps exclusive only to a select number of people? If your answer is yes to either, then is the perfect website to host your content. Wave gives you the option to secure your videos with password protection to deny unauthorized viewers access to your video. Unless a user knows the password to your video, they will not be able to play and watch your content.

6. Monitor how your video is doing

How many views did you have in the past week? How long did viewers watch your video before they hit close? These are some questions you need answers to determine the success of your video marketing campaign. Luckily, can provide you with relevant statistics to help you monitor and improve your video content.

Free Video Editing and Hosting Online

Unlike many video hosting platforms, Wave lets you edit videos and share them instantly on your web pages and social media. This means it will be much easier to create videos for your landing pages or blog posts.

Edit and Create Stunning Videos

With Wave’s free online editor, you can create beautiful video projects using raw video clips from your computer. You can even extract and import videos from external sites like Youtube and Instagram or from Wave’s extensive stock library. Wave also has a number of professional video editing tools to make your video more interesting and creative.

Save Project and Embed

Once you have your video ready, you can publish and render it with just a few clicks. You can immediately share it with third-party sites like your website’s landing pages or blog posts using the embed code provided by Wave. You can also get a shareable link for your viewers to access and watch your content.’s hosting solution can make the job of digital marketers much easier. Apart from being a video editing tool, Wave also offers a range of solutions such as video voiceover, subtitler, text-to-speech, and GIF maker. With this review you’d want to try it out today and let the world know about your content.

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