How to Make Free Calls Using Google Hangouts Dialer

Life cannot always give you what you want. At times, you have to work it out yourself and make it happen the way it should. Like, you don’t have a calling card and you need to make an emergency call, no one to help you out, yet you have installed the Google hangouts dialer app and you don’t know what to do. Then, before you take your next move like in this case, getting a calling card you should always think outside the box whether it’s possible to make calls without network coverage or with only a WiFi connection.

While you may not first think about the Google hangouts dialer app to make calls without network coverage because you don’t use it or some of your friends doesn’t use it. The only popular apps you and your friends use are WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat. These are cool apps you should have on your smartphone, but it’s time to add the Google hangouts dialer app if for making calls on your phone without SIM card or network alone.

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You see, I have all these apps on my phone as well. But, later I discovered I was missing the cool feature to make calls with Hangout dialer without SIM card or network coverage. Although, you may want to tell me you can make calls on WhatsApp and Facebook as well. They both work fine for video and audio calls, but, what does it take to add more option so that you can go with the best? Littel if at all it requires anything.

Google Hangouts Dialer

List of Countries to  Call with Google Hangouts Dialer App?

The beautiful about this calling app is that you don’t have a restrict of where you call. It allows you to call local and international friends. In fact, the dialer app allows you to call countries like Canada, USA, UK, and other countries across the globe.

Therefore, with the calling app, you can make WiFi calls to all country of the world provided the receiver also has the dialer app installed.

The benefit of the app is that it saves the cost of calling, but, it also has some disadvantages that can limit the use of the app if you do not have the necessary facilities or if you are not in an environment where the necessary facilities are available.

The demerit of Google Hangouts Dialer

You may not see this as a disadvantage though but it worth pointing your attention to. Now, if you plan to stop making calls using SIM card provided by your local network carrier it means that you need WiFi to make call always.

This free call app, hangouts dialer needs an internet connection to work and make calls or receive calls on the app. However, to start using the app as efficient as possible it means that you will always be in a place where there is WiFi network that you have direct access and you can connect your phone with.

This tutorial on how to use Google hangouts dialer is tested and trusted on most smartphones, both Android and iOS, even, it works on Windows phone.

How to Install Google Hangouts Dialer

The Google Hangouts app and hangouts dialer are the two apps needed to be able to make free WiFi call without network or without a SIM card. You need Google Hangouts to make Google dialer works. Also, to avoid any form of delay always use the latest iteration of the apps so that it won’t start hanging.

Therefore, before taking a look at how to use hangouts dialer, I will assume you don’t have the latest app on your smartphone or you have not even installed it for the first time. However, to avoid an error message when setting up the dialer app download and install both Google Hangouts app here and dialer app here.

Note, the two apps are not the same. So, make sure you download and install the two apps, However, if you already have the apps installed before but don’t know how to make free WiFi calls with it, first update the app to the latest version because you need Hangouts version 2.3 or higher to enjoy this tricks.

How to Use Google Hangouts Dialer

If you have successfully installed both apps as instructed above then let take a look at how to use the app to make free calls over WiFi without bothering yourself over poor network coverage or lack of calling airtime.

Launch the hangouts dialer app either from home screen or app drawer or through hangouts app directly. Then, sign into the app using your Gmail account. Meanwhile, since you downloaded the app from play store and not the APK, you’d have signed into your Gmail account already. You may likely not going to see the sign into hangouts dialer option when you launch the app.

Click on the green circle like the phone menu icon and dial the international phone number you want to call over WiFi. Mostly, the Canadian or American numbers are the best to call using the hangouts dialer app.

Meanwhile, there little or no difference between the app screen where you dial a phone number and the default phone number dial screen.

With the Google hangouts dialer, you can save yourself the cost of calling Canadian or American numbers with your money with the high tariffs local telecommunications are charging.

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