How to Fix Pname com Facebook orca Error on Android

Pname com Facebook orca is neither a virus nor malware. The Pname com Facebook orca is a folder that’s created by Facebook apps to store FB information on messenger such as deleted messages, chats, sent photos, emoticons, etc.

It took me roughly a month to fix the Facebook error message “Pname com Facebook orca on my Infinix smartphone. So,  here in this epistle, I’m going to share with you all the steps I followed to clear the error and restore all deleted messages on my Facebook account.

There are a lot of error messages to fix on Android phone. This orca error is just one of them. The most annoying is the auto-restart problem on most Android devices. Recently, I battled with this auto-restart problem on Infinix Hot device and I spent almost two weeks dealing with this issue before the problem was solved completely.

If you have faced with the auto-restart error on your device you’d probably know it’s a problem with a lot of headaches. However, in my next post, I’ll share with you the step by step procedure to resolve the auto-restart issue on Android device, a case study of Infinix devices.

What is Pname com Facebook Orca?

The is a folder created when the Facebook messenger app is installed on a smartphone. This folder includes the home folder, katana folder, and the orca folder. Each folder work for a different purpose.

These three packages are needed to make the Facebook app and the Facebook messenger app [APK] run smoothly.

When you check your Facebook installation file on either app manager or file manager explorer and see “, com.facebook.katana, and com.facebook.home” folders just know that they are necessary files for the Facebook app and Facebook Messenger app to work perfectly.

If you have not experienced the “process com.facebook.orca” has stopped unexpectedly this may be because you clear your phone caches in general sometimes.

A lot of Android users are concerned about the Pname com Facebook orca error as a result of a popup saying “Unfortunately Facebook app has stopped working and how to fix it.

However, this article will take a look at everything you need to know about the Pname com Facebook Orca error on Android OS and then provide a solution on how to fix the error message.

Some common questions you will find an answer to reading this article includes:

  1. What is the file com Facebook Orca?
  2. How to recover deleted messages on messenger as a result of Facebook Orca error.
  3. What is Facebook Orca share
  4. What is a Cache on Facebook
  5. How do I Permanently delete a Facebook Messenger

What is the file Pname com Facebook Orca?

The com.facebook.orca is a package name that installed automatically when you download and install the Facebook Messenger app on Android and on iOS.

Orca is a codename for Messenger Sent from my eSTAR CRYSTAL using Tapatalk that keep popping up when the Facebook messenger is not working and all messenger messages are deleted due to this code name error.

In most cases, the instant solution to resolve the com.facebook.orca error is uninstalling the Facebook messenger app and then reinstall the app. This clears the Orca error instantly.

The Facebook messenger app will create another Orca folder when you reinstall the default Facebook messenger or Lite Facebook message app.

However, it’s not a permanent solution to Pname com Facebook orca when my eSTAR CRYSTAL is sent to your Facebook messenger using Tapatalk.

In the messenger app, there is an orca folder where all files, Images, Audios, Videos, plugins, deleted conversations, and cache from Facebook messenger are stored on your Android device.

What is the file Pname com Facebook Katana?

Katana is the name of the tasks application used at Facebook. The package katana came from Cortana but due to policy violation and the name to change the com.facebook.facebook.package name to a unique folder name, Kanata was chosen over Cortana.

The com.facebook.katana folder contains the Facebook app itself. In the real sense, you don’t have to worry or do anything about the Katana folder. Whether you delete the Katana folder or not, the folder will be recreated again as soon as you launch the Facebook app as it’s an important part of the Facebook app to work.

Is Pname com Facebook Orca A Malware?

The Orca folder may look like a malware but it’s not. The Orca folder is a normal folder that is created on your device when you install Facebook messenger and automatically deleted when you delete Facebook messenger app. It’s a folder that contains an integral part of the Facebook Messenger app to make the messenger app function very well. The folder also contains all deleted conversation on Facebook messenger.

At the end of this article, you will see why you should not delete the com.facebook.orca folder and how to retrieve deleted Facebook messages using the orca folder and any Android file manager.

Why Did Pname com.facebook.orca Stopped?

It’s quite unfortunate when you see the pop up that “Sorry! The application messenger (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again” and discover there is nothing you can do to solve the problem.

 While most users are less concern about this message, they click on please try again to see whether that will end the problem. Yet, the com.facebook.orca will remain on the screen of the device. However, in a nutshell, the message really worth your attention.

Pname com Facebook Orca Error Solution

However, uninstalling and reinstalling Facebook messenger app will not solve the problem. Except for a temporary moment. To fix the Pname com Facebook orca error on your Facebook messenger on Android, we have dug into com.facebook.orca folder and here you will learn the permanent solution in this article.

Meanwhile, you can force to close the error or report the error to Facebook that will still not address the error.

Can I Delete Pname com Facebook Orca Folder?

The first solution that will come to your mind is probably to delete the Orca folder so that it can delete the Pname com Facebook Orca error popping up on your Android. Well, that would be nice to delete the Orca folder IF it will stop the error message but the folder will be recreated by Facebook Messenger app.

Therefore, since the folder will be recreated and then probably continues popping up the “Unfortunate Facebook app has stopped working” there is no need to delete the Orca folder when you are trying to fix the Pname com Facebook error.

The Pname com Facebook Orca Folder Usefulness

While you can go ahead to delete the Orca folder and be recreated by Facebook. The Orca folder is responsible for the ability to recover deleted messages on Facebook messenger. This implies that without the Facebook Orca folder you cannot retrieve a message on your Messenger if the folder is missing.

By default, Facebook stores all your conversation on messenger to pname com.facebook.orca folder. However, if you check the orca folder in the Pname com Facebook Orca you will discover that it occupies a lot of spaces as a result of files, images, videos and other information you share on messenger.

Pname com Facebook Orca Error Solution

To fix the Pname com Facebook orca error emanating from Facebook messenger App go to Phone Settings >> Application option >> All Apps >> Facebook app >> clear the data.

The above direction provides a solution to fix the Pname com Facebook orca error. However, instead of deleting the Facebook app, clearing the caches provides a one-time solution to fix the problem without deleting the Orca folder or katana folder.

Method 2 to Fix Pname com Facebook Orca Error

This is probably the solution to try. However, the above solution has always been the solution most people who have similar error message popping up seeks. This solution is recommended by Android Central member and it does work. However, below is the summary of how to resolve the problem.

To resolve Pname com Facebook orca error emanating from Facebook messenger app uninstall the messenger app to clear the app caches, Katana folder, and Orca folder, restart the phone, and then reinstall the Facebook Messenger app again from Google app store.

Which Android OS Does Pname com Facebook Orca?

The Pname com Facebook orca error is not an Android update and it does not peculiar to an Android version. The error can occur on the first Android OS generation to the last Android OS [Android P]. However, Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat users complaint about the Orca error more than other users.

Meanwhile, the solution to fix the Unfortunately Facebook has stopped working popping up in the Facebook messenger will be considered in this article.

How to recover deleted messages on messenger as a result of Pname com Facebook Orca error.

Whether you are facing with Facebook Orca error or not you can always retrieve deleted conversation from the Facebook messenger. However, here we’d utilize the orca folder to recover deleted messages from your Facebook account on Android.

Download and install any favorite Android File Explorer. Open the Explorer app and click on Menu to the top right and select  SD/storage or MicroSD card. Here is the list of the best Android file explorer to choose from.

Now, click on Android  >> Data >> com.facebook.orca >> Cache >> fb_temp to access all the deleted messages as a result of the Pname com Facebook orca error emanating from the Facebook messenger app.

pname com facebook orca

Note that you can use any file manager to retrieve the list of deleted conversation on your Facebook messenger as a result of the Pname com Facebook orca error using the Orca folder.

As you can see, the orca folder is an important folder create by Facebook messenger app to store deleted conversations. However, whenever the orca folder is affected then clearing the com.facebook.orca folder caches clear the error messages popping up.

What is Facebook Messenger Orca share?

When you download and install Facebook messenger app, the app created different folders on your app which includes com.facebook.orca) as a recycle bin for deleted conversations. For Facebook app and Facebook home launcher, the app created Katana (com.facebook.katana), and home (com.facebook.home) folder.

Like I said earlier if you delete the com.facebook.orca, it will not guarantee you that the Pname com Facebook orca error will disappear from your phone. As a matter of fact, the Facebook messenger app will recreate another folder and name it con.facebook.orca.

What is a Cache on Facebook?

Caches are data stored in phone memory when you visit a website for the first time and make it easier to access the same website when next your visit it on your phone. This implies that every website you visited stores bytes of cache on your phone RAM including Facebook.

So, Facebook caches are data store on your phone when you first visit Facebook using either the Facebook official app or Facebook Lite app. The caches can be cleared when crashing down your Facebook messenger app.

Clearing Facebook caches often solve the Facebook orca error message and put an end to the message popping up on the Facebook app when you try to log into your Facebook account saying “Unfortunately Facebook app has stopped working”. 

To clear Facebook caches go to your Settings > Applications > Facebook > clear caches.

Pname Com Facebook Orca Error on Android Solution

 This will make the app lighter and run even smoothly compared to when you have the caches stored in your phone memory.

How do I Permanently delete a Facebook Messenger

It takes 14 days to delete your Facebook account permanently when you deactivated it. The 14 days is a grace whether you want to reactivate your account or you have decided to delete it permanently.

However, there are two ways to delete Facebook messenger app without deleting your Facebook account either temporarily or permanently.

To delete Facebook messenger app go to Play Store >> My apps & games >> Messenger >> Uninstall app. 

Pname Com Facebook Orca Error on Android Solution

This will remove the Facebook messenger app from your phone and clear the caches from your phone memory.

This method is tested and confirmed us to clear the Pname com Facebook orca error on Android messenger app.

How to Hide Orca and Katana Folder

If you don’t like seeing the orca folder and the katana folder you can simply hide both folders which will not affect or stop your Facebook Messenger app from stop working. The implication is that the com.facebook.orca and com.facebook.katana folder will be hidden from your device.

Literally, these folders are visible even when you disabled show hid folders on Android. However, to hide these two folders follow the procedure below.

    • Navigate to phone menu and click on Android File Manager App
    • Click on Internal storage 
  • Press and hold com.facebook.orca and  com.facebook.katana folder and click on the menu to the bottom right and click on hide

Pname com Facebook Orca

  • The Orca folder and katana folder are not deleted rather, they were hidden from public access.

Video Tutorial to Fix Pname com Facebook Orca

Do not delete either the orca folder or the katana folder because the messenger app will create another folder automatically rather, you can hide the two com.facebook.orca and com.facebook.katana folder in case you hate seeing them.

If you are not patient enough to read the whole article here is a video tutorial to fix the Pname com Facebook orca and katana folder message error for Android.

If you have any problem with this guide please use the comment section. Do not forget to share with your friends with your friends if this article has helped you to fix Pname com Facebook orca error as a result fo com.facebook.orca caches.

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