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How to Set up Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is an extension for Chrome browser, an app for Android and OS, and a webpage to connect and access at least two devices from two different locations. For instance, if you have a desktop computer at home and go to work with your Chromebook or iPad or Laptop or Macbook, with the Chrome Remote Desktop extension you can remotely control the computer at home on the other device you have with you.

The purpose of the Chrome remote extension is to be able to control at least two devices you have access to but are not in the same place. However, for a few days now, the Chrome Remote Desktop has been so useful connecting my two laptops together without WiFi or Bluetooth.

Meanwhile, if you have the Microsoft remote desktop you may not bother about the Chrome extension because they perform the same function, connecting devices together over the air.

Here in this article, I will take a close review of the Chrome desktop remote extension in full, how to use it on two different computers or gadgets, and how to connect your two devices use either the desktop app or the extension.

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How to Install Chrome Remote Desktop

Before you think of how to use the Chrome desktop remote app you need to run both the Chrome remote desktop and the Chrome remote desktop host. These tools are necessary to work with the Chrome remote access on your computers.

However, for Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, you can skip the above step since the requirement is already installed on your device OS as a built-in feature.

If you don’t have Chrome browser installed on all the devices you want to use the remote access control download and install the latest Chrome browser.

Launch the Chrome browser after installation and sign to Chrome by click on the profile picture to the top right of the browser.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Open a new tab and visit the Chrome remove desktop webpage on the computer you signed into your Chrome account.

Click on the Get Started icon below your desktop everywhere

The first stage is done. Next, you need to set up to access your Chrome desktop everywhere as stated in the information before getting started.

How to Set up Chrome Remote Desktop

The next step is to set up Chrome remote access to be able to access it on other Chrome-running devices.

In the Set up remote access click on the download button to the bottom right of the blue page

Chrome Remote Desktop

Click on the Accept and install. If your computer requires administrative right to continue installation click on YES.

Next, the Chrome remote desktop will ask you to give a name to your computer. Type the name to be given to your computer in the filed provided.

Note: The essence of the name given is to be able to recognize your computer remote name when you try to access your desktop on other devices running Chrome browser.

You will be asked to create a PIN code to serve as a password to your remote access. This is to prevent unauthorized access from accessing your computer behind your back.

Now, you have successfully installed and configure Chrome remote desktop, next is how to access your desktop from away.

How to Access Your Desktop from other Computers

There are various ways you can access your computer desktop from other computers. You can access it on Android, iOS, Mac, and even Windows computers. Following the procedure below you will be able to access your computer desktop on other computers.

Firstly, download and install Chrome remote desktop app for Android and iOS, and Chrome extension for Chrome browser on the device you want to access your computer remotely.

Sign into the remote app if the requested pop up on your chosen device using the same Gmail account you used to sign into your remote Chrome account.

In the remote app, under my computer click on the name of your computer during the setup process as instructed above.

Enter your PIN code to access the remote machine. For instant connection next time you can tell your computer to connect automatically without PIN with the device when next you connect to it.

Chrome Remote Desktop Control User Support

This is an additional feature to help other users who have access to your home computer. For instance, you don’t need to drive from your workplace down home before another user at home can access your home machine. With the remote desktop application, you can render a pro support to other users.

To help other users of your computer at home here is what to do…

Instruct the user to log into his user account on the home computer and install Chrome remote desktop application with the help of the process above.

Tell the user to launch the remote desktop software for Chrome

Under the remote support section, ask the user to generate support code and forward the support code to you so that you can access it from your own computer.

Remote Chrome Desktop

On your computer or remote device go to the remote support section. Enter the remote support code and click on connect.

Remote Chrome Desktop

This will grant you direct access to the home computer access the other users page and respond to the request where you are at the particular time.

However, to be prompt and effective you need a fast internet connection since it’s a real-time effect. An internet connection with a less speed or poor network coverage will probably not help to resolve the issue as soon as you imagine it.

The Google remote Chrome desktop application is effective and efficient when you intend having a home machine as well as a private machine. With the admin right, you will have direct access to everything on your home computer without having to rush home during the rush hour.

Have you tried to use the Chrome remote desktop application on two or more devices before? What are your experiences with this plugin and the mobile app? Which one is more effective?

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