How to Activate Paramount Plus on Fire TV

To activate Paramount Plus on Fire TV isn’t much of a big deal, think about it as installing Whatsapp on your smartphone. However, it could get a little complicated if certain steps are missed. In this guide, I’ll put you through how to activate Paramount Plus on Fire TV.

Paramount plus was launched on Fire TV as it offers a premium on-demand library of videos that includes trending CBS content. It also provides recently aired content of favourite TV series. On top of all of these, Paramount Plus offers live TV content like Forerunner and CBS All Access. So is it worth subscribing for? I tell you YES. Even Disney Plus and Peacock would have a hard time competing with this service.

In this guide, you would learn how to:

  1. How to install the Paramount Plus app on Fire TV
  2. How to Sign Up Paramount Plus on Fire TV
  3. How to Activate Paramount Plus on Fire TV (with and without an activation code)
  4. How to Update Paramount Plus on Fire TV
  5. How to fix Paramount Plus streaming issues on Fire TV
  6. Supported versions of Amazon Devices

How to install Paramount Plus app on Fire TV

The first step to activate Paramount Plus on Fire TV is to install the app using your remote controller. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your Amazon Fire TV and go to the “search field”
  2. In the search field, enter “Paramount+” or “Paramount Plus” and press the search button.

4.   From the results that show up, select the Paramount app and click “Download”. If your Fire Tv is Alexa integrated, you can also use the voice command to search                      Paramount Plus.

5.    Once downloaded, open the Paramount Plus app to launch.

How to Sign Up Paramount Plus on Fire TV

To activate Paramount Plus on Fire TV, we must sign up to Paramount Plus using an internet browsing device. We must also select a subscription plan and enter our Amazon billing address. to do these simply:

  1. Launch the already installed Paramount Plus app on your device
  2. Click on “Sign Up”
  3. Select one of two subscription plans (Essential Plan $5.99 monthly or Premium Plan $9.99 monthly)
  4. You would be asked to create an account. At this point, enter your full name, your e-mail address and a password of your choice. Note that this would be your paramount Plus log in details.
  5. Click “Next” and confirm/enter your Amazon billing address.
  6. Once completed, the next step would be how to activate Paramount Plus on Fire TV.

How to Activate Paramount Plus on Fire TV

You can Activate Paramount Plus on Fire TV in two ways once you’ve downloaded the app. You can either sign up for Paramount Plus

  • On your TV
  • On the Paramount Plus website

Note that when initiating Paramount Plus activation “On your TV” you must have successfully downloaded the app on your smartphone or desktop through amazon, signed up on Paramount Plus using your smartphone or desktop, selected a subscription plan and you must have entered your Amazon billing information on the app.

On the other hand when initiating Paramount plus activation “On the paramount Plus website” you would require an activation code which I’ll discuss later in the article. Understand that not every device requires an activation code to activate Paramount Plus. Check out this guide to see a list of devices that requires an activation code to launch Paramount Plus.

So how do we activate Paramount Plus on Fire TV? Just follow these easy steps:

On your TV
    • Take your Fire TV remote and go to “settings”

    • Under settings go to “Sign In Options”
    • Select “Sign In” and then select the “On my TV” option.
    • Once on this tab, enter the email address and the password you used when subscribing to Paramount Plus on your smartphone or desktop. This isn’t your Amazon Login details.
    • Then click “Sign in”.
On the Paramount Plus website
    • On your Fire TV, go to “settings”
    • Select the “Sign In Option” under settings
    • Click on “Sign In” and choose the “On” option.
    •  On your Fire TV screen, a code and a website would appear. This code would help you activate Paramount Plus on Fire TV, take a mental note of it.
    • Get an internet browsing device and visit this website

    • Enter the activation code that appeared on your screen and click “Submit”. If you haven’t signed up for Paramount Plus, you would be required to do so.
    • You would get a confirmation upon submission and there you go, ready to stream the ends of paramount+.

How to Update the Paramount Plus app on Fire TV

Updating the Paramount Plus app is crucial. Asides from the fact that it keeps you up to date on the latest developments and upgrades on Paramount Plus, it also helps correct streaming issues and fixes bugs. If you are having trouble streaming on Paramount Plus, then you may be on an outdated version of Paramount Plus.

To update Paramount Plus on your Fire TV, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Highlight the Paramount Plus app on your Amazon Home screen. Do not open it, just highlight it.
  2. Click the menu button, which is the button with three horizontal lines on your Fire TV remote.

3.   Then select “More Info”. Should there be an update? You would see an “update” icon if there be any.

4.  Select “update app now”. Paramount+ would begin updating. Once the indicator bar is full, you have successfully upgraded to that latest version of Paramount Plus.

How to Fix Paramount Plus streaming issues onFire TV

The moment you notice issues with streaming on Paramount Plus, the first step in fixing that is to perform a power cycle by restarting your Fire TV. To carry out a power cycle on fire TV, just:

  1. Unplug the power cable from its power supply and the back of the Fire TV.
  2. Wait for about 30 seconds before reconnecting your Fire TV.

Alternatively, you can use the Fire TV menu. Select “My Fire TV” and click the “restart” button.

What are the Supported Versions of Amazon Devices on Paramount Plus?

Not every Amazon device supports Paramount Plus. Here are the few Amazon devices that support Paramount Plus.

  • Fire TV
  • Fire Stick
  • Fire Cube

So there you go, a simple guide on how to activate Paramount Plus on Fire TV. If you have any other related issues activating this, let us know in the comment section.

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