How To Center Instagram Bio: Easiest Methods

This article will help you with the guide on how to center your Instagram bio like a pro; you can as well add some other feature to your bio.

Instagram is a favorite with social media savvy people, and the reasons are justified. The platform has grown into a competitor to Facebook and Twitter over the years. This unique speech makes it a favorite of business people looking to use social media to push their business boundaries.

Instagram has evolved from an entertaining app to read in your spare time into a full-fledged marketing and socializing platform. While some may not care what the post is or how they post it, others go to great lengths to ensure that all aspects of their profile and posts are perfect. This article will teach you how to center your Instagram bio so that it stands out.

The current trend today is how to center Instagram bio. It is questionable whether this is necessary as the platform has no built-in provision for it. Here we are going to show you some useful tips to showcase your Instagram bio and get new followers and leads. First, let’s see what Instagram Bio is and what it can benefit you.

What is Instagram Bio?

Social media are like Instagram communities that are made up of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Many people use Instagram as a viable platform to spread their ideas and share their content with the world. Others use the size of the community to increase the visibility of their Instagram business. Whichever angle you choose to look at, your Instagram bio is likely the first thing potential followers will see when they click on your account name and decide whether to follow you.

Why is your Instagram bio important? Because people want to understand why your brand is behind it and how they benefit from following you. You can also achieve this with a maximum of 160 characters so that it is engaging and informative.

Why do I need a targeted Instagram bio?

As mentioned earlier, someone will look up your bio or public profile summary before deciding whether to follow you. Many people preach that a focused bio will irresistibly position your post to potential Instagram followers. This makes your profile unique, but it also attracts attention and can help you gain followers on Instagram.

Despite the user-friendly interface of Instagram, users want to expand their personalization options. The current character limit is causing you to search for the best word choices that describe your Instagram personality/business while adhering to the specified number of characters. With a focused bio, you can use as many characters as you want to introduce yourself and your brand to your target audience. And these are just a few of the reasons for a focused Instagram bio.

You may not be able to attract all of these potential followers without mastering the targeted bio. For better personalization, additional content, and a unique profile, you need to understand how to center an Instagram bio. That’s exactly what we’re going to teach you in this guide. So let’s start.

What is the character limit for an Instagram bio?

Instagram has a character limit for its “bio” feature. You can only use 150 characters in your Instagram bio to describe yourself. There is no getting around this limitation of characters. Even if you try to edit your bio on the web app, you will get into the same puzzle. If you add a single character above 150, you will not be able to publish the bio. The 150 characters also contain spaces.

How to Center An Instagram Bio

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t offer any text editing tools when entering your Instagram bio. This means that you have to center your bio using the old “space” trick. Unlike other social media apps, Instagram doesn’t rule out spaces. This means you can use the spaces to line up your bio!

Step 1: Edit your bio.

First of all, you need to edit your Instagram bio. You can do this in the mobile app or the web app. Since most people use the mobile app while browsing Instagram, we also use it to edit the bio.

Launch the Instagram app and navigate to your profile by tapping the profile button in the lower right corner.

How To Center Instagram Bio

Now press the “Edit profile.” You can now see all aspects of your profile that you can edit.

How To Center Instagram Bio

Step 2: Align your bio.

Now the idea is to break your bio into different lines, then add spaces before each line. This creates the illusion of using center alignment in the text. The next part deals with trial and error.

Depending on the length of each sentence, you may need to insert spaces in front of it. You need to add the same number of spaces before each line in your bio. For best results, use nine spaces before each line. You can copy and paste the spaces between the arrows below and before each line in your bio. |〈         〉|

Alternatively, you can press the space bar on your virtual keyboard and count any added space.

How To Center Instagram Bio

Step 3: Save and review your bio.

As mentioned above, this is a trial and error method. You won’t know what your profile looks like until you save the changes and check your profile yourself.

Tap the blue checkmark in the top right corner to save your changes, then visit your profile to review.

How To Center Instagram Bio

Adjust the number of spaces further based on how far you want the center of your bio.

Try different styles

The center alignment is just one way to get your Instagram bio styled. The space method lets you try different styles to make your bio stand out. Play around with the number of spaces before each sentence to create fun alignments.


How To Center Instagram Bio


How To Center Instagram Bio


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