How to Change Airpods Name

Some of us want to know how to change AirPods name just for things to be kept simple and identifiable. Once you can successfully pair new Airpods or Airpods 2 to your iPad or iPhone, they will need to be given new names else they maintain default names, hence, a need to know how to change Airpods name. Instead of X’s Airpods, you might prefer “Iconic Airpods” or something else. It’s totally understandable.

Having understood the need to want to change some things like the names of our devices, we went ahead to make some findings on how to change Airpods name. You can make this change by simply following the simple guide we have given below;

How to Change Airpods name on iPhone

Image displays screen with an option to name Airpod

To do this to change our AirPods name on our iPhone;

  • Launch Settings app on your iOS device

image displays the settings app on iPhone as the first step to access airpod for name change

  • Go to Bluetooth

image shows the bluetooth option on settings app where Airpod name change can be initiated

  • Click on the “i” icon right beside your Airpods in My Devices list.

image shows the "i" icon beside current airpods name

  • On the following screen, tap Name.

image shows the Name option where Airpods can be renamed

  • Then input your preferred name for your Airpods using the onscreen virtual keyboard.

Image depicts new name input

You can follow this guide to effect this change on your iPad device also.

How to Change Airpod Name on Mac

Airpods can also be renamed on Mac devices. Follow the=is guide to rename your Airpod;

  • On your Mac, Go to System PreferencesImage shows Mac home screen with the System preferences option to proceed to changing Airpod name
  • Tap the Bluetooth option

Image depicts the bluetooth pane on Mac

  • Having connected your Airpods to your Mac, right-click them in the devices list
  • Then select the Rename option in the pop-up menu
  • Proceed to type in a new name

Image depicts the airpod name being changed and rename option

  • Then click the Rename button to finalize.

Meanwhile, it might occur that you are unable to rename your Airpods to another name. This isn’t particular to you alone. You might have tried some tricks like turning off your Bluetooth and then on again, connecting Airpods to your iPad Pro, shutting the Airpod case, and opening it back again. All these situations might not solve it, and your new name wouldn’t stick. Here are some solutions we found for you.

Reset Airpods

An approach you can make to solving this issue is to try and reset your Airpods. Furthermore;

  • Put the Airpods in the charging case with the lid open

shows airpods in charging case with lids open

  • For about 3 seconds, press and hold the Setup button behind the charging case

Image shows airpod setup button which is to be pressed for 3 seconds

  • Wait till the status light flashes amber and then flashes white.

Shows light display on Airpod case after setup button was long pressed

  • Now connect your AirPods to your iPad or iPhone and try to rename again.

Method 2

Forget AirPods on your iPhone or iPad

If you are unable to solve the issue with the first guide, then maybe this will solve it. Make your iPhone forget Airpods forget your device and then pair them again. To do this;

  • With your AirPods connected to your device, open the Settings app
  • Go to Bluetooth
  • Under My Device, click the “i” button beside next to the Airpod’s current name

Image shows an illustration of the "i" icon beside Airpod name

  • Proceed to tap on Forget this device

Image shows the "Forget this device" prompt to forget airpod

  • Then Confirm

Method 3

  • Now try pairing your AirPods to your device again
  • Once connected, open Settings
  • Bluetooth
  • Then tap on the “i” button next to the current name

Method 4

  • Proceed by tapping on the name field
  • Enter your new preferred name
  • Make sure to click Done at the bottom right corner

To Forget Airpods on Mac

  • Go to system preferences

Image shows Mac home screen with the System preferences option where the steps to change airpod name on Mac is initiated

  • Then Bluetooth

Image depicts the bluetooth pane on Mac with the Remove option

  • Right-click on Airpods
  • Then click Remove

Image depicts the bluetooth pane on Mac with the Remove Airpod option

  • Proceed to click on Forget Device

Shows Mac bluetooth screen with a "Forget device" option

  • Now, pair your AirPods again with your Mac device

Shows the pairing option on Mac buetooth screen to reconnect airpod

  • Right-click on the Airpods when the earbuds appear connected
  • Then select Rename

Image depicts the bluetooth pane on Mac with the Remove option

  • Now enter your new preferred name

Image depicts the airpod name input and rename option

  • Then click Confirm

Reset iPhone

It could happen that the above solutions are not working for your Airpods rename. The next thing to try doing is resetting your iPhone. This will reset your iPhone to factory settings while still maintaining your media and data. Read our guide on the reset process to do this.

After confirming reset of all settings;

  • Pair AirPods with your iOS device.
  • Then Rename your Airpods as illustrated in the mentioned steps above.

Update iPhone to change AirPods name

Are the methods to change AirPods name not working? Don’t give up. There are some other ones. Updating your iPhone is another approach worth taking to be able to change your Airpod name.

To update your iPhone, go to the Settings app > General > Software update. Access here for a full guide on this.

Update Airpods Firmware Version

To be clear of doubt, updating your Airpods firmware is the next and apparently the last option at resolving the issue. The process to update your Airpods firmware version is automatic as Apple is yet to provide a manual or technical update method. To do this;

  • Put the earphones in the charging case
  • Connect the case to a source of power with the Lightning to the USB cable

Image depicts airpod case being connected to a lightening cable

  • Ensure that the paired iOS device has an active internet connection and is near the charging case

Having followed that process, you only have to wait for some time and permit the update to be completed.

We hope this guide on how to change Airpods’ name is helpful. What was your experience with changing AirPods name? We would love to know in the comment section.

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