How to Change your Facebook Name

Facebook has been around for so long that most of us don’t even remember setting it up for the first time. Fortunately, Facebook offers so much personalization when it comes to your profile that you have several options to change the options that were set up from the start. In this article, we are going to explain how to change your name on Facebook and what happens when you do.

Whether you’ve just married, no longer identified by your maiden name, or want to change the overly formal “Robert” on your profile to “Rob”, here’s how to change the name you use on Facebook.

Before you dive in, be sure to check out Facebook’s naming guidelines. You should “use any name you use in everyday life”, but that gives you a little flexibility. My name on Facebook is Bassey Chimezirim James, and that’s what everyone calls me, but it’s not the name on my birth certificate.

There are many good reasons for changing the name of your Facebook account.

You may be adopting a new spouse’s last name and want your profile to reflect your new name. Or maybe you’ve gotten past your childhood nickname, says Billy, and you want to start using William. Or maybe you need a change to spice things up.

It’s up to you why you want your name changed on Facebook, but how to do it is as follows:

How to Change your Name on Facebook

You will be surprised how easy it is to change your name on Facebook. When you do this, the changes will be immediately reflected on Facebook.

On iPhone and Android app

To get your name changed on Facebook using the mobile app, launch the app on your phone and tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

How to change your Facebook name

Now scroll down to “Settings & Privacy” and select “Settings”. Under Account Settings, tap Personal Information.

Now press “Name” and enter your new name on the next page. On the next page, click “Review Changes”.

You can now choose how you want your name to appear. Then enter your Facebook password and click “Save changes”.

How to change your Facebook name

How to Facebook Name on PC

You can change your name on Facebook using a web browser on a PC. It’s the same process as the app.

Open a web browser such as Chrome on your PC and visit Now log in with your Facebook account ID and password, then tap the Account button in the top right corner. Now go to Settings & Privacy> Settings.

How to change your Facebook name

In the left pane, select the General tab and click Edit next to your name.

How to change your Facebook name

Enter your new name and click “Review Change”.

You can now choose how you want your name to appear. Then enter your Facebook password and click on “Save changes”.

What if you change your Facebook name?

Once you change your name on Facebook, it will show up everywhere. Your profile, account, etc. Other than changing your name, your profile will not be affected in any way. Plus, your experience on Facebook or the way you interact with others will stay the same. You will also notice that your name will also change in the Messenger app as it is linked to your Facebook account.

What about the photos you’ve been tagged with?

Your media will be preserved if you change your name on Facebook. If you look at the photos that you were tagged on, you can see that the tag now reflects your new name. Aside from the name change, if you change your Facebook name, the tags are not affected in any way.

How will my friends tag me in the comments after I change my name?

Comments that have already been highlighted only change to reflect the new name. Once you’ve changed your name on Facebook, your friends will need to give you a new name. If they try to tag you with your old Facebook name, your profile won’t show up.

Does Facebook notify my friends when I change my name?

No, Facebook doesn’t send notifications when you change your name. It’s a bit of a shame because your friends have no way of knowing that your account now has a different name. The only way to find out is by checking a photo it is tagged on and checking the new name on the tag.

How often can I change my name on Facebook?

There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many times you can change your name on Facebook. However, Facebook can’t change your name if you’ve changed it in the last 60 days.

If you still need to change your name within 60 days of the change, you can fill out the form below and ask Facebook to do so. Facebook will review the request and can change it for you, but there is no guarantee that it will.

Link: This link for the Name change will help you change your name with ease.

Why can’t I change my name on Facebook?

Facebook has certain restrictions on the names that can be used in the app. Facebook emphasizes that your name must match your ID in the app. This is because we want users to know exactly who they are communicating with through the app.

You also can’t use titles on Facebook, whether professional or religious. You also can’t use symbols or numbers in your name on Facebook. However, you can use nicknames if they are a variation of your name. Nicknames can be used as a first or last name.

Things you can’t use for with your name on Facebook.

  • Symbols, numbers, unusual capital letters, repeated characters, or punctuation marks.
  • Characters of different languages.
  • Titles of all kinds.
  • Words or phrases like “Stay Informed Group,” instead of a name.
  • Insulting or suggestive words of any kind.

As long as you’re not making use of anything too ridiculous or stupid, you should be able to change your name to anything you want without Facebook having a fit of hysteria. It should also be noted that once you change your name, you cannot change your name for 60 days.

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