How to Check Data Balance on Airtel Network

If you want to check data balance on Airtel network you don’t need to download Airtel mobile app. You only need to dial the Airtel data balance USSD code *223#.

How to buy data on Airtel network is very easy. You can buy Airtel data from a reseller. You can dial Airtel USSD code to buy Airtel data. However, to check data balance on Airtel requires you to dial the Airtel USSD code and you Airtel data balance will be sent to you as a message.

How to check Airtel data balance on Android and iOS is very easy. The same USSD code works for both Android and iOS. If you subscribed for Airtel data on a desktop or on your laptop, Airtel will update you on how you consume your data.

However, the best way to check your Airtel data on laptop and computer without removing your SIM card from your modem is via sending SMS to Airtel number for Airtel to send you information regarding your laptop Airtel data balance.

For the same of this guide, I will share very information you need to know on how to check data balance on Airtel whether on a laptop or on your Android and iOS phone.

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How to Check Data Balance on AirtelHow to Check Data Balance on Airtel

How to Check Data Balance on Airtel

Airtel has different USSD code to check their data plan. Although, *223#  appears to be the universal approach. However, for all Airtel data plan here is how to check your data balance.

Airtel 10MB for #100

To check your Airtel data balance for Airtel #100 subscription for 10MB for 1-day dial *410#. Airtel will display your Airtel data balance and send it to you as a message.

Airtel 500MB for #500

For your Airtel #500 subscription for a whooping Airtel 500MB what of data cap dial *418# to check your leftover data plan.

Airtel 1.5GB for #1000

Airtel 1.5GB for #1000 last for 30 days and suppose Airtel data rollover from the previous month to the next month. To check your data balance dial *496#.

Airtel 2GB for #2000

Airtel data plan price for #2000 gives a whopping 2GB what of data cap with unlimited data. However, to check your data plan on this subscription dial the code *438#

Airtel 3G for 30 Days

To check Airtel data plan balance for Airtel 3G for 3000 dial the USSD code *437#. You data balance will pop up instantly.

Airtel 4.5GB

Airtel data plan includes the 4.5GB data cap for 30 days. However, to check this data plan balance dial the USSD code *439#.

Note that these codes cannot be used interchangeably. However, when you run out of data after you have checked your data balance using the USSD code provided, Airtel will charge you as pay as you go.

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