How to clean Roomba Vacuum Cleaner Easily

One of the things you’ll come to notice over time if you’ve used your Roomba vacuum cleaner for a while is that your Roomba vacuum won’t be free from issues.

So it’s not odd if you are looking to figure out how to clean Roomba due to the issue that you are facing.

Dirt and debris getting stuck on the duct components of your upright vacuum cleaner is the most common cause of most issues on your Roomba except the Roomba won’t turn on or turn off.

While it might not seem like much of a fuss when you are trying to figure out how to clean Roomba, It might be a big deal to you if you find constant troubleshooting a bit daunting.

But then, you can avoid this, however, you must perform preventive maintenance, such as cleaning the Roomba regularly.

And since you’ve come to learn how to clean Roomba on this page, I will be breaking down all the different components you have to clean if you want to avoid issues with your robot vacuum.

How to clean Roomba vacuum

Clenching a Roomba vacuum isn’t difficult. All you have to do is remove the dirty parts and clean them. Afterwards, simply reinstall them.

This shouldn’t be an issue if you are not an electrical person since most of these components are easy to remove.

That being said, let’s delve into how you can clean these components one by one.

How to Clean Roomba Bin

how to clean Roomba bin

After each use, you should clean the bin to keep your Roomba functioning properly.

Although it’s not very complicated, but doing this is important since it keeps debris from accumulating within the device.

After all, you’re less likely to make a mess with dust blowing around if there isn’t any dust in the trash can.

The steps listed below can be used to clean the trash can.

  • Press the bin release button on the robot’s back to take out the trash.
  • On the bin release tab, there is a bin icon.
  • Now transfer the bin’s contents to your trash container.
  • Open the trash can’s door.
  • After that, grab the filter’s edge and take it out of the left side of the bin.
  • Remove the particles by pressing the filter against your garbage can.
  • After completing this, the filler has to be changed.
  • It should be emphasized that filters should not be cleaned or allowed to come into contact with liquid.
  • After washing it with warm water, let the trash can dry.
  • Verify the container’s dryness.

NB: Please keep in mind that the trashcan is only meant to be washed by hand. It should not be washed in the dishwasher and should only be cleaned by rinsing it with warm water.

  • Simply put the filter back in the trash can after that.
  • Insert the bin into the bin slot and secure it.

How to clean Roomba Brushes

how to clean Roomba brushes

Another element of the Roomba vacuum that requires routine cleaning is the Roomba brush. Although it may be replaced, you should make sure to clean it once or twice a week if you plan to use it for a while.

I will quickly discuss how to clean the main brush and the side brush that makes up the Roomba brushes; however, you can read this post below for more details about how to clean them both.

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That being said, let’s delve into how you can do that.

  • To open the cleaning head module door, press the green tab adjacent to the multi-surface brushes on the right.
  • Before removing the multi-surface brushes from the robot, make sure all hair and dirt are eliminated from the square and hex pegs.
  • Remove any debris from the grey bearings and the area around them.
  • On top of the multi-surface brushes, place the bearings.
  • Ensure that the vacuum route is free of obstructions.
  • NB: The shape of the cleaning head module should match the multi-surface brush pegs.

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How to Clean Roomba Charging Docks

how to clean Roomba

You will face a few issues if the dock is blocked with dirt.

This typically results in your Roomba vacuum not charging because the electrical connectors are blocked with debris, which prevents the connection between the Roomba vacuum and the dock.

Nevertheless, while learning how to thoroughly clean a Roomba vacuum cleaner, you must not disregard them.

Now that you are informed, here is how to clean the sensor.

Use clean melamine foam on the home base, robot, docking sensor window, and charging connections.

How to Clean Roomba Sensors

how to clean Roomba sensor

Your Roomba’s Cliff sensors may be covered in dust if you see your vacuum cleaner stopping and starting suddenly.

If you are faced with this, what action should you take in this circumstance? You don’t want your roommate sensor to start sliding down the stairs if it isn’t functioning correctly.

You need to acquire a towel and completely wipe your sensors clean with a magic eraser.

How to Clean Roomba Wheels

The front caster wheels on your Roomba vacuum cleaner help it move around and clean surfaces.

Therefore, if the wheel experiences any resistance, it has likely been clogged with dirt or other material.

But for the most part, the machine obstruction is usually caused by hair dirt.

That said, here is how to clean the front wheel:

  • Remove the front wheel by firmly pulling it out.
  • Remove any debris from the wheel cavity.
  • Spin the wheel by hand.
  • Next, remove the wheel from its housing and press hard to remove the axle and any debris or hair that may be wrapped around it if rotation is hampered.
  • When you are done, replace all of the components.
  • Make sure the wheel snaps back into place.

How to Clean Roomba Filter

how to clean Roomba

Your iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner filters should be cleaned twice a week if you have pets. You can do that once a week if you don’t have one.

In addition, as they are highly prone to clogging, you should plan on replacing them entirely every two months if you want them to continue functioning at their best.

That being said, here is how to clean a room vacuum filter.

  • By holding the side of the filter, it should be removed from the left side of the bin.
  • Now remove the particles by shaking the filter against the garbage bin.
  • After that, the filter should be changed.
  • Finally, slide the bin into the slot.

How to Clean a Roomba I2

If you own a Roomba i2 series vacuum cleaner, the steps you need to follow to clean it are the same as those mentioned above.

You should follow the steps above carefully. However, if you are not good at fixing things, you might want to get a vacuum repairer.

How to Clean a Roomba

Roomba vacuum cleaner is one of the few vacuum cleaners that work well and is also reasonably priced, as it is listed as one of the best and cheapest vacuum cleaners.

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If you have a Roomba 13 vacuum, the instructions listed above would work if you wanted to clean this model.


After reading this post, you should know how to clean your Roomba vacuum cleaner without breaking it.

If that seems helpful, feel free to bookmark this website to stay on top of tech gadget fixes.

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