How to Disable Nintendo Switch Firmware Automatic Update

If you have jailbroken your Nintendo console you may encounter difficulties if you try to upgrade to the latest Nintendo switch update in the firmware settings.

Jailbreaking your Nintendo and trying to upgrade it at the same time poses risk to your Nintendo device as the jailbroken may let your console start malfunctioning.

However, the best way to enjoy your console when jailbroken is to disable automatic firmware updates. But, if you haven’t jailbroken your console there is no cause for alarm, you can just hit the update option in your console’s settings.

To help protect your console after jailbreaking, here I’ll share with you how to disable the Nintendo switch firmware automatic update.

Let me sound this warning… Jailbreaking your device can pose a threat, which is not the same as jailbreaking iPhone devices. The option to reverse jailbreak option on your console is somehow irreversible, and it can affect your console beyond repairing.

How to Disable Nintendo Switch Firmware Automatic Update

How to Disable Nintendo Switch Firmware Automatic Update

The first thing you need to do before you power up your Nintendo switch console is to first disable the console settings automatic update. In fact, don’t connect to either Wi-Fi or mobile network yet so that your switch will not start the software automatic update you want to disable.

Here is how to disable Nintendo switch firmware automatic update…

1. Click on “System Settings” from your console’s Home screen

2. Select “System” at the bottom of “System settings” from above option

3. Scroll down the screen and select “Auto-Update Software” Do not make a mistake to select “System update” so you will not prompt the system to install unwanted software on your console.

How to Disable Nintendo Switch Firmware Automatic Update

After the above step, your jailbroken Nintendo console will not receive any available update from Nintendo switch. However, once these updates are disabled you will not be able to have access to an online functionality. But, there is a way to disable Nintendo switch firmware update and still have access to the online functionality on your console.

How to Disable Nintendo Switch Update in Future with Online Access

It’s true that you would have successfully disabled your switch update following the guide above but the witch will not stop sending a notification for any available update. However, to put an end to this annoying notification without blocking all access to the internet you need to set up additional DNS on your device.

Changing network in your Nintendo switch settings will grant you an avenue to disable or block firmware update on your Nintendo switch and have access to online functionality at the same time.

Here is how to disable future update notifications on Nintendo switch and still have online access…

1. Select “System Settings” from your switch Home screen

2. Under “System Settings” select “Internet”

How to Disable Nintendo Switch Firmware Automatic Update

3. Click on “Internet Settings” and select ” “Current network” which is the one with “mark” indication.

How to Disable Nintendo Switch Firmware Automatic Update

3. Under “Change Settings” and select “DNS Settings”

4. Click on “Manual” and select “Primary DNS”

5. Enter the information below into the primary and secondary section of your DNS

  1. Enter
  2. Select OK.
  3. Select Secondary DNS.
  4. Enter
  5. Select OK

Finally, click on “OK” to “Confirm” changing.

What we have done above is called “Nintendo Switch update redirect via new DNS settings. The new DNS settings will block Nintendo switch from sending firmware update notification to you on your console.

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