How to Enter BIOS on Windows 7

BIOS in Windows 7 stands for Windows 7 input and output system in the Windows. This BIOS function is to check your computer whether it’s in a good condition and allow the computer to start when you press the power button. When you start your PC, say Windows 7, the BIOS runs a power-on-self-test which is popularly called “POST” automatically to make sure that your computer is ready to boost as expected. However, if you are not sure of how to enter BIOS Windows 7 computer here is a guide for you. Here in this guide, you will learn how to enter Windows 7 BIOS system

All Windows OS has it own BIOS and it must be working perfectly for the PC to run smoothly as expected. It’s very easy to enter BIOS on Windows 7 and it’s not technically difficult, you just need to pay a close attention to your computer screen.

However, due to modifications in the new Microsoft Windows, the Windows 8 and Windows 10, there is a little different in how to enter BIOS on Windows 8 and Windows 10.

But, to enter Windows 7 BIOS is as simple as how to enter Windows Vista BIOS and the older version.

BIOS Features

Apart from checking your computer health and make sure that everything is working fine. The Windows BIOS has the following features.

  1. Standard CMOS Features
  2. Advanced BIOS features
  3. Advanced Chipset features
  4. Integrated Peripherals
  5. Power Management setup
  6. PnP/PCI Configuration
  7. PC Health status
  8. Frequency/Voltage Control
  9. Load fail-safe Defaults
  10. Set Supervisor password
  11. Set user password
  12. Save & Exit setup
  13. Exit Without savings

How to Enter Windows 7 BIOS

This procedure works on all Windows 7 computer irrespective of your Windows manufacturer. This approach is tested and confirmed on a Dell computer, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, and a Samsung PC with Windows 7 OS installed on it.

  1. Press the power button on your computer to start it.
  2. Look at the notification that appears on the screen that asks you the keys or combination of keys to press to enter the BIOS settings
  3. Press the keys suggested to Enter the BIOS settings on your Windows 7
  4. If this is done within the stipulated seconds a blue background will appear and this implies that you have entered Windows 7 BIOS
  5. If you don’t want to call this as BIOS you can also call it CMOS setup program as it all settings made to your computer memory.
  6. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll down to select an option and click on the enter button to select itHow to Enter Windows 7 BIOS
  7. To make your settings change you can use the arrow keys (up and down). If the keys are not working use the sign button (- or +) to save changes. To press the “+” sign you have to press “Shift x +”.
  8. Press “Esc” key to quit and “F10” to save and exit setupSave settings

This approach to enter the BIOS section in Windows 7 appears complex unlike Windows 8 and Windows 10 where you can easily enter the BIOS using shortcut. That is the power of advancement though.

If you are unable to enter your Windows 7 BIOS with this guide please state the difficulty that you are facing so that we can be of help.

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