How to Find Zoom Meetings Password on PC and Mobile

Lately, you will find out that when you are trying to join a meeting on Zoom, you will see “Enter Zoon meeting password,” which wasn’t like that before. You may now be wondering, how do I get the zoom meeting password, and why do I need password to join a meeting on zoom now.

Before, all you need to join a zoom meeting is the meeting ID or the invitation link. However, of late, Zoom upgraded the app settings and required a password to access a meeting. If this is the difficulties that you are experiencing on Zoom, this post will help you as well are going to detail how to find password on Zoom to join.

Without wasting too much of your time, let quickly take a look at how to see Zoom meeting password on your mobile (Android/iPhone) and PC (Windows/Mac).Enter Zoom Password

Why Do I Need Password to Access Zoom Meeting?

Zoom is one of the most downloaded apps of recently just a few downloaded behind TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Since this dau, Zoom has been heavily scrutinized, and the app is put under critical surveillance because of the app security level. There were reports that the Zoom app isn’t an end-to-end encrypted app, and so many distractions to keep the app working for those that need it.

However, the Zoom meeting also experienced uninvited participants in most meetings that hold on Zoom due to the free access for those with the meeting ID or invite link. For Zoom to curb this on the app, another security measure is required. Not 2FA this time around, but password access is required to join meeting on the platform.

This now implies that the new meeting that you are about to create will require a password from the participant to join or the meeting you are invited to will require a password from you to join. Therefore, there is a need to know how to find Zoom meeting password.

How to Create Password for Zoom Meeting

The new zoom meeting settings require a password to join. But, the password will be created automatically. This means that when you are holding a meeting on Zoom, you do not need to create the meeting password; rather, the meeting password will be created automatically on zoom.

This means that; you have little or no control over the password. Zoom will create the most difficult password to guess ever for your meeting, so there is no reason to panic.

How to Add Participant to Zoom Meeting

Zoom developers are doing everything possible to make the meeting app the best ever. However, despite the fact that zoom meeting participants need a password to join, they would be placed on hold until their participation is approved.

With this feature, you wouldn’t need to approve unwanted member in the meeting as you hold the key access to approve who join or who doesn’t.

Who can see the Zoom Meeting Password

Zoom only makes the meeting password visible only to the host. All other participants would have to request for it. With access to the password to the zoom meeting as the host, you can share it with all the participants on your list.

That gives you a bit of control over it.

How to Find Zoom Meeting Password on PC

The first thing to do is to create a zoom meeting, and the password will be created automatically; after that, here is how to see the password that all participants will use to join the meeting.

  • Launch the Zoom meeting app on your PC (Windows/Mac).
  • Tap on the “New Meeting” logo.How to Find Zoom Meeting Password
  • Go to “Password” you will find the meeting password written in number or take a look at the end of the “Invitation link” you will see the password after “pwd=”Passcode

So, you need to share the Zoom password with all the meeting participants. However, if you are sharing the invitation link with the password attached to it, the participants will only need to click on the invitation link with the password to join. With the Zoom meeting invitation ink, there won’t be a need to enter the meeting password manually again.

How to Find Zoom Meeting Password on Mobile (Android/iPhone)

Zoom offers the same approach to find the password on Zoom on mobile (Android/iPhone) and sending it to all participants to join. Now, if you plan to hold a new meeting on zoom, here is how to find the meeting password.

  • Launch the Zoom meeting app on your Android/iPhone.
  • Tap on “Start a Meeting.”
  • Tap the drop-menu on “Zoom” at the top of the screen.
  • Under the green check with, “You are using enhanced encryption,” you will see the standalone “Passcode.” That is the meeting password.
  • Also, take a close look at the “Invite Link” you will see “pwd” and some combination of alphabets and numbers, that is also the meeting password.

Note: If you invited all participants via the “Participant ID,” You only need to send the meeting password.” But, if you intend to invite the participant with the “Zoom Invite Link,” there is no need to attach the standalone passcode to it since the password is already attached to the end of the link. Once the participant clicked on the invite link, they will be able to join without a password.

How to Use Zoom Meeting Password

As the host, you don’t need a password to join the meeting. But, all participants need the password to join. Your main assignment before the meeting starts is to start the meeting and share the meeting password. Participants, on the other hand, need either the password or the invite link with the password to join the meeting.

But, there is no need to share both the meeting password and invite link. Since the Zoom meeting invite link carries the passcode, there is no need to share the standalone password. And if you choose to share the password to the meeting, there is no need to share the invite link as they both serve the same purpose.

How to Turn off Zoom Meeting Password

It’s not even possible to disable passwords to zoom meetings. The password was introduced to control Zoombombing, and it’s now a must to have the password enabled to start a meeting. However, the advantage is that you have the chance to change the password to your choice.Turn of Zoom Meeting Password

Zoom defaults password requirements to start a meeting on the platform, and that cannot be changed. But, if you need a complex passcode, you can alter the default password.

How to Change Zoom Meeting Password

It’s simple and straightforward to change the zoom meeting password from default to a more complex one. And here is how.

  • Go to the Zoom settings on the official website at
  • Scroll to “Require a password for Personal Meeting ID’ and tap on the edit pencil icon.
  • Enter a new password to use and tap “Save.”Change meeting password on Zoom

The password will be changed to the new one. You can now share it with all participants.

Why is the Zoom Meeting Password not Working

There could be a handy reason why your zoom password isn’t working, and here are the possible ways to fix it.

Confirm the Password

Are you typing the correct password? Take a close look at it and re-type it again. The password is case-sensitive. So, you would want to type it as it’s else it won’t work.

Restart your PC/Mobile

Don’t be in a hurry to conclude that the zoom meeting password isn’t working. Restarting your device (computer and Android/iPhone) could be what you need to fix it. So, first, proceed to restart your device.

Update Zoom App

If restarting your zoom device didn’t work. You should consider checking for available updates. If there is any update to it. To do this, go to your app store, search for the Zoom app, and tap update.

Meeting Cancelled

Chat with your host to know whether the meeting is still holding. If the meeting is cancelled, the password will not work.

How to See Zoom Password when the Meeting is Scheduled

If you are invited to a meeting on Zoom that is scheduled to take place at a particular time, the host needs to send the password or invite link before the meeting starts. However, as the host, how can you access the zoom meeting password that is scheduled?

  • Launch the Zoom app on your device.
  • You will see “Schedule meeting” under “Upcoming.”
  • Tap on it and click on “Show Meeting Invitation.”
  • Here you will see the scheduled meeting password on Zoom and the updated link to invite all participants.

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