How to fix a Hitachi TV Flashing Red and Blue Light

You have a Hitachi TV which has been working pretty cool and then somehow your Hitachi TV begins flashing red and blue light and you seem quite confused on how to fix this. Well you don’t have to panic, Hitachi TV just like many other smart TV are specifically designed to give flashing signals whenever there is an issue or a problem to troubleshoot. These flashing signals helps prevent your Hitachi TV from further damage and acts as a warning to its user.Hitachi TV blinking red and blue light

A Hitachi TV flashing red and blue light may mean one of three things.

1. The most likely reason your Hitachi TV flashes red and blue light is due to an automatic software update on the Hitachi TV.

Hitachi TV does and automatic software update mostly at midnight. This is completely normal and indicates no faults with your Hitachi TV. The software update happens periodically from around 2am to 5am until the updates are completed.

While your TV is rebooting after a successful software update, do not unplug the power cord while led is flashing red and blue light. Should in case the TV doesn’t turn on after the software update, unplug the Hitachi TV for about two minutes and then plug it back in. Understand that all updates are automatically controlled on your Hitachi TV. If you carry out a manual search and no update is found, it simply means you have the current software update of your Hitachi TV.

Your Hitachi TV also carries out background searches but it doesn’t flash a red and blue light during it’s background search. During this update, your Hitachi TV searches for critical software upgrades. If the Hitachi TV finds a critical software upgrade, it downloads the upgrade silently. When the upgrade is complete, your TV requests a reboot operation to activate the new software.

To disable Automatic updates on your Hitachi TV, follow the following steps

  1. Simply navigate on the Hitachi TV’s main menu.
  2. Select Settings (go to other settings in the menu)
  3. Under this tab, navigate to software update
  4. Then turn off automatic software updates under this menu.

Caution: While led is blinking during reboot do not unplug your TV’s power. If there should be any power interruption, your TV may not reboot again and this issue can only be fixed by a Hitachi TV service personnel.

2. If your Hitachi TV flashes red and blue light but it doesn’t turn on or updates software, then it’s due to a fault in the Hitachi TV’s capacitors on the power supply board.

Your Hitachi TV would flash red and blue light if it detects a fault in its capacitors on the power supply board. This red and blue flashes is carried out as a preventive measure by your Hitachi TV to prevent further damage to your Hitachi TV.

A faulty capacitor on your Hitachi TV could cause further problems to your TV if TV is constantly forced to reboot. Issues could range from damage to the power supply board to much more complex issues.

Follow these steps carefully to fix this issue on your Hitachi TV:

  1. Unscrew the Hitachi TV to access the power supply board.
  2. Check each capacitor of your Hitachi TV carefully and detect faulty ones. (Faulty capacitors usually have bulged heads)
  3. Carefully replace faulty capacitors using a soldering iron. Careful not to damage any other vital parts of your Hitachi TV’s mother board.
  4. Connect all wires and replace the power supply board.
  5. Test to be sure if it works.

NB: If this procedure doesn’t work, you would have to contact a Hitachi TV service personnel. Do not attempt to fix this issue if you don’t have experience in fixing Hitachi TV hardware.

3. If your Hitachi TV flashes red and blue light but doesn’t turn on and you have confirmed it’s not from the two issues listed above, then it might be from Your Hitachi TV’s cooling system.

Depending on the model of your TV, a Hitachi TV flashing red and blue light could be as a result of a fault in the TV’s cooling system. The fan working behind your Hitachi TV plays a vital role in reducing heat produced when the TV is on working.

Your Hitachi TV can automatically detect abnormalities in the temperature of your TV, when it detects extreme and undesirable temperature of your Hitachi TV, it flashes that glaring red and blue light to notify you early on.

    1. Simply unplug your TV and do a check on your Hitachi TV’s cooling system.
    2. Check the connectors to the fan if they aren’t disconnected.
    3. Do a simple check on the fan any note any abnormality in the cooling system.
    4. Change the fan of the TV if your find anything wrong with its operation.

NB: Contact a professional Hitachi TV service personnel if you have further issues fixing this problem.

A similar issue that would make your Hitachi TV flash red and blue light could be as a result of your TV placed in extremely cold situations. Depending on the TV model, there have been reports that certain old models Hitachi TV would flash red and blue during extreme winter days in freezing room temperatures.

Flashing red and blue light on your Hitachi TV could simply tell a simple software upgrade to a complex issue on the power supply board. It’s very important to pay close and keen attention to your Hitachi TV’s flashing signals/codes. It would be of great help to understand much more about Hitachi TV’s flashing/blinking codes to understand exactly what might be wrong with your Hitachi TV.

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