How to Fix Ecobee Flashing Green Light

Do you know what it means when Ecobee flashing green light becomes a problem to tackle? If you are not sure, then this article is for you as we will be discussing what the Ecobee flashing green light means. So, if you would want to know, then stay with us, as knowing this will help you understand your Ecobee thermostat a lot better.

Ecobee has carved a niche for itself as a smart home solutions provider. The Toronto-based company manufactures a number of smart home devices, all designed to serve a different purpose, like the smart thermostats, which will be the focus of this article, as well as smart cameras, lights, and security locks.

One thing that is non-negotiable about the Ecobee product is that every device comes fully equipped with the latest smart features, so you can set routines, and connect your devices with Alexa, so you get to control your devices by simply giving voice commands. 

Considering that our focus is one Ecobee Smart Thermostat, you should know that Ecobee is basically a device that uses smart sensors and third-party digital integrations to control the climate conditions in your home. 

Having established that, let us get right into why your Ecobee is flashing green light.

Ecobee Flashing Green Light

Ecobee Flashing Green Light

Over time, this complaint has become commonplace, as many users who own an Ecobee device complain of their Ecobee flashing green light. For most of it, they usually have no clue about what the flashing green light means, and this is enough to raise concerns because no one wants a situation of having to fix their thermostat due to faults here and there.

So, basically, when your Ecobee is flashing green light, it is nothing to worry about as it typically means that you have a notification from Alexa. Alexa sends visible alerts to your Ecobee whenever there is an event you have notifications turned on for occurs.

Some of the notifications you might receive from Alexa include;

  • Weather alerts
  • Amazon Prime deliveries,
  • HVAC service
  • Furnace filter
  • UV lamp
  • Low-temperature alert
  • High-temperature alert
  • Aux heat runtime alert
  • Aux outdoor temperature alert
  • Low/high humidity alert or any other notifications you may have signed up for. So, when these notifications are due, the bar at the top of your Ecobee starts flashing green light in a bid to alert you.  

What To Do When Ecobee is Flashing Green Light

Amidst all else, one of Ecobee’s most notable features is its seamless integration with smart home hubs and voice assistants. This applies to both Alexa and Google Assistant as they can be used to control your Ecobee’s settings, such as switching on heat or cooling, changing the degree settings, and modifying set schedules for your thermostat to follow simply through the voice commands. 

There are a couple of ways to stop Ecobee from flashing green light, depending on how you want to use the available Alexa integration features. Here are the best options to clear up the green light:

Ask Alexa

This is the easiest way to stop Ecobee flashing green light on your device, especially if you have Alexa connected to your device. Just ask Alexa to either clear or read your notifications, and once she is done answering you, the green light will turn off until there is another notification. 

Change Notifications Settings

You will do this within the Alexa app by going to the settings sidebar and selecting Notifications. Then you decide and choose the particular notifications you would like Alexa to alert you about. Or, you can also decide to disable all notifications within that menu. It’s all left for you to choose. 

Therefore, if you decide to turn off your Alexa notification settings to fix the Ecobee green light, follow the steps below.

  • Launch the Alexa app on your phone.
  • Select the menu/more option.
  • Click on the Settings gear icon.
  • Select “Notifications.”
  • Select “Ecobee” from the list if it’s available
  • Turn off the notification.

If this Ecobee flashing green light has to do with the Alexa notifications, the settings above will put a stop to it.

Disable Alexa

You can decide to disable Alexa from your Ecobee altogether so that Alexa notifications are no longer displayed on the thermostat. This offers a permanent solution if the green light is caused by the Alexa device.

  • Launch the Ecobee app on your smartphone [Android or iPhone].
  • Choose your Thermostat from the list.
  • Locate the microphone icon on the list and click on it.
  • Select “Unlink Alexa” from the navigation.
  • Click “Unlink” from the pop up.

You can relink your Alexa to your Ecobee following similar process.

Reset the Ecobee Thermostat

If all we have mentioned above is not coming through, then a factory reset of your thermostat is your last resort. To factory reset, 

  • Go to the Main Menu option from the interface.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select the Reset Menu.
  • Select  Reset All Settings.
  • Select Yes from the pop up to confirm your choice.
  • then confirm your selection by pressing Yes.
  • Choose the reset option that is most applicable to you. In this case, it should be the Reset Schedule and Preferences option.

This will reset the Ecobee thermostat to the factory or defult settings. However, if the problem causing the Eceboo device from flashing green light isn’t hardware problem, resetting it should fix it once and for all.

So, these are the ways to stop Ecobee from flashing green lights.

Other Lights of Ecobee and What They Mean

Apart from Ecobee flashing green light, the device also flashes other light colors, so it is needful for you to know what each light is communicating per time. 

  • Solid Blue Light: When a blue light pops up, this indicates that your Ecobee is listening for a command. If the light goes away, it means the device is no longer actively listening.
  • Alternating light and dark blue lights: Alternating lights are your smart thermostat’s way of processing information and speaking.
  • Solid Red light: This one comes on when the microphone on your Ecobee is off, and the red light will remain so until you enable the mic again.
  • Solid and Pulsing Orange Light: When the orange light is solid, it indicates that your Ecobee is ready for pairing, and when it is blinking, it indicates that your Ecobee is pairing with another device.
  • Pulsing or solid green light: We have discussed this already when Ecobee is flashing green light, then Alexa has sent a notification, and the light will remain active until you clear the message on your Alexa app or ask Alexa to delete all of my notifications or you manually turn it off using any of the steps we discussed earlier. 

Knowing the exact information your Ecobee is trying to communicate to you at every point in time is essential if you want to take full advantage of its capabilities, so when your Ecobee is flashing green light, that means you have an awaiting notification.

Ecobee communicates through light signals, so it is essential that you know what each light color signal represents, and that is also covered in this guide.

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