How to Fix Gas Dryer Not Heating Up

Your gas dryer not heating up is a common problem, that most gas dryers encounter. Unlike the electric dryer that uses electricity, the gas dryer is powered by gas.

The common causes of gas dryer not heating up include faulty burner assembly (thermal fuse, gas valve coils flame sensor, and igniter), and clogged or blocked vent.

Although sometimes a warranty may cover your gas dryer but in such a case where your gas dryer is not covered by a warranty. You will either contact a service provider to fix your dryer or find a DIY approach to fix it.

Therefore, we would discuss some steps you should follow to fix the issue of Your gas dryer not heating up in this article.

Gas Dryer Not Heating Up

There are several reasons that could cause gas dryer not heating up issues, which we would now list and discuss below:

Gas Dryer Not Heating Up

Faulty Burner Assembly

The burner assembly consists of the thermal fuse, flame sensor, and igniter. Carefully observe the operation of the burner, to diagnose a problem in the burner assembly.

  • Remove the access panel at the bottom front of your gas dryer
  • Pick a high-temperature setting to start the dryer.
  • Then carefully inspect the burner assembly and it should start to glow.
  • You should hear the click of the gas valve coil and a  blue flame should appear and should remain ON for a few minutes.
  • If the igniter glows for about 15 seconds and then goes OFF, then the issue is with the coils. While if the ignitor glows and stays ON, the flame sensor is the problem. And if the ignitor glows and quickly goes OFF, then this could be an issue of inadequate air or gas flow.

Replace  Faulty Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse is an electrical safety device that interrupts electric current when the dryer is overheated. The thermal fuse trip off in response to preventing fire outbreaks. When the thermal fuse trips off then your dryer would stop working and not heat up. Unlike the circuit breaker which can be manually or automatically reset, the thermal fuse would need to be changed.

  • Unscrew the thermal fuse from the exhaust vent at the back of your dryer. The thermal fuse is a flat, long piece of metal and is located on the exhaust duct.
  • You can use a multimeter to check for continuity, if the multimeter doesn’t read then the thermal fuse will need to be replaced.

Replace Flame Sensor

The flame sensor is a safety mechanism that helps to prevent dangerous gas from building up. The flame sensor senses heat coming from the igniter and also monitors if it is hot enough to ignite the gas in lighting the burner. The flame sensor opens the valve and allows the flow of gas. If you are faced with the issue of your gas dryer not heating up, you should replace the flame sensor. The flame sensor is located in the burner assembly:

Disconnect radiant sensor and test with a multimeter to check for continuity. If the multimeter doesn’t read then it should be replaced.

Replace Burned Igniter

The igniter is responsible for producing the heat that is required to produce gas flames inside the burner assembly. A burned igniter is one of the common causes of “gas dryer not heating up” problems. When the igniter can no longer complete a circuit, then the gas dryer won’t heat up.

  • Locate the igniter, the igniter is located at the bottom of your dryer, it is connected to 2 thin wires. Then check the igniter for continuity.
  • Remove the wires that are connecting the igniter to the dryer.
  • Unscrew it from the base of the large, metallic cylinder.
  • You can use a multimeter to check for continuity. Set the multimeter and place the wires to the red and black terminals of the igniter. If the multimeter doesn’t read then you need to replace the igniter.

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Replace Gas Valve Coils

The gas valve, ignitor, and flame sensor are components of the burner assembly. Our gas dryer often blows hot air through the burner assembly. A damaged valve coil would result in your gas dryer not heating up. Therefore replacing the gas valve coil, would help to fix this issue.

  • If other components of your gas dryer are properly functioning, then changing the valve coils with a new one can help solve this issue.
  • Remove the top and front part of your dyer, you can make use of an electric drill.
  • Pull the coil wire and unscrew the 2 gas valve coils.
  • Set the new gas valve coils and screw them tightly
  • Replace the panel

gas dryer not heating up

Clean Blocked or Clogged Vent

Moisture is evaporated by the heated air in your dryer, and it is pushed out of the dryer by the fan through the vent. The vent can be found on every dryer and it is located at the back. The vent is a 4-inch diameter metal vent, and it is designed to carry moist air out of the dryer to the exterior of our homes through the flexible rigid tube. In most home designs, an end of the rigid tube attaches to the dryer, and the other end attaches to a hole cut in the side of the house.

A clogged vent is one of the most common problems faced with most dryers. We will explain steps on how to clean the clogged vent of your dryer if it was connected to ductwork and if it is not connected to ductwork click here:

  • Remove the lint trap filter and clean with a vacuum brush attachment.
  • Use your Vacuum cleaner to clean the inner part of the lint trap housing. You can use the long flexible brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Make sure the brush reaches the bottom of the cavity to properly clean the cavity.
  • Unplug the power cord of your dryer and disconnect the duct from the dryer.
  • Pull your dryer away from the wall and disconnect the remainder of the dryer duct. In case it is taped, remove and dispose of the tape.
  • Now clean the ductwork in a rotating motion by using a round duct brush. Ensure you clean the remaining section of the dryer duct using the same brush until there is no more lint coming out of the duct.
  • Make sure you don’t forget to check the end of your dryer vent.
  • Finally, reattach or replace the ductwork and other items removed from the dryer.

However in case, you cannot reach all the areas, kindly buy a new tube to replace the old vent tube.

What Causes a Gas Dryer Not To Heat Up

What can cause your gas dryer not to heat up includes: faulty or loose wiring in Gas dryers, insufficient gas supply, or gas leakages. If there is not enough gas supply in your gas dryer then gas can’t circulate. And in turn, your Gas dryer would not heat up. Other causes include faulty burner assembly, faulty thermal fuse, faulty gas valve coils, faulty flame sensor burned igniter, and clogged vent.

Always ensure there is enough gas supply, there are no gas leakages, and the pipes connecting your dryer and gas supply are properly connected together. Ensure to replace all the faulty burner assembly including the thermal fuse, valve coils, flame sensor, and igniter. And lastly, ensure to routinely clean the vent of your gas dryer.

In conclusion, replace faulty parts and ensure you reconnect any y wire. Also, ensure that the parts you purchased match with the model of your dryer.

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