How to Reset Samsung Fridge

You can do a few things to solve your Samsung refrigerator’s problem, such as reset or cold boot. Therefore, here in this article, you will understudy the steps to take on how to reset Samsung fridge and Samsung fridge filters.

There are a few things you can reset in your Samsung fridge, this includes the fridge filter light and temperature among others.

Meanwhile, you cannot always hit the reset button without tangible reasons. So, before we concentrate on the steps to reset your Samsung fridge, let us quickly run over some of the reasons why you would decide to reset your fridge.

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Reasons to Reset Samsung Fridge

A few reasons could prompt you to want to reset your Samsung fridge. If you got the fridge as a used or UK use or someone gave it to you are a gift. But, a more challenging task to want to reset your Samsung fridge may be subject to the following reasons.

Samsung Fridge Error Codes

When you see an unfamiliar error code on your fridge it implies that there is an issue with your fridge and it needs the services of an expert.

The error code on your Samsung fridge may come up as numbers or separate defining the part of the fridge that needs your attention. However, to fix this, the best thing to do is to address the error code based on the meaning.

It’s important to know the meaning of your Samsung fridge error codes as not all codes on your refrigerator connotes errors. So, in this case, the best attempt is to either unplug your fridge to see whether the code will disappear or reset your refrigerator to factory settings or default.How to reset Samsung Fridge

When to Reset your Samsung Fridge

A few reasons could prompt you to reset your Samsung fridge even without the error code. This will not only keep your fridge in good shape it will also give you absolute control over it. Therefore, we consider some of the tips to know the right time to reset your Samsung refrigerator.

1. Always unplug your fridge if you want to change the location irrespective of the length of the cable or extension you are using. Even though doing this will clear your refrigerator’s history, it won’t harm your fridge since resetting won’t be necessary. And this can even clear your fridge error history and start building up another until any issue would come up again.

2. You may be prompted to reset your Samsung fridge if you see error codes 88 88. This is nothing to worry about. The error code 88 88 on your Samsung refrigerator occurs due to a power outage which resulted in improper booting of the fridge. In that case, the urge to reset your Samsung fridge will set in to clear the error code to get the fridge working again.

Before you Reset your Samsung Fridge

Resetting your Samsung fridge could help you fix a lot of issues as you may think. But, that is not so. You should only reset your Samsung fridge when you have at least a reason to do so.

Instead of resetting your Samsung refrigerator, it’s ideal to call a service provider to see the error code so as to have the first history to work on. The reason is that clearing the code doesn’t guarantee that the problem will be fixed if the error code needs proper troubleshooting.

Because, if the error code is cleared and the problem isn’t fixed, the error code will code up again after a while.

How to Reset Samsung Fridge

Kindly take note of the warning below before you rush to reset your Samsung fridge because of the error code you saw on the screen.

Warning: Your Samsung fridge error code, data history and diagnostic information will be erased after the reset. And this could make it difficult for a service provider or fridge technician to find out the causes of the error code and probably how it can be fixed. However, if you are determined to reset your fridge, below are the steps to take.

How to Cold Boot your Samsung Fridge

Before you proceed to clear your Samsung fridge error code via the reset option you should consider cold booting first. Therefore, we will walk you through the cold booting process below.

  • Unplug your Samsung fridge from the wall socket or power source. You can also turn off the refrigerator circuit breaker.
  • Leave the fridge unplugged for at least 5 minutes to discharge all the electric charges stored on the fridge.
  • Plug the fridge back

The process above is called cold booting.

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How to Reset Samsung Fridge Family Hub

Kindly follow the steps below if you are keen to reset your Samsung refrigerator.

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Select the fridge “About Family Hub.”
  • Choose “Factory Data Reset.”
  • Choose “Reset
  • Tap on “Reset” when a new pop-up appeared.
  • Click on “Delete All Data.”
  • Done.

The steps above reset a Samsung fridge with the family hub feature.

How to Reset Samsung Fridge Network

You cannot only reset your Samsung fridge to clear error codes and return to factory settings. You can also reset the fridge network. So, following the steps below, you will be able to reset your Samsung fridge network to default.

Note: This will not reset your Samsung fridge error code. Instead, it will erase all WiFi and network information.

  • Press and hold your Samsung fridge LOCK for 12 seconds.
  • Release once “A” and “r” appears on the lock screen.

Once the steps above are completed your Samsung fridge network and WiFi information will be erased.

How to Reset Samsung Fridge Family Hub Network

If your Samsung fridge is the family hub model, the steps above will not work for you. Therefore, we recommend the steps below to reset your family hub Samsung fridge WiFi and network information.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose Wi-Fi from the information.
  • Click on the Wi-Fi information to reset.
  • Click on Disconnect or Forget.
  • Done.

How to Reset Samsung Fridge Filter

Your Samsung fridge filter light changes from orange to red after five or six months or 450 or 500 gallons. Also, your fridge model determines the type of filter light you would see. It could be green or blue. However, it’s important to reset your Samsung fridge filter light every five or six months or after 450 or 500 gallons. Therefore, we will consider the steps to take on how to reset your Samsung fridge filter light.

  • Find the Samsung fridge multi-function button(s) on your fridge display screen.
  • Press and hold the button for 5 seconds until the filter light changes.

Once the filter light changes you can then release the multi-function screen display button.

Samsung Fridge Error Code

Below is the list of Samsung fridge error codes and their meaning that could prompt you to reset your refrigerator.

Samsung Error CodeMeaning
5EFaulty Fridge Defrost Sensor
8EICE maker sensor is faulty
14EICE production problem
22E and 22CYour fridge door is not closed for long
40E and 40CICE room fan problem
Blue lights flashing and 41 or 42Reboot family hub
41CSoftware update required
Blinking Auto-fill indicator or 76CCheck your fridge for water spillage
84CCompressor not working because of the increment in the fridge temperature.
83E, 85E, 86E, or 88 88Fridge circuit breaker problem
All icons flashingFridge running on self-diagnostic
Blinking ‘Ice Off’Misplaced ICE bucket in your fridge
OFF or OF OFShop or Demo mode
PC ERCircut problem

It’s not recommended to reset your Samsung fridge if you intend to call service providers to complete the troubleshooting. Instead, you can wait for the service provider to carry out the steps so as to know what to focus on. But, this guide on how to reset Samsung fridge offers you first aid on how to bring back your fridge to normal if you can’t find a service provider.

Meanwhile, when you do a reset on your Samsung fridge, all stored data will be erased, but if you calm enough, the code will appear again and the necessary information needed to diagnose it would have been available.


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