How to Fix Hue Bridge Reset Not Working

Did you just get a Hue Bridge and you’ve tried connecting it to your smart lighting system in your home, but it just won’t work? Did you try resetting Hue Bridge too but it’s not just working? Then this article will help you on how you can fix Hue Bridge reset not working issues without any hassle. Kindly stay tuned to the end.

The Hue Bridge is the heart behind the whole Philips Hue smart lighting system. It enables you to connect and control up to 50 lights and 12 accessories at a go across your home. You can as well buy this kit with either two or four bulbs. The Hue bridge is a control panel that communicates with your bulbs, instructs them on what to do, when to turn on and off, the colors to be displayed, e.t.c. The Bridge makes use of the ZigBee to connect to your Hue Bulbs and also saves and sets your animationstimers, and settings

Where is your Hue Bridge located and how close are the bulbs to it? You need this information because the internal environment often affects the range, like the walls. No wifi from the Hue bridge, therefore it must be connected to your router via an ethernet cable since wifi is not enabled on the Bridge.

To activate the Hue Bridge, simply plug it in and use the Hue app to set routines, timers, custom light scenes, and more. The Hue Bridge is the hub of the Hue echo system. The process is quick and easy to set up. With the Hue Bridge connected to the internet you can access your hue bulbs while away from home, you can turn lights on and off even while on holidays, this can also serve as a security measure.

One of the major limitations of the Hue bridge is that even after buying the whole Hue Echo system at an expensive price, you will still need to purchase the Bridge as an additional piece of hardware. 

A factory reset always reset the Philips Hue bridge back to default settings. This is usually done when there is an issue that can only be solved with a reset or when you want to sell or give it the Hue Bridge away. Factory resetting your Philips Hue Bridge will delete all lights and scenes and then begin your setup again from the beginning as if you just bought it new.

Have you tried factory resetting your Hue Bridge but only the power light is turned on or the Bridge cannot be even accessed via the app using the browser? Or you tried to factory reset but a short or long tap to the back button is not solving anything. Then, this article is for you, it will help you fix Hue Bridge reset not working. Read On!

At times, you might not be able to access your Hue Bridge due to many reasons like a faulty bridge, bad internet connection, or proximity issues. When you encounter issues like this, you need to be equipped with the proper technical knowledge to figure out how you can fix them.

Hue Bridge Reset Not Working

Just Before you Fix Hue Bridge Reset Not Working Issue

In case you are unable to connect to your Hue Bridge, you need to be sure the following points below have been put in place:

  • Ensure your Hue Bridge is connected directly to your Router (in case it’s going through a switch or multiple switches, you can pass them for now).
  • Make sure all lights are solid on your Hue Bridge, none should be flashing.
  • Ensure your device is not connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) like NordVPN, Private Internet Access, ExpressVPN, and Proton VPN. A VPN places your device on a different network and will not be able to locate your Hue Bridge.

Most issues relating to bridge connectivity can be resolved by troubleshooting the network configuration.

Reasons Why Hue Bridge will not Connect

The main reasons why your Philips Hue bridge is not connecting to the internet or the app is stated as follows:

  • Poor/Broken internet connection.
  • The Ethernet cable may be faulty or malfunctioning.
  • You are not using Hue lights or bulbs.
  • Hue Bridge is not connected to the Router directly.
  • Your Hue app’s cache is full, you might need to clear it.
  • Issues are integrating with Alexa.
  • You are using the wrong IP address.
  • You might be having proximity issues.

How to Fix Hue Bridge not Connecting to the Internet

Is your Philips Hue Bridge not connecting to the internet? It can be caused by several reasons listed above. The major cause is the connectivity issue which can be easily fixed.

Any of the following above might be the reason why Hue bridge can’t connect to the internet. Note that the Philips Bridge can work effectively even without an internet connection.

However, you can only connect if you have a wireless router connected to an Ethernet cable. The Bridge makes use of the router to transfer wireless signals to every Hue bulb in connection.

In case the Hue bridge fails to connect to the internet, the first thing to do is to restart it. Note that restarting deletes all history information, therefore you will need to reconnect. The following are methods to fix Hue Bridge Reset not working issue:

Configure Hue Bridge Manually

In case, you can’t find all your lights automatically via the app, you will need to configure it manually by following the few simple steps below:

  • Switch all the lights on and make sure they are connected. 
  • Open the Hue app, and navigate to Settings.
  • Tap the “Add serial number” button.
  • Input the six-digit serial number needed for the introduction of the lights to the system. Then, tap ‘OK’.
  • Now, all the lights will be connected to the Hue bridge.

In case the above doesn’t work for you, there are other several methods you can try to ensure you are connected. If configuring the Hue bridge manually does not help you fix the Hue bridge reset not working, then try the next fix below.Hue Bridge Reset Not Working

Restart the Hue Bridge

The first thing to do once you discover Hue Bridge won’t just connect to your Wi-Fi is to restart the Hue Bridge. It’s important to note that once you restart it, it also deletes all the history of connectivity. You will have to reconnect again. Follow the steps below to restart Hue Bridge:

  • Switch on the Hue Bridge.
  • Ensure to disconnect the Ethernet cable.
  • Turn the Hue Bridge upside down.
  • There you will find the reset button underneath the Hue Bridge.
  • Make use of something pointy and tap it for five seconds. The device will be reset afterward.

You will know that the device is resetting once the LED on the front blinks. Reset is done once blinking stops. If restarting the Hue bridge does not help you fix the Hue bridge reset not working, then you can try the next fix below.

Restart the Router

At times, the router might be the cause of any connectivity issues you may be experiencing. You can fix this by restarting your router by following the simple steps below:

  • Switch off your router and remove it from the power outlet.
  • Wait for about three minutes, and plug it again.
  • Now, you can restart your router.
  • Ensure to check the proximity of the router from the Hue bridge. In case it’s too far from your Hue Bridge, you can move them closer together for improved connectivity.

In case you have a modem/router combo going into another router, moving the bridge from the router to the modem/router combo can solve your connectivity issue. This is also applicable with switches or managed switches, moving the bridge directly into the router can also fix the issue.

The bridge requires your router to support Nupnp (Universal Plug and Play). You can verify with your router manufacturer if your router supports these settings and if they are enabled or not. If restarting the router does not help you fix the Hue bridge reset not working, then try the next fix below.

Reset Hue Bridge Homekit

To reset Hue Bridge Homekit, navigate to Settings >> HomeKit & Siri >> Advanced >> Reset HomeKit & Siri. After that, now you can link it back to your account again. You might want to reset HomeKit & Siri and unlink your HomeKit connection from the Hue Bridge. Follow the step below to re-establish the Siri connection:

  • Go to Settings >> Privacy >> HomeKit >> Reset HomeKit Configuration.
  • Restart iPhone (long-press on the power button, slide to power down)
  • Once you have completed the restarting process, go to the Hue app and ‘Siri Voice Control’.
  • You will see a button to “Pair Bridge”, which will prompt you to scan the Accessory key.

If case time is not on your side leaving you with no choice but to reset HomeKit, you can follow the steps below:

  • Tap on the Home icon at the top right in the Home app.
  • Scroll down till you see Remove Home.
  • Click on it and verify that you want to delete your home.
  • Once you have deleted the home, you will need to recreate your HomeKit settings for your location from the Home app.
  • That’s it!

If resetting the hue bridge homekit does not help you fix Hue bridge reset not working, then try the next fix below.Hue Bridge Reset Not Working

How to Move the Bulbs Closer Together

This is one method that can help you fix the Hue Bridge reset not working. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Ensure the gap between the Hue bulbs is not too much or too wide to allow the connection between the Hue bridge and other bulbs easier.
  • It might even be the reason for the connectivity issues.
  • You can as well add another bulb in between to link them together or bring them closer to help reduce the gap.
  • That’s it!

In case moving the bulbs closer together doesn’t help you fix the Hue bridge reset not working, then try the next fix below.

Update the Hue Bridge to Include the Latest Firmware

This step solves most connectivity issues you may be experiencing. If you are facing errors such as “Hue Bridge not found” or “Hue Bridge connection lost”, you can try updating the Hue Bridge and follow the steps below:

  • Open the Hue app and tap on the setup icon.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions by ticking the box.
  • Tap the ‘Update’ icon to update your Hue Bridge to the most recent firmware.
  • Locate your pin code on the box or under the Hue Bridge.
  • Make use of your smartphone to scan it or you can manually enter the pin.
  • Now, add the Hue lights and tap on the ‘Hue wall switch module’.
  • Complete the setup.
  • Choose the room or zone you wish to control.
  • That’s it!

If updating the Hue Bridge does not help you fix the Hue bridge reset not working, then try the next fix below.

How to Connect the Ethernet Cable to Your Router

Using an Ethernet cable is better and faster than using a Wi-Fi connection. In case there is an Ethernet port on the router, this will enable you to connect to the Hue bridge easily. You will notice that the connectivity will become more secure and stable, and it begins working again.

To use the Ethernet cable, follow the steps below:

  • Connect the Ethernet cable to the router by inserting the second end to the Hue Bridge.
  • The four lights on the Hue Bridge will light up and continue to set up.
  • Ensure that the cable is inserted firmly. If not, it might cause connectivity issues.
  • Make use of the Hue app downloaded on your smartphone or computer to connect the Hue lights.
  • Also, ensure that the app and router use the same reliable network.Hue Bridge Reset Not Working

What to do when Hue Bridge Keeps Disconnecting

Even after trying all the troubleshooting tips listed above and your Hue Bridge reset is still not working or keeps disconnecting, then it might be due to a poor internet connection or a faulty Ethernet cable. Therefore, you need to troubleshoot your internet configuration. To fix this issue, follow the steps below:

  • Ensure that the Hue Bridge is directly connected to the router first.
  • Turn off the Hue Bridge, and wait for a few seconds before restarting.
  • Note that restarting the device will delete the history of the connection, allowing a new reconnection to occur.

In case the issue is related to a faulty router, ensure that the Ethernet cable is securely fit between the Hue Bridge and the router. Remember that the Hue Bridge can also function without a Wi-Fi connection. However, by using an Ethernet cable to the router, you can connect your Hue Bridge.

The router sends signals to the Hue lights in the system. Hence, if the line is faulty, the system won’t work. In case it’s already faulty, you will need to replace it. Another way is to use your Wi-Fi connection to make the lighting system operate as usual. By trying all these steps, you will be able to fix Hue Bridge reset not working issues you may encounter.

In conclusion, I hope you have been able to fix Hue Bridge not working issues by following the troubleshooting tips listed above? If yes, kindly feel free and let us know which method worked for you so others can learn from your experience.

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