How to Fix Netflix Error 100

It is no new thing to experience errors while using Netflix. These issues appear to be very common but fortunately, very easy and simple to resolve. To fix Netflix error 100 is one of the various guides we have brought to you as this error is one that you could experience while streaming on Netflix.

In this article, we will go deep on how to fix Netflix Error 100 with real-time solutions just like we did with other Netflix errors. Just like the detailed guides we give, we will be comprehensive as much as possible and let you in on the nature of the error and what it entails.

Netflix Error 100

If you’re facing Netflix error 100, you are most likely seeing “Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix Service – 100”. This error is most likely to appear when opening the Netflix app.

In most cases, the error code comes up as a result of needing to refresh some stored data on your device. This can be observed on any kind of device as much as you have the Netflix app installed and using it.

Our guides below will take you through a smooth ride on how to troubleshoot this error and gain access to Netflix services.

netflix error 100

Power Cycle your Device to fix Netflix Error 100

In some cases, the chances are that your device has stored cache and resultantly prompted the Netflix error 100. Power cycling your device is one of the ways to solve this issue and regain access to Netflix services;

  • Turn off your device and plug out its power source
  • Give it a few minutes unplugged ( 7 – 10 minutes)
  • Now plug in the power source and then turn the device on.

The above guide will delete the stored cache and also refresh the device and ultimately help in fixing Netflix Error 100

Restarting Home Network to Fix Netflix Error 100

Another alternative to fixing Netflix error 100 is to restart the home network. Follow this guide to do this;

  • Turn the device off and plug it out from the power source
  • Remove the modem plug as well as the router’s (if both are separate)
  • Wait for a few minutes (5 to 10)
  • Now plug back in the modem and the router and observe until the lights are stable

Sign out from your Netflix Account

Signing out from a Netflix account is yet another method of fixing the error 100. You will need to sign out and do this;

  • Access the Netflix app home screen
  • Choose the More info option
  • If unable to find this option, use your remote control to navigate up to choose the Settings option
  • If unable to go to the settings option, press these keys on your remote in this sequence; up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up.
  • After this, proceed to the Reset option and select it

Meanwhile, if you do not wish to reset, you can choose to sign out or deactivate the option as visible to you

Once you are able to sign out from your Netflix account, proceed to sign in again and see if the Netflix error 100 has been fixed. We believe one of these guides should fix the error.

If the result is negative, do let us know in the comment section as we are available to actively retake the guides with you via the comment section.

You have experienced this error? We and other audiences would love to hear and learn from you. Kindly drop your thoughts and opinions in the comment box.

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