How to Fix Oculus Pairing Code not Showing Up

Did you just get your Oculus Quest 2 and you are trying to set it up or connect it to another device and the pairing code just won’t show up? Well, you are not alone! Many users have also complained about the same issue, and since a pairing code is important to connect the two devices correctly, we have compiled this article on how to fix Oculus pairing code not showing up.

Oculus Quest 2 users have unlimited access to high-quality games even when they use only their mobile devices. However, to connect these 2 devices successfully, you need a pairing code. Unfortunately, users often encounter the Oculus pairing code not showing up issue. This can be very frustrating since you won’t be able able to use the headset with your smartphone. 

This post will provide all the necessary information you need such as the common reasons Oculus pairing code does not show up, how long pairing takes on Oculus, Where you can find the pairing code on Oculus and the different troubleshooting procedures you can follow to fix Oculus pairing code not showing up, and how to enter the pairing code. Read on!Oculus Pairing Code not Showing Up

Why Oculus Pairing Code is not Showing Up?

There are a few common reasons why the Oculus pairing code will not show up or display correctly while pairing your Oculus Quest 2. Without the pairing code, you won’t be able to pair your headset successfully with any of your smart devices.

If you can’t see a pairing code, then one of the following may be the reason why the code is not appearing. In case you entered the code and it didn’t pair your headset to your mobile phone successfully, be sure you entered the code correctly.

The common reasons below will help you unravel the problem and point out the solution to the issue. You will also be able to choose the proper troubleshooting method to fix the problem. This is why the Oculus pairing code is not showing up:

  • Your Oculus Quest and mobile phone are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 
  • Your headset has been paired to a device already using the Oculus App.
  • Your Oculus Quest and smartphone are logged into a different Facebook account.
  • You have bumped into a Bug.
  • Your Headset may be outdated.
  • You’ve been trying to connect more than one device to your headset. 

If any of the issues above is the reason why the Oculus pairing code not showing up, then you can look out for a suitable fix in the latter part of this article. Oculus Pairing Code not Showing Up

How long does Oculus pairing take?

Oculus pairing only takes a few seconds once you select your headset from the list and the two devices will automatically connect. While pairing your headset, ensure that you don’t turn the Oculus app or power off the headset. Both of them must be turned on till the pairing process has been completed.

Where is the Pairing Code on Oculus? 

The accurate place for the Oculus pairing code to display automatically is after you turn on the headset and wear it while it is not currently registered to a device yet. Your pairing code on Oculus will become visible while using the headset and once you see the code in the Oculus app, you can use it to correctly pair your device. 

However, some users have complained that the pairing code does not display correctly. The next section of this article will focus on how to fix Oculus pairing code not showing up. Oculus Pairing Code not Showing Up

How to fix Oculus Pairing Code not Showing Up

Since you know some of the common causes why pairing codes are not displaying correctly while using the Oculus Quest or why the codes won’t even show at all. You can try out some of the common fixes for these particular issues. Follow the steps below:

Find your Pairing code in the Oculus Settings

You can find your Oculus pairing code in the Oculus Settings, follow the steps below to achieve that:

  • Go to Settings >> About Tab >> Search for your Pairing Code.
  • In the “About tab” section, you will find information about your devices such as the software version and the pairing code.
  • Note that different pairing codes can be generated for you depending on the registration status of your device.

If this step doesn’t fix the Oculus pairing code not showing up issue, you can try the next fix below.

Sign in to the Same Facebook Account

In case you are currently using a different Facebook account that is not what you registered your device with initially, you can Oculus pairing code may not show up. Ensure you log in to the correct account to get your pairing code.

Your headset will not work correctly once it detects that you are trying to use it while signing into the wrong Facebook account. Your Oculus Quest makes use of your Facebook account information to grant users access to their game library, friend list, and user settings.

If using the correct Facebook account linked to your device doesn’t fix the issue, proceed to the next step below. Oculus Pairing Code not Showing Up

Request Code Again

You can try to request your code again by turning off your headset and restarting it. This will cause the pairing code to be displayed upon startup.

You may be encountering a temporary hardware display error that is preventing your pairing code from displaying correctly. You can request your code again by turning your headset off and restarting it. This could help to resolve the Oculus pairing code not showing up issue.

Restart Oculus and Smartphone

If you are having issues getting your pairing code, it could be caused by some kind of run-time error that your smartphone or Oculus Quest 2 may be experiencing. The glitch may also be caused due to some type of bug that the software suddenly encountered.

To fix issues like these, you need to simply restart both your Oculus Quest 2 headset and your smartphone. This will enable your devices to end any potential erroneous functions and start all over again afresh.

Restarting your device helps to solve several technical issues you may encounter while using your gadgets, and the Oculus Quest 2 is not excluded. Since the headset depends on the software installed on your smartphone to function, any hang-ups from your phone could cause issues for your headset.

If restarting the Oculus Quest headset and your phone doesn’t fix Oculus pairing code not showing up, you can try the next fix. 

Ensure Bluetooth and Location are Enabled

Oculus Quest 2 uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone since it’s a wireless headset device. Therefore, your location is useful for verifying access to your account and also accessing some of the network features in some games on the Oculus Quest 2.

If Bluetooth or Location has been disabled on your smartphone, you may likely not be able to use your Oculus Quest 2 accurately. This may also be the reason why your pairing code is not displaying correctly.Oculus Pairing Code not Showing Up

Check your Internet Connection

Before your Oculus Quest 2 can communicate perfectly with the Oculus application on your smartphone, you need to make sure that you have a stable internet connection. In case you are having internet issues, this could cause your Oculus pairing code not to show up issues.

Try to reset your router or move it closer to your Oculus Quest 2. If the internet issues persist even after resetting your router, then you can go ahead to contact your internet service provider to report an interruption and get more information that can help fix the issue.

Pair Oculus Headset with another Phone

In case you want to be sure if the pairing code issue is coming from your headset or smartphone, then you need to pair your headset to a different phone and check if your Oculus pairing code shows up.

If you see your pairing code on the new phone, then there’s an issue with the software on your old phone. If that is the case, you can try updating the smartphone and the Oculus app to see if that fixes your issue.

Ensure Bluetooth Access Permissions is Enabled 

Even though you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone, you still have to manually allow your Oculus Quest 2 to be paired with your mobile device.

You can easily access your Bluetooth permissions in your phone’s Bluetooth settings. If for some unknown reason, your Oculus Quest 2 does not have permission to connect to your device, then your pairing code will not be displayed.Oculus Pairing Code not Showing Up

Update Oculus App

One of the most important components of your Oculus Quest 2 headset is the Oculus app. Once the application has not been updated to the latest version, you may potentially encounter issues. These issues include pairing code not showing correctly as well as several other bugs and malfunctions.

Not updating the Oculus app from time to time, can make you miss out on some updates that will prevent your Oculus headset from working optimally as it should and this could eventually lead to your device becoming non-active. 

Always check for updates and have them automatically downloaded and applied depending on your Phone’s app installation settings. It is a safe and important practice to keep automatic downloads enabled for all your applications so that you are not behind.

Update Your Oculus Quest Headset

Just like updating the Oculus app, you need to keep your Oculus Quest 2 headset updated as well to the latest software version. To update your headset, you will need a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection, as this will help to communicate the updated information wirelessly between your smartphone and headset.

In case your headset has not been up-to-date, you risk having more frequent hardware errors such as the Oculus pairing code not showing up. It’s very easy to underestimate updating the headset, even if you have been keeping the app up-to-date on your phone.

However, always note the potential updates that your headset may need and install them on time to ensure proper functionality.

One of the fixes above should have solved the issue of the Oculus pairing code not showing up. Oculus Pairing Code not Showing Up

How to Enter Pairing Code Oculus Quest 2?

Once you have been able to successfully fix Oculus pairing code not showing up. Then, the next thing to do is to enter the pairing code to pair your headset and phone. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Primary Settings: You must have downloaded the Oculus app on your phone from Google Play Store or App Store if you are an Android or Apple user respectively. 
  • Log in via your Facebook account to begin the process.
  • Begin by setting up your VR profile after logging in successfully.
  • After providing the necessary information, click on “Continue”.
  • Change your “Preference & Privacy setting,” which is in the latter section. 
  • Now, create an Oculus Pin and add payment information.
  • Try pairing it with the Oculus Quest headset.
  • Click on the Quest 2 option and select the device you want to connect.
  • While performing this, ensure that your Wi-fi connection is stable and fast.
  • Now, turn on your mobile Bluetooth.
  • Your mobile device will connect to VR in the process of turning on Bluetooth. 

You have successfully entered the Oculus pairing code.

This post has simplified the common issues regarding Oculus pairing code not showing up as well as provided detailed troubleshooting steps to help you fix the issue.

The Oculus Quest is an outstanding VR headset, therefore it can be very frustrating when it won’t connect properly to your devices. Feel free to drop your comment in the section below if you were able to fix Oculus pairing codes not showing up properly.

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