How to Fix the Zoom Meeting Camera not Working

This article is a distress call on fixing the Zoom meeting camera not working on your Laptops such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, and some other computers. Before you join a zoom meeting that involves a camera, there should be a zoom camera test to know the state of your computer camera.

This will save you from why is my video not working on Zoom or experiencing a black screen on Zoom video. This article is also the remedy you need for why is my camera showing a black screen on Zoom on HP or Lenovo camera.

Why is my Camera Showing a Black Screen on Zoom

The reason why Zoom is unable to detect a camera on your Windows 10 or Mac device varies and depends on what the Zoom app or Zoom settings and Windows or Mac settings are lacking.

This is as good as saying we can’t pinpoint directly why your Zoom camera isn’t working even on Android with the most recommended Android Zoom camera settings.

So, to end the issue of the Zoom meeting camera not working or why the Zoom camera is showing a black screen on video, we will discuss generic solutions on how to put an end to the HP camera not working on Zoom and other laptops.Zoom Meeting Camera not Working

How to Fix Zoom Meeting Camera not Working

The steps to take to resolve the Zoom camera settings to fix the Zoom video black screen or zoom connected but the laptop or computer camera is not working is what we will discuss here.

We employ you to go through the whole steps as we can’t say confidently which of the methods we will walk for your device. But ideally, if your computer meets the minimum requirement to run the Zoom app, the recommendation in this article should help to fix the Zoom app camera not working on your Lenovo computer/laptop.

Check Whether the Camera is Turned On

To start a zoom meeting using your computer video, the PC has to be turned on. If the camera is turned off, the Zoom client on your computer will not be able to access the HP/Lenovo/Dell/Apple laptop camera.

However, in most cases, once the Zoom camera is turned off, the Zoom camera will show a black screen or won’t work with the camera until the camera is turned on.

  • Launch the Zoom client app on your computer [desktop/laptop].
  • Join a meeting or start a meeting so that others can join.
  • You should see the option to use your computer camera popup. If the popup appears, click on the option to launch your computer camera.
  • Now, you can control the camera position to your desired location.

If the Zoom desktop client app is turned off, you will see the Zoom meeting video black screen. So, always endeavor to turn on the Zoom camera and position it to your post preferred location before the meeting starts.

Restart the Zoom Camera

First, if you are sure that the Zoom camera is turned on and the Zoom meeting camera shows a black screen or not working, then stop the camera or leave the meeting completely [meanwhile, don’t forget to follow the meeting or company’s ethic while you want to do this].

  • To stop the zoom meeting video click on the arrow next to the Start/Stop video at the bottom of the video screen.
  • Click on the ‘Arrow” camera for more information about the camera option.
  • Ensure that you choose the right camera if you have more than one camera option available, most especially if you are using a camera app instead of the computer camera.

Update the Zoom App

If your Zoom app is outdated, it can cause the Zoom app to malfunction during meetings. It can cause a black screen in the Zoom video. So, updating the Zoom app is the first step to take when your Zoom meeting camera not working with the black screen occurs.

Windows, Mac & Linux

Follow the steps below to update your Zoom app on your Windows.

  • Launch the Zoom app on your Windows 10 desktop.
  • Type your Zoom username and password and click on the sign-in tab. Do check out how to reset the Krowd password as a novice.
  • Click on the “Profile” >> Check for Updates.

If there is an update waiting to download, the steps above will download and install it on your device. You can launch the Zoom app afterward and check whether the Zoom meeting black screen is fixed on your Windows, Mac & Linux or not.

Restart your PC/Computer

Apart from your Zoom meeting camera not working, it is recommended to shut down your PC or computer once in a while instead of putting the device into standby mode.

And now that as a part of the measure to find a solution to Zoom unable to detect Zoom camera on Windows 10 or 11 or macOS device, it’s recommended to restart your computer to clear a cache causing the Zoom camera app not working.

After restarting the PC, launch the Zoom meeting and ensure that you grant the app the permission it needs to use your computer camera. The Zoom meeting black screen you get should be fixed.

Recommended Zoom Camera Settings for Android

The Zoom camera settings Android needs to follow a pattern; otherwise, this can affect the Zoom app working with your Android camera during Zoom meetings that involves video.

  • Go to your Phone Settings.
  • Scroll down and select “Apps or Applications.”
  • All Apps or Applications Manager.
  • Select the “Zoom App.”
  • Go to “Permission” under the Zoom app info.
  • Allow Permission for the Zoom app to use your phone camera.

If this Permission is denied, your Zoom camera on mobile won’t work. So, you must ensure that Permission to use the phone camera is allowed. 

Uninstall and Reinstall the Zoom App

This could be your last resort when your Zoom camera isn’t working either on your Windows or Mac or Linux or even on a mobile device. 

Therefore, we will consider the fastest means to uninstall the Zoom app or client on your device here.

Uninstall Zoom on Windows

Follow the steps below to uninstall the Zoom app on your Windows.

  • Press “Win +R” at the same time to display the Windows Run command.
  • Type “Control Panel” and click “OK.”
  • Choose “Uninstall a Program” under “Programs.”
  • Click on the “Zoom” logo and click on “Uninstall.”
  • Done.

The steps above will remove or uninstall the Zoom client on your Windows 10 computer. Do restart the PC once you have successfully uninstalled the Zoom app.

Uninstall the Zoom Client on Mac

The steps below depict how to uninstall the Zoom app from your Mac computer.

  • Launch the Zoom app on your macOS.
  • Click on “ >> Uninstall Zoom at the bottom of the popup.
  • Choose “OK” from the pop-up asking whether you want to remove the Zoom app.

The steps to uninstall Zoom above work for macOS on version 4.4.53932.0709 and above. For macOS on version 4.4.53909.0617 and below, follow the steps below to uninstall the Zoom app from your macOS.

  • Launch the Mac Finder.
  • Select “Go >>Go to Folder.” 
  • Type ~/.zoomus/ once it opened.
  • Drag ZoomOpener into the Folder Trash.
  • Go to Folder >> Applications and trash
  • Go to Folder >> System>>Library>>Extensions and trash ZoomAudioDevice.kext.
  • Go to Folder ~/Library/Application\ Support/ and move into the trash.

Go ahead and restart your macOS device to remove the Zoom cache from the device.

After you have uninstalled the Zoom app from your Windows and macOS device, go to the Zoom downloader center to download and install the Zoom client for your OS.

This article focuses on the Zoom meeting camera not working and all the possible means to fix this error with the Zoom app as well as your device’s camera.

For any contributions, do leave a comment below, and we will be glad to check it out.

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