How to Fix Vizio TV won’t connect to WiFi

Most Vizio TV users always encounter one problem or the other with WiFi connection repeatedly. Many of them complain of having to fix their Vizio TV won’t connect to WiFi issues on and off for several months. That’s to tell you that it’s not something new and it’s fixable once you try the listed DIY troubleshooting tips in this post. 

Vizio is an American-based company well known for the production of consumer products like television and Soundbar. They have the latest range of smart TVs that connect to the internet. Their most recent Vizio smart TV models make use of OLED displays and also have 4k resolutions while the older models use LED displays that have a full HD resolution. 

Once you purchase the Vizio smart TV model, you will need a reliable and fast internet connection to enjoy all its amazing features. It’s best to have a home WiFi network so that your smart Vizio TV can connect to it wirelessly and you can enjoy your favorite streaming services.

When you buy one of the Vizio smart TV models you will need an internet connection to take advantage of its features. It’s better if you already have a home wifi network so that the smart TV can connect to it wirelessly allowing you to enjoy your favorite streaming services.

The Vizio TV won’t connect to WiFi issues can be caused by several factors ranging from a malfunction in the TV software, a setting issue, or even problems with the internet connection. To fix these issues, you need to follow the series of troubleshooting steps below. Read on!Vizio TV won't connect to WiFi

Why is my Vizio TV not finding my WiFi?

You can’t enjoy your favorite shows and movies on Netflix or Amazon if your Vizio TV won’t connect to WiFi or find your WiFi. You need to figure out why your Vizio TV is not finding your WiFi. Follow the steps below to fix this problem:

  • Disconnect all the components of your smart TV and router for about 5 minutes to reset the system. 
  • Re-connect and try again. 
  • Restore the smart Vizio TV to its “default” setting
  • Scan/ Search for your Wi-Fi network and re-enter the correct password.

Trying the steps above should help your Vizio TV find your WiFi. 

Why does my Vizio TV keep disconnecting from WiFi?

You need to know why your Vizio TV won’t connect to WiFi or why it keeps disconnecting from WiFi. One of the most common reasons why your Vizio smart TV won’t connect to WiFi connectivity is because of where the router itself is positioned or placed.

There are several types of routers produced now, some have long ranges while other have short-range. That is, if you are out of reach of your router’s location, your Vizio TV might not be able to connect to the network because of the long-range interval between the two devices. Vizio TV won't connect to WiFi

How to fix Vizio TV won’t connect to WiFi

There are various ways to fix Vizio TV won’t connect to WiFi issues, the steps are quite straightforward. Follow the steps below, if one fix doesn’t work for your problem, ensure you try the next fix:

Check the WiFi network type

This is the first thing to check as you need to confirm if this is the cause of the problem or not. However, you need a second device like a smartphone or laptop that’s connected to your WiFi router also. 

WiFi networks usually require login details and since Vizio TVs don’t have a browser, the Network Admin may need you to supply information from your TV.

The information needed by the Network Admin can be found by following the steps below:

  • Click on Menu on your Vizio remote.
  • Then, select Admin & Privacy, followed by System Information.
  • You will see the complete information you need. 
  • Using a smartphone or laptop, open a web browser.
  • Navigate to
  • Tap on the Go button.

Wait for some minutes to allow the results of the speed test to finish. All the important details you need to get will be downloaded and upload speeds. 

You might consider calling your internet service provider for technical support once you discover that you have a slow internet speed on your Wi fi network.

Ensure you are using the correct password

All WiFi networks are password-protected and the password must also be case sensitive. Ensure you enter the correct password into your smart Vizio TV and be sure you are also connecting to the right WiFi network. 

At times when your Vizio TV suddenly disconnects from the WiFi network and you need to connect back, you will need to re-enter your accurate password and then reestablish the connection. 

Enable the DHCP settings on your Vizio TV

DHCP means Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It helps in assigning IP addresses to every device connected to your network.

Your Vizio TV is an example of such a device and it must have a unique IP address so that it won’t have any issues with its internet connection.

To ensure that it has a unique IP address the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol setting on the TV must be enabled. To enable the DHCP settings on Vizio TV, follow the steps below:

  • Tap on the Menu button on your Vizio TV remote.
  • Navigate to Network.
  • Choose the Manual setup.
  • Select DHCP.

If the DHCP setting has been enabled earlier, you can disable it and re-enable it again. This helps to refresh the DHCP settings.

Power cycle the router/modem/TV

It’s possible that the Vizio TV won’t connect to WiFi issue was caused by a software malfunction or there’s something wrong with the router settings. You can easily fix this by power cycling the router, modem, and Vizio TV all at once. Follow the steps below for the power cycle process: 

  • Long-press on the power button on your Vizio TV remote to switch off the TV.
  • Disconnect the Vizio smart TV power cord from the power outlet.
  • Also, disconnect the power cord of the router.
  • Wait for about 60 seconds before connecting the Vizio smart TV and router back to power.
  • Switch on the router.
  • Wait for another 60 seconds once the router has been turned on.
  • Then, finally, turn on your Vizio smart TV.

In case your Vizio smart TV has connected to your Wifi network previously, then it will automatically connect to it after the power cycle.

However, in case this is the first time your Vizio smart TV is connecting to your WiFi network, then you will need to enter the correct WiFi password to connect to the wireless network seamlessly.

An alternate way to power cycle the router, modem, and Vizio TV is as follows: 

  • Tap the Menu button on the Vizio remote.
  • Choose Network >> Manual Setup >> DHCP
  • In case DHCP is set to OFF, tap the right arrow to turn it on. 
  • But if DHCP is set to ON, tap the right arrow once to turn it off, and then again to turn it on. 
  • Power cycle the router, modem, and Vizio TV.

That’s it! Power cycling should fix the issue of Vizio TV won’t connect to WiFi. However, if it doesn’t try the next fix. 

Check to see if there is an ISP outage

Be sure your Internet Service Provider is not experiencing an outage. Although it’s not common and it can still happen. You can make use of your smartphone or laptop to double-check if the internet is down for those devices too.

It’s also great to follow your ISP on social media, so you can be kept abreast if there will be a bridge in the internet connection ahead. You can as well check sites like Downdetectector for more information.

Change the router security settings to enable WPA-PSK [TKIP]

Ensure you are updating your network configuration to WPA-PSK mode for the best SmartCast performance.

To change the router security settings to enable WPA-PSK, follow the steps below:

  • Connect your Vizio SmartCast TV to the internet via an Ethernet cable.
  • While on the Home menu page on your TV, choose Settings >> Network >> IP Settings >> IP Mode
  • Ensure it’s set to WPA-PSK [TKIP].

To enjoy various streaming services on your Vizio TV, you need a strong and stable WiFi connection to be able to use SmartCast. In case you are having issues connecting your Vizio TV to your router, you can try to reset the gateway setting on your TV.

N.B: Ensure you talk to your ISP about changing your router security settings as the change made on your router’s encryption type can cause serious problems.Vizio TV won't connect to WiFi

Use a wired Ethernet connection

In case your Vizio TV model has an ethernet port, you can try using a wired connection via an ethernet cable to connect to your router. Although this might sound like a big deal, it’s not. This is one of the simplest ways to resolve issues with your Vizio SmartCast TV.

Just attach an ethernet cable to its port once your TV has this feature, plug it into your router or modem, and see if the connection improves. It should anyway!

Update your TV’s software

It’s very important to always update your Vizio TV to the latest software version. Your Vizio TV is prone to encounter several issues once the software is not up to date. To fix this problem, simply check for any latest Vizio TV OS updates.

All you need do is search for the most recent firmware update available for your specific TV model. Most times these updates occur automatically, but sometimes the updates get missed.

To update your Vizio TV’s firmware, follow the steps below:

  • Power on your TV and press “Menu” on your remote.
  • Scroll down and choose “System”.
  • You will be directed to see “Check for Updates”, and tap on it.
  • Your TV will automatically begin to search for any available updates.
  • Once there is a new one, your Vizio TV will install for you.

An alternate way to update your TV’s software is as follows:

  • Navigate to the TV menu >> Settings >> General >> Network >> Network Status and choose Network Reset
  • Update the firmware on your TV to the latest version. 
  • Switch off all firewalls as a test to ensure this is not causing issues. 
  • Go back to the Vizio TV and try connecting to WiFi again.

This should help fix the Vizio TV won’t connect to WiFi issues. 

Reset the Vizio TV

Resetting your Viaio TV will not only delete any saved channels or settings, but it will also bring the TV back to its original factory settings (“factory reset”). Ensure you back up all of your settings and channel information before starting the process to prevent deleting your favorite saved channels.

Here are the steps to reset Vizio TV you need to follow:

  • Tap on the Menu button on your remote.
  •  Choose System and then Reset & Admin.
  • Select either Clear Memory (Factory default) or Reset TV to factory defaults.
  • Verify by clicking Yes to proceed.

Once you have completed the reset process, your TV will turn off on its own. Once it switches off, tap the power button to turn it back on. Now, enter your information carefully once you get to the setup screen. Check to see if the error has vanished.

Resetting is a tested and trusted fix that can help solve the problem of Vizio TV won’t connect to WiFi. Vizio TV won't connect to WiFi

Factory reset Vizio TV without a remote

In case your remote is not within your reach and you need to factory reset your Vizio TV, it’s possible, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Locate the power button on your Vizio TV.
  • Regardless of the Vizio TV model you have, the power button can be on the right-hand side, left-hand side, or even at the bottom of the device.
  • While the TV is still on, long-press on the volume button down and source buttons concurrently.
  • Your TV will direct you to press and hold the input button after a few seconds.
  • Long-press on the input button for at least 10 seconds.
  • This will make the TV turn off, reboot it, and also factory reset it.
  • The reboot and reset process can take about 60 seconds or more.

That’s it! You have completed the factory reset process of a Vizio TV without a remote. This should fix your Vizio TV won’t connect to WiFi problem. If not, you can try the final fix below. 

Contact Vizio Customer Support

In case non of the above troubleshooting steps fix the issue then you should contact Vizio tech support as soon as possible by giving them a call at 1-888-849-4623.

You can as well visit the Vizio tech support website for further help. However, if your Vizio TV is still under warranty then this can either be serviced or replaced.Vizio TV won't connect to WiFi

Is there a reset button on Vizio Smart TV?

While using the Vizio remote, tap on the Menu button. Make use of the Arrow buttons on the remote to highlight System and press OK

Then, highlight Reset & Admin and tap OK. Highlight Reset TV to Factory Defaults and click OK.

How do I manually connect my Vizio TV to WiFi?

In case you lost or broke your Vizio TV remote but you still want to connect your TV to WiFi, you can make use of a USB keyboard. All you need to do is simply follow the steps below:

  •  Connect the USB keyboard to the back of your Vizio TV.
  • Proceed to factory reset your TV.
  •  Go through the setup process using your keyboard.

That’s it! You have successfully connected your Vizio TV to WiFi manually.

If you have gone through this article, I am sure you would have gotten the solution to your Vizio TV won’t connect to WiFi issue. Feel free to drop your comments in the section below. Thanks for reading thus far.  

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